1. Can I become a Tarot Reader on Phuture? 

    We only offer a Professional Tarot Reading Service on Phuture. If you have several years professional Tarot Reading experience then we'd love to hear from you. Click on this link for more information

  2. This website remembers my name & birthday, are you gathering personal information about users? 

    No. Your personal details are not recorded by this web site. Phuture places your name and birth date into "Cookies" which are stored on your computer. This is done to save you having to re-enter your details each time you visit the web site. If you know how to manage cookies go to your browser's settings and search for the word "phuture". You should see 2 cookies. PhutureBirthday and PhutureName. Other cookies stored when you visit Phuture.Me are from 3rd parties such as Google for it's Analytics services which we use to monitor site usage and performance.

  3. What's the catch? Nothing is for free, are you going to start charging for using this service? 

    Phuture was setup as an aid to the many books out there on Tarot, Numerology and Astrology. Most web sites give a taster and then ask you for money for complete reports which are computer generated. This web site won't, we want to encourage interest in Tarot, Numerology & Astrology and help with the development of the divinatory arts. Where real people are giving their time to help with interpretations and advice we will charge a fee, passing most of the money onto them. We will also have sponsor adverts to cover costs (web hosting etc).

  4. Do Personal Days just follow the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1... sequence? 

    Almost, but not always for two reasons. 1) There are master numbers such as 11 & 22 which appear every so often. 2) At the end of the month and start of the next the numbers reset themselves. For example if January 31st 2010 is a 1 Personal Day in a 6 Personal Month of a 5 Personal Year then the following day, 1st February, will be an 8 Personal Day in a 7 Personal Month. The Personal Day order from 29/1/2010 to 6/2/2010 will be ...8,9,1,8,9,1,11,3,4...

  5. Why does Phuture's Digital Tarot Deck not offer reversed cards? 

    For a number of good reasons. The most important of them is the need to keep technology and automation out of the Tarot experience. Tarot works by giving you the choices. Not giving the choices to the software and the computer you are using. A unique differentiating feature of our Digital Tarot Deck is that you choose your cards from the full, shuffled deck. With a deck of printed card you have control over the shuffling, affecting which cards will appear dignified and which undignified. With a Digital Tarot Deck you are leaving that element to software.Among the other reasons are that the standard tarot deck has 78 cards. That' a lot to take on if you are a beginner to Tarot never mind getting to grips with 156 card variations. One of the primary ideals of Phuture's Tarot philosophy has been to "keep it simple"

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