Numerology Origins. The spiritual significance of numbers.

Phases of the Moon
Why do people believe in numerology? What possible religious or spiritual significance can something as dull as numbers have?
To understand Numerology's value in religion, spirituality or the sub conscious mind you first need to understand that Numerology isn't about numbers in the traditional mathematical sense.
Numerology is about the symbolic and human conscious (and subconscious) meaning of numbers.

The easiest example to explain this with is the first 2 numbers, 1 and 2.
Everyone gets the symbolic concept of the number 1. To be called number 1. To be 1st.
Number 2 is it's symbolic opposite, everyone understands the meaning of 2nd. Being number 2.
All the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 have a symbolic meaning which is deep rooted into the human conscious and subconscious.

Why 9 numbers in a cycle of 10? (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10=>1(1+0)) The number 9 is known as the number of man and humanity.
It's the number of cycles of the moon that must pass for a child to grow from conception to birth. The connection between the moon and human reproduction is very clear. Human females have, on average, regular menstrual cycles of 28 days which is also the numbers of days in the lunar cycle. Pregnancy interferes with the menstrual cycle for a period of 40 weeks or 10 lunar cycles.
Before we had clocks, calendars or any timing device we measured time using the moon, the sun and the stars.
Our lives are created and begin with this lunar cycle of 10. The thinking behind numerology is that we are locked into this cycle of 1->9->1, for the rest of our lives.

Numerology is older than all religions and is used extensively by all religions.
It's not some recently cooked up craze or passing spiritual fashion.
It's as old as humanity itself.

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