Reviews of Phuture Me

Reviews, from around the world, of visitor and customer experiences using our tools and services over the last several years

"Over the past few years I have spontaneously had this app at my disposal. Having grown up using a standard card deck, this allows me greater freedom in time management and availing insights when needed vs as deemed wanted. I just sent a text to my son in law who has wanted a card deck (which was not to be found during the holiday season) and will fit nicely as he is ubiquitous with his iPhone. Highly, highly recommended to learn and grow from"
US flag  bcydez on Feb 20, 2020.

"Pam's reading has been so helpful to me! In profesional or love matters, she always has cleared up my head and help me to give me that push I needed. I really recommend her 100%."
Daniel Costa on Feb 20, 2020.

"It gives diff free decks such as Marseille and others. It has. Plenty of the spread that I wanna see. Also supports some oracles I very like"
AU flag  Mannyfreshbaby on Feb 18, 2020.

"Pam really helped me with understanding my cards. I definitely recommend her!"
Erin Marrali on Feb 18, 2020.

"Kimba helped me sort out my thoughts and provided insightful guidance on a situation that was confusing me. I always appreciate Kimba's accurate analysis of situations. I have repeatedly had confirmation of events and situations she has enlightened me on previously. It's nice having someone I can go to that helps me see the truth in situations. Thank you as always!"
Tess on Feb 14, 2020.

"Gives you a very good detailed account of your personal journey throughout your life cycles 👍take the bull by it’s horns and give it a go"
GB flag  trevor the bull on Feb 10, 2020.

"Very good reading and she was very thorough. I would recommend her and may possibly seek her advice again in the future."
Jenny Nilkamhang on Feb 09, 2020.

"Anita has given me many detailed readings over the years. She is definitely intuitive in her readings and can add clarity to how others are feeling and viewing the situation when I feel unable to make sense of it all. Thank you!"
Tess on Feb 08, 2020.

"Kimba has given me many readings in the past. She is quick to respond and will tell it like it is. She has continually proved correct in her readings of complex family situations. Thank you for the insight you have always provided!"
Tess on Feb 08, 2020.

"I have been getting readings from Pam for years now regarding my family and professional life. She is always very helpful in interpreting the cards and helping me to understand difficult situations. She is honest about situations so I can learn to accept things as they are and helps me work through frustration I feel when situations aren't as I would like. Even when the news isn't wonderful she explains things to me in a very compassionate manner. She is my go to person for readings!"
Tess on Feb 08, 2020.

"Pam’s reading for me was accurate and very helpful in my current situation. She is very compassionate and kind. Pam put me at ease with her ability to see the situation clearly and help me find solutions. After my reading I felt so much better and I also had more of an idea of how to deal with everything going on. I am very grateful."
Wendi ONeill on Feb 04, 2020.

"Awesome reading. She’s intuitive and detailed. Very helpful and insightful. I would def recommend her."
Jenny Nilkamhang on Jan 31, 2020.

"Over the last 10 years I have been in this battle and felt like there’s no way out. After getting my reading with Pam, I feel like I have hope and more faith in myself. And I know my battle will be over soon. Thanks for all of your help Pam. Until next time. XOXO"
LaTisha on Jan 28, 2020.

"Pam was wonderful. She was really on the mark in regards to everything I asked and it made perfect sense. She is kind and caring and available for clarification after the reading."
Ashley Wyndham on Jan 27, 2020.

"Feels authentic. Just what I was looking for. Can add multiple people and pay by one time donation."
CA flag  neekokitty88 on Jan 26, 2020.

"Thanks Carina for your thoughtfulness, lengthy/detailed answer, honesty and trying to see the cards from different angles. She is a very good writer, has a strong and helpful writing voice, and clearly has insights. I asked on my current relationship, which has its challenges, and her answer reflected many of the very specific challenges I have (we have). I would recommend her for sure."
ams on Jan 26, 2020.

DE flag  Nyansa Rashidi on Jan 23, 2020.

"I was drawn to ask Barb for a career reading and I'm more than happy with my choice. Barb is a very talented and intuitive reader. She was able to discern my situation and gave very helpful advice. She helped me to see what I couldn't see! I'm definitely returning to her for future readings. Thank you so much, Barb!!!"
Denise on Jan 23, 2020.

"This app is significantly on point. There are many different sections to explore, which was a pleasant surprise for me. There’s also a companion app called White Magic Fortune Teller (which I appreciate the Right-Hand Path, personally). Also incredibly interesting, there’s a lot of history and even cultural knowledge throughout both apps. Respectfully. I know a bit about Tarot and have used this and various divination techniques throughout the last couple of decades and even with my experience, knowledge and intuition - I’ve learned a lot. And I keep learning. Really love how in-depth the readings go, love the numerology aspect, love how it’s tied into or paired with forecasting and the various tarot readings. It’s worth it (in my opinion), to pay the couple of dollars or whatever it is to not have to do the Advertising Shuffle. But, if you’re really strapped for cash, it’s equally valuable as it stands without payment. I also highly recommend (which I’m pretty sure it- the app - will do so also) downloading/picking out a few free decks that they offer as variety. Super cool and interesting, again there’s really so much knowledge and wisdom to be gained in each reading. Each card really has a lot to teach you, if you read. If you seek... Anyway, hope any of that helped. Many Blessings and Much Love Sky the Infinite ♾"
US flag  sky the infinite on Jan 21, 2020.

