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Unavailable Readers

To request a notification when any reader below becomes available again click on their photo and use the Request Notification button on their page

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Specialized Reading Packages

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How He/she Truly Feels by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
A 6 card spread for a more in depth look at someone’s true feelings towards you, despite what they are saying! A look also into what their actions could be, over the next few weeks.

USD $32.99

The Next 12 Months by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
A 12 card reading to look at the next 12 months approximately. See what kind of year you are going to experience. If you want me to focus on one particular area of your life, just ask. If not, it will be a general reading.

USD $39.99

Career by Pascale  Tarot Reader Pascale
1. Present situation
2. Your strengths
3. Your weaknesses
4. Opportunities
5. Threats
6. Your next step
9. Your talents (those you are born with)
10. Your skills (those you have learned)
11. Outcome
12. In ten years’ time
13. In twenty years’ time

This is a 13 cards spread is intended for those of you who study, or who are in a career and having doubts, or simply if you are at a cross-road, in transition in your life where new career/job opportunities, aspirations, goals are explored. It would help if you mention where you are at in life (are you considering changing job? Career? Studying? etc.), but you don’t have to.

In regards to cards 12 & 13, this is more fun based and to be taken with a pinch of salt as I will attempt to envision where you will be at in 10 and 20 years’ time (in your career). I say this because I like you to remain aware that you have freewill and that not everything is set in stone.

USD $49.99

Magic Number Seven Reading by Pascale  Tarot Reader Pascale
This is a seven card readings giving you a summary of seven aspects of your life along with a bonus aspect (this is brand new and free or as part of this reading – as of 1.5.2017) and it is an optional aspect:

1. Who you are right now
2. What you need right now & what your expectations are
3. Your love life/relationship (if you are in a relationship) or have someone in mind you are interested in or future romance (it helps if you specify which of these three, thank you)
4. Your work
5. What is coming into your life
6. What your goal/purpose in life entails
7. Message from spirit guides
8. Remote viewing (optional): lost objects (objects only). Please name the object lost/stolen, where and when you noticed it missing. There is no guarantee you will be able to find it but I will strive to describe the location and may – in some cases – send you a sketch (usually after your feedback). No cards pulled.

This reading aims to provide clarity, understanding and spiritual guidance.


*Please note: the seventh card mentioned will be drawn from my own 'Wild Wood' deck unless you prefer to choose from another.

USD $39.99

A Career Advice Spread. by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
A career focused spread of 5 cards where you get to know what is blocking your progress and what you can change to move forwards. An insight into how you will and can progress in career matters.

USD $31.99

All-in-one by Pascale  Tarot Reader Pascale
This is a great choice for a brief, concise and straight reading over four areas of your life:


The person (or sometimes persons) who comes through as closest to you and significant in your life.


Where you are at now and what can be done about it.


Where you are at and guidance.


Describing the physical and spiritual energies surrounding you, along with guidance.

Each area described consists of four paragraphs of approximately five lines+ aiming to see where you are at while providing guidance at the same time.


USD $31.99

Magic No 7 For Relationships by Pascale  Tarot Reader Pascale
This is a seven card readings giving you a summary of seven aspects of your relationship with a loved one or a relationship that is not quite yet established (a new potential love prospect you have in mind for example):

1. How you feel for each other

2. What you both need right now & what your expectations are

3. The Challenges and obstacles experienced/coming your way

4. What you can do to try and improve this relationship

5. What life/fate is bringing to this relationship – external influences

6. How your occupations/interests affect this relationship

7. Message from spirit guides/outcome


USD $39.99

A 7 Card Love Spread by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
7 cards to focus on your love life for clarification and guidance from the cards and my spirit guides. I will need one question for the reading and your name and date of birth.

USD $32.99

What My Guides Want Me To Know by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
This is to ask what your spirit guides would advise you to do right now in your life. It is for guidance if you are feeling stuck or lost in a situation.
This is a 5 card spread about the problem the answer and the influences around the person asking the question.
I just need your name and what the main issue is that you want to ask your guides about .

