Tarot & Numerology Android App Help & Support

Latest version is v1.0.20 released May 19th 2024

• Found Something? Please open a support case in the app or through this websites contact page and tell us about it.

Known bugs:
A few crashes The App contains Google's Crashlytics which automatically reports to us any crash that occurs. We've been fixing these daily with regular updates. So if it crashes, no need to report. We already know!

It's v1 so please be patient as there will be many bugs/crashes to begin with! You need to tell us, if we don't know we can't fix it, contact us through the app's settings Open Support Case.

Future Features Road Map:
Table Cloth Editor - (Pro Only) Customise backgrounds using your own colours or graphics to lay the cards on top of.
Deck Creator - (Pro Only) Add your own deck(s) using your own art work or art work you have usage rights to. This feature will not allow exporting or importing of decks to protect copyright material and prevent sharing.
Spread Creator - (Pro Only) Add your own spread layouts or duplicate and modify the app's built in spreads to suit your own needs

Would you like to see something added to this list?
Contact me through the App's Setting Support and let me know. I find demands in the app reviews rude, impersonal and I generally ignore them.

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