Tarot Timing Techniques

4 methods for estimating timing using Tarot

Tarot's timing of events

Tarot timing. Often the hardest skill to perfect with Tarot is putting a time frame on events to come. In this respect Numerology and Astrology can play significant complimentary role. There are many techniques that can be used for pin pointing when in the future something will happen, here is a list of some of them.

1. The seasons of the year in the imagery. For example, The Hermit is usually an old man walking in the snow at night. So this would be winter. The Sun would be summer. What do the images tell you about the season?

2. The element of the final card in the celtic cross. Cups/Water, immediate (within days). Fire/Wands, with weeks. Air/Swords, within months and Earth/Coins, within a year.

3. The Wheel of Fortune. Shuffle the deck thinking about the event in the future. Ask the cards how many days until this event will happen. Once the cards have been shuffled enough and feel right turn over each card starting at the top and count them. When you see the Wheel of Fortune the number you are at will be the number of days until this event will happen. If it's near the end (in the 70's) it may never happen.

4. Use the other divinatory arts. Numerology and Astrology are better suited to giving exact timing of events. The celebrity tarot reader, Wilma Carroll, wrote a book called "The 2-hour Tarot Tutor". In this book Wilma suggests using Numerology and looking at the personal day, month and year of the person. She also combines this with the phases of the moon. The Full Moon, or a 9 personal month or day, would be when endings happen or when events come to a head. New Moons, or a 1 personal month or day, will be when beginnings will occur, starting new projects etc. If a journey is predicted a 5 personal day would be a likely candidate, a family commitment would happen on a 6 personal day, a day of power, being in control would be an 8 personal day. For a full list of personal days and personal months consult the Numerology Forecaster.

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