USD $31.99

Chatting With My Spirit Guide by Tracy  Tarot Reader Tracy
Are you curious as to what your Spirit Guide would like you to know? This reading explores how you can deepen your connection to your Guides. Question that are asked are;

1 - Card to represent your Spirit Guide
2 - How you can listen better to deepen your connection
3 - Something you need to work on
4 - How to start
5 - How you can stay more connected to your Spirit Guides
6 - Card to represent your LIfe's Purpose
7 - How do I get closer to my purpose/steps to take
8 - Message my guide wants me to know right now

USD $39.99

Shamanic Reading by Pascale  Tarot Reader Pascale
Five cards are pulled from the “Animal Spirit” deck and an interpretation of the current influences around you are described. The cards are read intuitively, through the interpretation of the symbolism of each spirit. Advice is given in order for you to better manage energies at play in and around your life.

If you wish me to focus on a particular subject, please ask.

USD $34.99

2 Question Reading by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
A 6 card spread, focus on 1 question for the first 3 cards and the second question for the last 3.You will need to tell me what your 2 questions are.

USD $34.99

Horoscope Reading by Barb  Tarot Reader Barb
Using the 12 houses of the Horoscope. I give you insight into your life and see where you are stuck and where you are doing well. We can change our future by changing how we deal with the reality we have today. NO health readings.

USD $49.99

Simple Question by Barb  Tarot Reader Barb
Ask ONE question that I will try to find information about. Be specific. NO health readings.

USD $19.99

6 Month Snapshot by Tracy  Tarot Reader Tracy
This 21 card spread is designed to give you a snapshot of the next six months.

Please put in a question or area that you would like me to concentrate on, so if it is career put that word in the question box, plus if a little bit about your current status in this area such as if you are looking for work. Or, if you just want a general outlook for the next 6 months put general in. However if it is a love question I will need to know if you are currently in a relationship, just broken up, or married, so I can hone in better on the situation as there are so many variables in this particular area. This entails that you will get the most out of your reading experience with me. You can also ask seven different questions where three cards will address each question, this will be read from top to bottom, and then across.

USD $69.99

Celtic Cross by Barb  Tarot Reader Barb
The Celtic Cross is a traditional spread using tarot cards to see the root of a problem and the ways to solve it. Good for any time you feel you are falling into a rut that you can't seem to get out of. No health readings.

USD $39.99

Angel That Is Working With You by Tracy  Tarot Reader Tracy
A lot of the time Angels are working away in the background of our lives, this can be on the spiritual side which goes without saying. But, they can also manifest physical signs too, before I knew I had a major illness I kept on seeing Rainbows everywhere and Feathers, in my Crystals when I was Scrying and on my daily walks. This spread is designed to put you in touch with your Angel or Angels who are working with you.

USD $39.99

Finding Your Light by Tracy  Tarot Reader Tracy
This 6 card spread is about finding out what your energy as a Light-Worker is, and how to start putting it out into the world, so others may find it and take courage from it.

USD $39.99

Should I Stay Or Go Spread! by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
A 6 card tarot spread to explore the benefits of staying or going from either a relationship or a job. Find out how you will feel staying or going, and get overall advice about your situation! Just send me your question and brief outline of the situation. Either pick your own cards on like, or let me pick them for you.

USD $34.99

Mini Tarot Spread by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
Ask me anything mini spread, I can’t answer questions about pregnancy, health or legal issues however.

USD $19.99

7 Card Past, Present, Future by Barb  Tarot Reader Barb
7 card horseshoe spread tells the past, present and future in a quick brief manner. NO health readings.

USD $27.99

Will He/she Come Back? by Anita  Tarot Reader Anita
This is a spread for finding out if your ex is likely to come back in the near future.

USD $31.99

How To Find Peace by Tracy  Tarot Reader Tracy
Lets face it we live in hectic confusing times, this 8 card spread is created to help you find your inner peace and help you find some stillness in your life and Soul. But to be fair this is something that we must actively work on, peace will not come to us if we are not prepared to put in the hard work. The cards that show up will show the best way to go about it, and will reveal what you may have been avoiding.

USD $49.99

Spirit Recognition by Tracy  Tarot Reader Tracy
Have you felt a Spirit around you? This spread asks just who and why they are around you at this time in your life and what message they have for you.

USD $39.99

Hearts, Heads, Hands by April   Tarot Reader April
Here are just a few ways in which tarot can build better connections:
~ Trouble moving on from a broken relationship
~ Feeling unappreciated at home or work
~ Identifying butterflies and red flags in new relationships
~ Reconnecting with family and friends

This is my favorite two-sided, 8 card, heart-shaped spread to examine relationships of all kinds. It can answer many questions like why you've come together and how or if the connection is likely to progress. It's versatile for both love and career questions. Please provide first names for both sides, and birthdays are helpful but not required.