"Pam, thank you for one of the best readings. I felt lost and after this reading I felt better. I’ve been looking for awhile for someone like you how knows what they are talking about. My search is over. Until my next reading ?."
Daisy on Jan 20, 2020.

"I have used Anita over the last 4 years for various spreads. Some spreads I've sent to two readers just to compare. Anita always has extra insight and is way more accurate about the situation. Anita is the only reader I use! Anita is very gifted and explains things very well! Luv ya!"
Missy on Jan 18, 2020.

"I w"
US flag  Gina the G 831 on Jan 18, 2020.

"I really appreciate the guidance I received from Carina. It helped me to take on a perspective of my current situation. She is very accurate and thoughtful and has helped me moved forward in my situation."
Wendi ONeill on Jan 13, 2020.

"This was one of the first tarot apps I got. Been using it for at least 5 years and it’s really great and easy to use. There are a few free decks in their deck store including Lenormand. But! The best thing about it is that you can create your own decks! The editor is slightly confusing, but once you get used to it, it’s ok and gets the job done. I’ve made a Twin Peaks deck, a Hollow Knight deck, and a couple of poly-oracles mixing tarot with other decks. Highly recommended!"
US flag  Maatra23 on Jan 11, 2020.

"I had a 3 card reading and I’m satisfied with the reading and advice Barb gave me. Thanks so much for the reading, Barb!"
Ayumi on Jan 10, 2020.

"This is the very best Tarot app to learn from. Absolutely pleased."
US flag  GuntownGirl7301978 on Jan 10, 2020.

"I received a reading last fall from Carina and was amazed at what she picked up. It gave me insight on how to deal with the relationship I was in at that time. I came back today for her help and was again amazed! I am so grateful and know I will be back again. Thank you Carina for your kindness and help and for sharing your gift."
Cherie on Jan 08, 2020.

"Elaine gives a very detailed and thoughtful reading. She took the time to really go in depth for each card she read for me and give me an honest perspective, with kindness, but to the point. I really enjoyed my reading and it helped me to gain some further insight into a situation that I needed clarity on. Thank you!"
Wendi ONeill on Jan 07, 2020.

"Why is your app unable to open today??"
IN flag  chiraaksha on Jan 07, 2020.

"I had a Celtic Cross Tarot reading with Barb and she was great! I am knowledgeable with the Tarot, and Barb’s reading really helped me to understand the cards I was getting in my own readings. Her reply was very concise and clear, so even if you know nothing about the cards, her message for you will be clear. Thank you Barb!"
Stephanie on Jan 06, 2020.

"Very inside VeVery inside"
US flag  sisscared on Jan 05, 2020.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Okay so because I don’t pay I have to watch ads every time I want to ask a question. But can you occasionally put like an ad break kind of how Spotify does? I understand if you can’t but thanks for listening"
US flag  soccerhackysacker on Jan 04, 2020.

"Carina was amazing ! Her reading was so insightful and helpful. It made everything very clear in my mind and In my heart. I am looking forward to see how next year will go after following her advice. Thanks so much Carina !"
Tatiana on Dec 30, 2019.

"My first name is Nancy. I use the y as a vowel even though it is not preceded by another vowel. It is the only vowel sound in the second syllable and therefore needs to be treated as a vowel."
US flag  Awesome398 on Dec 25, 2019.

"Hi, Carina was very helpful; and I believe she really does connect with the angels because the information passed on by the angels about myself, is so true. Thanks again Carina! ??"
Rita La-Spada on Dec 24, 2019.

"I have learned so much about Tarot and card meanings. I love how easy it is to switch between decks and refer to saved readings! Xoxoxo thank you"
NZ flag  Lala19721972 on Dec 23, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I’m telling you guys. This app is real. About a month ago. It told me that I was going to get into an accident with a car within the next 12 months. Well it came sooner than I expected. I hit my grandmas car today. Took me a few hours to realize that the app told me it was gonna happen."
US flag  ntb28 on Dec 21, 2019.

