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Online Tarot Readings. The Home of Digital Divination

Numerology Introduction

Timing is everything...

We believe the best things on the internet are free. That's why here we don't give you a little teaser and then ask for money for a full reading. Free Numerology is what we believe in. It's knowledge that's accessible to anyone. We've just taken the standard Numerology methods, written the software to make it quick and simple for you to use, learn & enjoy.

Not knowing what's coming next in life or when to make a move in career, relationships or home can, at times, be stressful. Comfort has traditionally been sought by many in the services of those who practice the intuitive arts. Tarot cards can reveal much and guide us when interpreted by someone gifted and experienced in divination with Tarot. The common problem however with Tarot is that it is hard to predict the timing of events to come.

Timing is everything as we have all experienced many times in our lives. Being in the right place at the right time to meet the right person, find the right job, the perfect home, making new friends and visiting family is an art in itself and more often a miss than a hit.

Flick through any magazine or news paper and you'll almost certainly find a daily/weekly horoscope section. Can the population of the world be divided neatly into 12 groups of people? Common sense says probably not and most read their horoscope for fun and few take it seriously. Yet astrology is consulted by many who use the precise timing of our births aligned with the position of heavenly objects to devine significantly accurate results. People are affected by the phases of the moon, ask any policeman, hospital doctor working in casualty or psychiatric nurse.

Is there a pattern to life which we can follow that can help us to understand the timing and rhythm of our life? How can we fall into step with that timing and make the most of events when they are in our favour and avoid disasters when they are not?

Numerology is about the timing of our life's rhythm.

Numerology is reputedly as old as Astrology and both are as old as recorded history. The Egyptians taught it to Moses who passed it onto the Hebrews. Records of numerology appear in the Chinese Circle of Heaven as well as the Egyptian Book of the Master of the Secret House. Pythagoras laid the fondations for it as a science in the 6th century B.C. and modern day Numerology techniques are attributed to him.

Numbers rule our lives. We awake each day at around the same hour, start work, have lunch, come home all ruled by the numbers of the clock. We are born at a recorded time and date which dictates, through law, when we must attend school, have the right to vote, be old enough to marry, drive a car and when we finally retire. The numbers in our wallets or bank account dictate what we can own and consume. The internet is just a collection of numbers, numbered points passing packets of numbers between. Therefore if anything contains a hidden secret to our life it must be written in numbers.

Why is it less popular than Tarot and Astrology? Not everyone is comfortable juggling numbers in their head or on bits of paper for the purpose of divination. The problem with numerology is that it requires calculations to arrive at answers. However because numerology is based on numerical calculations it becomes very simple to use when you have a computer to do it for you. 

This web site provides the calculators free for use by all. The formula used in each calculation is explained throughout and interpretations are given for the results. Numerology is an ancient art but much of the knowledge on it has been lost in time and new discoveries are still being made. A list of books you might want to read to find out more is available here. Comments, suggestions, questions and reporting bugs are all welcome by emailing feedback@phuture.me

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