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Tarot Readings

  • Can I become a Tarot Reader on Phuture? +

    We only offer a Professional Tarot Reading Service on Phuture. If you have several years professional Tarot Reading experience then we'd love to hear from you. Click on this link for more information
  • Help! The Tarot & Numerology App didn't give me my reading. +

    If you are certain the purchase went through please open the App and from the top menu select Settings. Then select the first option, your account. In the account screen you'll see an option Validate Reading Receipt, if you press this the App will search for unredeemed purchases and validate any it finds. If it's successful you will see a credit balance on your account. Please re-attempt to book your reading, this credit balance will be used and you won't be re-charged.
  • Can you lower the price of your readings? Other websites & apps charge much less. +

    Phuture Me was setup several years ago and originally focused on free readings. The lesson we learned was that no one really appreciates what they get for free or cheaply. The market today is saturated with low priced readings. Phuture's reading service is positioned at the high end offering a high quality be-spoke product. The entrance requirements to joining our reading team are very challenging. We carefully select, vet and test readers who apply as well as keeping the team size small. We pride ourselves in having a high moral standard in our approach to reading for clients. Our readers will be totally honest with you. So be prepared to hear the truth of what they see and not what you want to hear.One must consider how much time and focus you are getting from any consultant you are paying to read for you. This will directly influence how much care and attention they will put into your reading. Phuture has the lowest commission rates of any of it's competitors because we believe that readers must be respected for their labours in order for them to deliver the best customer care. No one's living well or getting rich through this, very much the opposite. We (developers & readers) do this because we love it.
  • Can I get a free Tarot Reading please? +

    We gave away lots of free readings when Phuture Me first launched but sadly too many people abused this offering. We feel great about giving you all these great Tarot & Numerology tools for free even though it cost us a lot of time and expense to develop them. We hope to fund future development, bringing you fab new functions and features, through commission from readings. So please help support Phuture in this way! Some of our readers offer sample readings for free. These are simple 2 or 3 card readings which are meant as an introduction to the reader. These are only available through the website. Not all readers offer this and those that do may decide to refuse any reading if they think they are being taken advantage of. So please only use this with respect (ie don't pull 2 cards, ask them to answer a dozen questions and map out your entire life!).
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Digital Tarot Deck

  • Why does Phuture's Digital Tarot Deck not offer reversed cards? +

    It does! Create a free user account and you can not only save your spread readings but customize the digital deck to your liking, including switching on reversals.
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  • Do Personal Days just follow the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1... sequence? +

    Almost, but not always for two reasons. 1) There are master numbers such as 11 & 22 which appear every so often. 2) At the end of the month and start of the next the numbers reset themselves. For example if January 31st 2010 is a 1 Personal Day in a 6 Personal Month of a 5 Personal Year then the following day, 1st February, will be an 8 Personal Day in a 7 Personal Month. The Personal Day order from 29/1/2010 to 6/2/2010 will be ...8,9,1,8,9,1,11,3,4...
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  • What's the catch? Nothing is for free, are you going to start charging for using this service? +

    Phuture was setup as an aid to the many books out there on Tarot, Numerology and Astrology. Most web sites give a taster and then ask you for money for complete reports which are computer generated. This web site won't, we want to encourage interest in Tarot, Numerology & Astrology and help with the development of the divinatory arts. Where real people are giving their time to help with interpretations and advice we will charge a fee, passing most of the money onto them. We will also have sponsor adverts to cover costs (web hosting etc).
  • COOKIES: This website remembers my name & birthday, are you gathering personal information about users? +

    No. Your personal details are not recorded by this web site. Phuture places your name and birth date into a "Cookie" which is stored on your computer. This is done to save you having to re-enter your details each time you visit the web site. As you move between each of the numerology calculators you'll find that it automatically loads in your name and/or date of birth if you have enabled cookies and already entered this information. If you know how to manage cookies go to your browser's settings and search for the word "phuture". You should see 2 cookies. PhutureBirthday and PhutureName. Other cookies stored when you visit Phuture.Me are from Google for it's Analytics services which we use to monitor site usage and performance. Google Analytics collects anonymous usage data. It does not collect usage data that can be identified as belonging to any specific visitor. We make use of social media plugins such as Facebook Like buttons and DISQUS for leaving comments. These services use their own cookies which will be present on the pages of this website where these plugins are used.
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