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Online Tarot Readings. The Home of Digital Divination

White Magic Introduction

At the end of the Great War of 1914-18 an author by the name of Mrs. John Le Breton published The White-Magic Book.

Very little is known about the author today even though the book has remained in print for almost a century.

This is a testimony to the timeless wisdom contained in its pages. It is unique among the divinatory arts being some what ahead of its time.

The author wrote only a few pages explaining how to use the book. In these pages she introduces the Tablet of Jupiter, a square grid contain 16 astrological symbols.

The remaining 100+ pages of the book contain 96 questions along with their 1,536 possible answers.

The user selects a question and, while focusing on that question, they close their eyes and place one finger upon the Tablet of Jupiter.

The symbol, which their finger landed upon, is the key to finding their answer.

This involves using a look up table of question numbers against symbols that yields a page number where the answer can be found next to the symbol.

Using the book is a cumbersome process but it rewards with fascinating results.

Books with lookup tables have become a thing of the past as computers and software do this instantly.

If you have a Tablet device, such as an iPhone or iPad, it's simplified even further. Instantly, after touching the Tablet of Jupiter on your screen, you are presented with your answer.

This form of divination was made for touch screen computing devices. It's taken almost 100 years to give Mrs. John Le Breton's creation a platform more worthy than the pages of a book.

If the author were publishing a digital version today we are sure they would have made the Tablet of Jupiter dynamic.

One shuffles a deck of Tarot cards before making a selection.

Each time you ask a question the Tablet of Jupiter's symbols will appear in a different arrangement. The White Magic App shuffles the symbols randomly so they never appear in the same arrangement. This, we feel, makes it a truer and more accurate divination tool.

A wonderful party game to play with friends is how it's modern cover describes it but it will be very obvious to those who have used it enough to see that Mrs. John Le Breton was an expert in Metaphysics and the intuitive and divinatory arts of forecasting.

We hope you have as much fun using it on your own and with friends as we have!

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