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What Phuture Offers

Phuture is a platform for digital divination that is accessible, for free, to beginners and professionals alike.

It's primary goal has always been to make freely available tools and knowledge that western society has historically subverted and, more recently, attempted to exploit online by those with no real interest in divination other than as a commercial opportunity.

As a personal belief and spiritual practice, the divinatory arts deserve to be treated with the same respect as any other religion, or personal belief system.

Phuture sells a high value reading service and not a low priced, mass product, like the vast majority of other websites and apps. We therefore maintain a very high standard in our consultants team, keeping it exclusive and challenging to join. 

When experienced, and gifted, counseling is sought Phuture provides a eco-system where the practicing professional can claim the significant portion of the fees paid for their time spent on their clients.

If you have attempted to run your own website you will appreciate the time and money involved in developing, maintaining and marketing an online presence. As online users become more App focused, and less website orientated, creating a mobile app platform takes this commitment to a whole new level. We have not only a world leading website, offering the best in digital tarot and numerology, but also the market leading Tarot & Numerology App that ranks in the top 3 out of the 1,300 Tarot Apps available.

With email, telephone or video readings the Tarot reader selects the cards and holds the deck. With Phuture's Digital Deck client's are not just passive observers but active participants in the experience. We feel that this is one element that gives Phuture's Digital readings a more connected and holistic offering.

There are other great advantages to offering Tarot readings in this way.

There is the long worn accusation against psychic advisers and Tarot consultants that they Cold Read their clients. With a Digital Tarot Spread, a firstname and just a question to go by, this accusation has no founding. This gives our clients confidence in the integrity of what they are paying for and receiving.

Also a written reading, on a digitally saved spread, can be referred back to long after the consultation has been given. Technology has evolved to a point were, even if you don't type well or slowly, you can speak and the machine will convert your words to text which you can then edit and refine.

Readings on Phuture are not limited to the medium of our Digital Tarot Deck. We offer mixed media readings allowing readers, and clients, to upload photo's or documents as attachments to readings. This opens up a wide range of possibilities. e.g.

  • Palm readings by having the client photograph and upload a picture of their hand.
  • Card readings using photo's of either the Reader's, or client's, own deck of Tarot, Oracle or Lenormand cards.
  • Astrology, or Numerology, PDF reports.

What we don't do

We do not offer telephone or video readings. There are plenty of other website that do this. These services charge per minute and the cost of a consultation can quickly escalate far beyond a fair price. Phuture charges a fixed price per consultation.

There has been a long held, and incorrect, assumption that order of preference for electronic communication is: 1.Video chat, 2.Telephone & 3.Email/Text.

Reality has turned out to be the complete opposite. The most popular method of electronic communication in today's society is by text message chat. People are less shy, more open and self expressive using text which is perhaps one reason why it so popular.

Cold reading someone by text is virtually impossible. Our goal is to repair the damage done to the reputation of Tarot & Psychics by the many charlatans who extort, and abuse, clients for ego and money. To earn back the respect this art deserves.

Our Mission Statement

On our website, where our reader's services are offered, you will see this statement of what we believe we are offering clients. 

"Tarot readers are here to help
We don't judge what is right or wrong
Get peace, clarity and direction"

Applying to join our Tarot Reading Team

If you haven't already registered on the Psychics.Directory please do so. Your profile on the Psychics.Directory is reviewed as part of our application process. We treat your profile there as if it were you Resume/C.V. It let's us judge how confident, and competent, you are in setting up an online profile advertising your services.

We accept applications from anyone, from any where to read Tarot professionally on Phuture as long as they are experienced, professional readers. 

Our clients have shown a strong preference for mature readers with life experience to match their reading skills. If you are still in your 20's, or younger, you will find our clients unwilling to ask you to read for them, even if the reading is free. We are happy to accept applications from younger readers but to attract clients you really need to have exceptional reading skills and intrinsic maturity. Please take this into consideration before applying.

We do take into account your success in answering questions on Psychics Directory when we select the strongest applicants for interviews. If your profile lacks experience we'd recommend strengthening it by answering questions there.

The Candidate Reader

Tarot Reading is an unregulated profession and anyone can call themselves a Tarot Reader. We expect a high standard at Phuture and the only way to check someone's reading skill is to allow them to read for our clients.

To maintain the high standard our clients have come to expect we ask applicants to give 5 free Tarot readings to some of our most valued clients. A simple 4 card spread is all you are required to read for each client. Think of it as a job interview for Phuture. We send an email to our top 100 most valued clients announcing your candidacy and inviting them to be the ones to sample your reading ability. This also provides you with an opportunity to try out our reading system with the digital deck to see if you like working with us.

A day or so after you've completed your 5 interview readings the administrator contacts each client asking them if they felt you were of the caliber they'd expect on our website and if they'd be happy having you read for them again. A score of 3 or more Yes replies from the 5 interviewers is considered a pass and you are invited to join our Tarot Reading Team.

Paid Readings

If your candidacy is successful you then get to decide if you want to continue offering free, sample, readings along with the paid spread readings.

To ensure the quality our clients expect we make sure that you get as much of this fee as possible. The proceeds are split 70% to the reader and 30% to the website after any promotional discounts or affiliate deductions (e.g. Apple iTunes Store takes 30% from all App purchases).

Signing up

We limit the number of readers on Phuture and run interviews only when enough readers retire and/or when the work load increases. Our last round of interviews was in February 2018. When we do conduct interviews these are limited to 3 or 4 applicants at a time.

Use our contact page to apply. Please include a link to your profile on Psychics.Directory which we will review before adding you to the waiting list.

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