Tracy  Australia

Tarot Reader Tracy
Status:   Available
Experience:   30+ years
Attributes:   Eclectic Pagan
Specialities:   Tarot Lenormand Oracle
Languages:   English
Member Since:   Jan 2015
Avg Response:   25 hours
Local Time:  

Many times, you want to evaluate your options, or you are in need of direction for your future. Whether you’re reconsidering your career choices, your love life, or any general question you may have, I can help guide you to a decision. No future is written in stone, and in the end what will happen will be reflected in the choices that you make. Please ask what you really want to know, including people and situations, even pets, that are connected to your question. Also, please give some thought to your question, a general question is fine, but you will get a general answer. For instance just putting in Career and not giving some indication of why you are asking that question, are you happy in your current job, are you looking for work, have you just been made redundant? As you can see these are just a few questions that can relate to the single word Career. Please add a little more detail to your questions to get real value from your consultation.

My style of reading is pictorial, I read the images on the cards only, and do not use mainstream meanings. I am very much an energy reader, I read the energy around you, and the situation that you are facing, I also use my Clairvoyance-clear seeing, Clairaudience-clear hearing, Claircognizance-clear knowing, Clairgustance-clear tasting, and Clairalience-clear smelling. For the last three years I have been developing my Medium abilities and often messages from spirit including animals will come through in my readings.

My readings are not long in length, as I like to give my clients a straight answer, not fill them in with excessive words that add no value to the reading itself. Please Note that I do not read on Health matters, nor will I answer predictive love questions such as does he/she love me, or, will they marry me, or, do they still love their ex partner. I read the Tarot from your perspective, not anyone else's, my readings are for your highest good.

I have put together some reading packages covering topics that I specialise in. Some may also include additional, and unique, methods that I use in my readings. Click on a package to find out more about it.


I will read spreads created by you using our Digital Tarot Deck. Click the button below for a list of the spreads I would be happy to read for you

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Nataliya Tokar

it took me some to digest what she were saying, but I got it. Every thing she said happened and still going on. Now I know I made a right choice. I got good advices and chance to see a situation from different point of view. Thank you very much.
Apr 21, 2017 4:04 am

Tu Quynh

Amazing reader that her predicted last time so right . I came back today for more! Must try her you will love her! Thank you Tracy so much
Jul 15, 2016 8:07 am

Vivie Cong

Tracy is the best! She is so passionate and giving the best best insight for me. She is so tune in with my situation. I'm so grateful to her reading
May 16, 2016 7:05 am

Mary Kuntz

Tracy is truly amazing. She was able to give me an accurate interpretation of what is going on in my life.
Nov 16, 2015 3:11 am

Sernise O'Neal

Thank you Tracy...the reading was very helpful.
Jul 17, 2015 1:07 am

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