No judgement. No gloom and doom prophesies. No "tall dark strangers" that never appear. Just honest, straightforward guidance to get you moving in the right direction. ❤️

USD $39.99

Tarot Birthday Cards by April   Tarot Reader April
Based on your date of birth, this fun and informative report combines tarot and numerology to find the Major Arcana cards that have special significance for this life and your soul's journey. Like your natal chart these cards stay with you from birth. Together they paint your personal tarot portrait, and though they will be helpful in navigating relationships and careers throughout your life, this report is not designed to answer specific questions in the present. Use them for magic, meditation, and whenever you need extra energy to complete a project.

~Your Life Card talks about this incarnation and the lessons to be learned this time around. Also known as your birth card or personality card, this card represents how you interact with the world and how others might perceive you.

~Your Soul Card discusses the themes that travel with you from past lives into this one and the next. This card describes your more secret self and hidden motives.

~Your Talent Card describes special skills, often untapped, that will help you find your path and achieve success

~Finally, one archetype acts as your guide through 2022 and your theme for the New Year. We can prepare for the coming year, but it is also important to reflect on the one we left behind.

USD $24.99

Celtic Cross In A Chariot by April   Tarot Reader April
The word career has its roots in ancient words for road and wagon. Our career is more than a job and money, it involves a path and a vehicle. The classic Celtic Cross, centered around the Chariot Key, can answer a variety of questions about where you are going and how you will get there.

Just a few ways in which tarot can help you manifest your dream job:
~ Making the best first impression during interviews
~ Networking with allies who want you to succeed
~ Knocking you off of that fence

This large spread can answer a few questions around the same theme including binary yes/no questions about work and colleagues. Don't forget, though, to include questions that put the power in your hands. Try to start your queries with "W": Who, What, Where, When, Why or hoW for best results.

No gloom and doom prophesies. No false hope. Just honest, straightforward guidance to get you moving in the right direction.

USD $59.99

Illustrated Rune Card Readings by April   Tarot Reader April
And now for something completely different! Rune readings for an introspective perspective...
Runes are used much like we use the tarot, I Ching or any random method. The seeker asks a question, and we find the answer by pulling out letters one at a time or by tossing them all on the table and studying their relationships to each other. For this reading I will answer one question with three cards from a rare pack of illustrated runes.

Like many oracles, runes will not provide a yes/no answer. They are best for answering the Big Questions and provide the starting point on the road to discovery. Ancient Scandinavian and Germanic tribes also used the runes in magical work. The letters can be carved into jewelry or tools to bring about a desired outcome.

Just a few areas where runes can shine a light:
~ Inspiration and motivation
~ Processing loss and grief
~ Brainstorming and decision making
~ Building better relationships

Broad questions or no question at all are best for receiving messages. No judgement. No dark clouds. Just light for the path ahead.

USD $29.99

Dreaming With Tarot by April   Tarot Reader April
In many ways tarot is like a dream, using symbols to send messages between our layers of consciousness.
Just a few ways in which dreams and divination complement each other:
~Interpreting recurring dreams
~Ending stress dreams and nightmares
~Distinguishing premonition from fantasy
~Sleep meditations and affirmations
~Tarot accents make great additions to your dream journal!

Dream interpretations take time, and I will likely ask you follow up questions before we begin. Write or sketch out as much as your dream as you can remember in your request. Any characters, events, objects and feelings you can remember will add to your dream's message.

Dreams are very personal and sometimes embarrassing. Readings with April are a judgement free safe space.

USD $59.99

1 Question = 3 Oracles by April   Tarot Reader April
Get a second and third opinion all in the same reading!

Explore divination methods that are new to you in a sample size. Send a photo of one card you picked at home, choose one from our large collection of digital decks, or I will choose one from my even huger personal collection. I'll then consult two other oracles that complement your card and question.

Tarot is my soulmate, the Elder Futhark runes are my mistress, and I have many good friends in astrology, I Ching, medieval geomancy, pendulum, and many unique and rare oracle cards. They all play well together and add insight to the message.

USD $29.99

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