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The 2 Essence


The Essence of the number 2 is a cycle when everything seems to be consolidating and this is decidedly a period of growth. But often the growth is not without reversals, and there is much emphasis on cooperation and patience. You may find yourself developing relationships, or trying very hard to develop a good relationship. You will likely find yourself working with and hopefully helping others. Conversely, you can expect to get much help from others now. This is apt to be a period of slow development, delays, roadblocks, and obstacles, and the period can be one of great frustration for you in certain ways. There can be a lot of emotions associated with the 2 Essence, and you may become much more sensitive now. Lowered energy and vitality may be experienced throughout the cycle. Confrontations are difficult now, but often necessary.

if this essence remains in effect for 3 years or more...

The 2 Essence remaining in your lifepath for a lengthy period may produce nervous tension due to prolonged high emotions and/or deep frustration due to the delays and problems encountered.

with a 2 personal year...

When this Essence is in effect during a number 2 personal year, emotional conflicts may heighten the tension, upset the sensitivity, and even affect the health. Self-control and a disciplined approach can help maintain a harmonious balance. Plan to move forward slowly, despite periodic detours.




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