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Remain anonymous. Reader is given your first name only.

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Ask additional questions for clarification.

No danger of a "cold reading". Reader has nothing other than your cards to work from.

Keep a copy of your Online Tarot Reading and Tarot Spread to refer back to.

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"Very accurate and polite in every case. Thanks." - Joi

"Thank you again for this amazing reading. I will definitely be back." - Sunny

"Really insightful and helpful. Thanks very much again!" - Jonathan

"Reading was spectacular. Many points were right on and others lead me to see things that I hadn't thought of before." - Diane


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Tarot Reader Fi Fi  UK
Experience:   10+ years
Attributes:   Capricorn/Aquarius
Specialities:   Tarot, Visions
Languages:   English
Member Since:   Nov 2011
Responds in:   43 hours
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Tarot Reader Sarva Sarva  US
Experience:   3+ years
Attributes:   Spiritual Activist
Specialities:   Tarot
Languages:   English
Member Since:   Jul 2012
Responds in:   27 hours
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Tarot Reader Melanie Melanie  US
Experience:   33+ years
Attributes:   Counselor, Libra
Specialities:   Tarot, Numerology
Languages:   English
Member Since:   Oct 2012
Responds in:   10 hours
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Tarot Reader Anita Anita  UK
Experience:   15+ years
Attributes:   Taurus
Specialities:   Tarot ,psychic
Languages:   English
Member Since:   Oct 2013
Responds in:   18 hours
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Tarot Reader Shada Shada  US
Experience:   12+ years
Attributes:   Intuitive, Empath
Specialities:   Tarot, Bibliomancy
Languages:   English
Member Since:   Nov 2013
Responds in:   7 hours
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Tarot Reader Vickie Vickie  US
Experience:   16+ years
Attributes:   Kabbalah, Aries
Specialities:   Tarot, Lenormand
Languages:   English
Member Since:   Apr 2014
Responds in:   30 hours
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Tarot Reader Carina Carina  AR
Experience:   3+ years
Attributes:   Spiritual, Psychic
Specialities:   Tarot, Angels
Languages:   English, Español
Member Since:   Feb 2014
Responds in:   9 hours
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