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Cassandra United States

Experience:  1 Years
Attributes:  Sagittarius
Specialities:  Tarot Intuitive
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Dec 2015
Avg Response:  6 hours

If you are confused, in crises or seeking clarity or guidance, I can help you take a clear look at the true cause and give you the insight to making decisions and going forward on your true path. >> Click here for more about Cassandra


Melanie United States

Experience:  34 Years
Attributes:  Counselor, Libra
Specialities:  Tarot, Numerology
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Oct 2012
Avg Response:  15 hours

Helping others find inner happiness with tarot and numerology has been my deepest satisfaction for decades Even during the hard times live happy! >> Click here for more about Melanie


Markus Germany

Experience:  12 Years
Attributes:  Virgo, Druid
Specialities:  Tarot
Languages:  English, German
Member Since:  Oct 2011
Avg Response:  42 hours

My primary aim is to empower you to navigate the waters of life with confidence I do not believe in fixed predictions but sincerely in revealing options and breaks that appear on the path. When lookin >> Click here for more about Markus


Tracy Australia

Experience:  20 Years
Attributes:  Intuitive Guidance
Specialities:  TarotLenormandKipper
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Jan 2015
Avg Response:  10 hours

Honest, conscientious reader in Tarot, Lenormand & Kipperkarten. Gentle guidance on all of life's issues. >> Click here for more about Tracy


Rebecka Australia

Experience:  7 Years
Attributes:  Intuitive Tarot
Specialities:  Healing Love Purpose
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Feb 2016
Avg Response:  21 hours

Connecting with Higher Wisdom. Clarity, Insight and Guidance. A Light in The Darkness. "In Tarot Lies the wisdom of the universe", Carl Jung >> Click here for more about Rebecka


Rose Canada

Experience:  3 Years
Attributes:  Aquarian
Specialities:  Tarot, Oracles
Languages:  English, Français
Member Since:  Jul 2015
Avg Response:  31 hours

Rose will share her naturally empathetic and intuitive abilities with you! Rose can provide you with respectful holistic guidance in love work and more. Choose between Tarot and Oracle cards. >> Click here for more about Rose


Carina Argentina

Experience:  8 Years
Attributes:  Intuitive Psychic
Specialities:  Love Career Angels
Languages:  English, Español
Member Since:  Feb 2014
Avg Response:  6 hours

I use my spiritual tools to channel the guidance from the Universe to help others find direction in life, find their True Love or fix the Love they already have. >> Click here for more about Carina


Kimba Canada

Experience:  20 Years
Attributes:  Metaphysical
Specialities:  Tarot, Lenormand
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Jul 2012
Avg Response:  11 hours

I've revised my profile and added some new packages along with new cards for you to choose from for readings. Swing by when you get a chance and check them out. Namaste! >> Click here for more about Kimba


Brittany United States

Experience:  8 Years
Attributes:  Virgo, Empath
Specialities:  Tarot, Animal Guides
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Feb 2016
Avg Response:  22 hours

A reading with me should open your eyes to new possibilities and inspire you to take positive steps into taking back your life. It's my mission to inspire, enlighten, and heal with my use of the cards >> Click here for more about Brittany


Priya India

Experience:  4 Years
Attributes:  Spiritual,Empath
Specialities:  Tarot,Dreams,Astro
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Apr 2015
Avg Response:  31 hours

My goal is to empower you in your situations I read the cards intuitively rather than going by book meanings alone I do go by the imagery on cards that gives yo >> Click here for more about Priya


Petra United States

Experience:  2 Years
Attributes:  Spiritual, Empath
Specialities:  Tarot, Lenormand
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Feb 2016
Avg Response:  6 hours

I believe we're all fundamentally intuitive. And every reader brings their own strengths and style to a reading. What I share is empathy, compassion, sensitivity and a commitment to offer my best. >> Click here for more about Petra


Pascale Switzerland

Experience:  32 Years
Attributes:  Spiritual Aquarius
Specialities:  Tarot
Languages:  English - French
Member Since:  Sep 2013
Avg Response:  19 hours

I'm intuitive, empathic, claircognizant and medium. I learned tarot reading using the tarot de Marseille over 30 years ago >> Click here for more about Pascale


Shada United States

Experience:  15 Years
Attributes:  Intuitive, Empath
Specialities:  Tarot, Enneagram
Languages:  English
Member Since:  Nov 2013
Avg Response:  11 hours

It is my goal as a Tarot reader to help you look more deeply within yourself and the world around you so you can attain clarity over your situation. >> Click here for more about Shada

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