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Create your own Questions with Anwsers in addition to using the 96 book Q&A's.

Get creative and have fun with your friends by unleashing your imagination, or sense of humour, on White Magic!


Based on The White Magic Book by Mrs. John Le Breton, First Edition 1919

96 Questions covering a range of topics such as Love, Wealth, Relationships, Marriage & Future.


The Top 10 most asked questions on White Magic:

1. "Does the one I am thinking about, think of me?"

2. "Can I win the love that I desire?"

3. "What does the man whom I love, really think of me?"

4. "What does the immediate future hold for me?"

5. "What have I to expect during the next twelve months?"

6. "What is the reason of the estrangement between the man whom I like so much, and myself?"

7. "Shall I ever be rich?"

8. "Will ...... return soon ?"

9. "What is ...... thinking about at this moment ?"

10. "Will our disagreement last long?"








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