"I haven’t done any tarot card work for 20+ years, and for me in my life right now, this is much more convenient than a physical deck. It’s always in my pocket. I just touch the card to get help interpreting it - no need to carry a booklet around with me. I may buy a physical deck again, but it will be because the ease of this app has reintroduced me to the joy of Tarot. I also like that I can get exposure to multiple decks and experience them before I choose a paper deck to work with. At this point, I’m not using the numerology or astrology portions of the app, so I don’t have any comments about them. And sometimes finding the function I want (eg I just want to pull one card) among the menus is a little challenging l, but I manage. And personally, I would be willing to pay a small annual subscription fee to support the developers to streamline the menus. Thank you for the app!"
US flag  hubBA bubBA grrrl on Dec 17, 2019.

"I’ve learned so much with this app. I’m pleased by far!"
US flag  Matt Petersan on Dec 16, 2019.

"I love this app and I use it daily! I love the reading of the oracle cards as they’ve been NOTHING but accurate and have given me some great insights to my questions. I’ve barely used any of the tarot spreads since the oracle cards have been amazing but I’m sure they’re nothing short of what you’d expect. The app is great if you’re looking to tap deeper into divination!"
US flag  MoonWitch94 on Dec 08, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

US flag  tlove21 on Dec 07, 2019.

"Carina’s reading for me had this very calm, beautiful energy with it. She explained everything in a very understandable way. She lays the facts gently without all the extra sugarcoating. She still gives you that stable/secure hope and faith that you need in order to stay on the right path or finally take those steps that you need in order to begin your journey on the right path. I felt this strong connection of just knowing this reading was 100% accurate. The universe definitely connected with her during this reading as I am sure it does with all other readings of hers. Love and light sent your way! ❤️"
Raimee Marie on Dec 06, 2019.

"This app is like the Kindle of Tarot. You can find many of your favorite decks and purchase them. I did have an issue with syncing of decks across my devices and when I bought a new phone, but downloading and installing the update fixed it. You also need to go into your decks and click manage and then restore purchases and it will sync your purchased decks. ♥️"
US flag  momtoFIVE on Dec 05, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in"
US flag  Assata Clemot on Dec 04, 2019.

"My first reading with Anita was great! It was very helpful and confirmed some things I needed to hear. I would definitely recommend."
Juju on Nov 29, 2019.

"The time and expertise of this app show how well crafted this is! This is an awesome app This app gives me the wisdom to work the reality of it conteThis is it,"
US flag  loofahlilly on Nov 20, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"It works well"
US flag  Misty Jaguar on Nov 14, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I agree with the previous reviewer,intention while in magick is everything. I approached this app that way and found the clarity it gave to be concise and without the frills. Exactly the kind of wisdom I enjoy. It’s a great app for what it does. It’s nice to be quiet for a couple minutes before considering a question and then really anticipating the answer. Thank you 😊 I will also get premium when I can add credit !"
CA flag  Macdemarcos smoking buddy on Nov 13, 2019.

"Wonderful application! Have to say it’s one of my top five tarot and numerology applications. Its coded algorithms yield some of the best results for accurate astrological natal charts & Name and birthdate numerological readings. Furthermore, it has options in settings for additional tarot decks & a widget for daily tarot card readings and daily numerology interpretations."
US flag  abeeler1 on Nov 10, 2019.

"Honestly love this app ! It’s a quick little way to have my cards handy on me at all times ! I get to study tarot anywhere , and there is all sorts of cool aspects that it covers that I randomly discover , so I’m always entertained 👍🏻!!"
CA flag  ChrisLgray on Nov 02, 2019.

"I like this app. It's very insightful and so far the readings I've done on myself and others have been very accurate. update- 10.29.19 I am still using this app and I love the insightful descriptions and the way it brings in numerology. I also love the intuitive select for the cards. I had tried another app for a daily card draw and it was completely random and not up to me at all and it kept showing me cards that made no sense and weren’t relevant at all. This app however is most useful. I also like that you can do a weeks reading in advance for each day and it will pop up with that day’s card when you open the app or use the widget which is handy. I do however wish that they would change the name to something more cryptic because some of us don’t want it visible that we have a tarot app on our phones. :/"
US flag  Dreamlandia on Oct 29, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Tiana Mayes - Johnson"
US flag  Deoni Messiah Johnson on Oct 23, 2019.

"Carina, your reading and insight was what I needed. You have given me the tools to complete my desires. I am very satisfied with my reading and will definitely be using you in the future."
Virginia on Oct 09, 2019.

"It’s amazing app that really helps me understand and see things clearly"
US flag  sweet+Sour on Oct 08, 2019.

"i downloaded this app last night trying to find some spiritual apps. the other night at my friends house i grabbed her tarot deck and split the deck and it turned up the knight of swords and the ace of swords. and what do u know, i wake up this morning to my first tarot forecast and it’s the knight of swords"
US flag  jennaofearth on Oct 06, 2019.

"Great service when I needed my app purchase restored prompt and friendly. The app is everything you need to accompany your journey of healing and numerology with ease. With Great power comes great responsibility. In my experiences I always remember the Bible has more answers than this app but for this searching souls this could be a stop so be wise."
US flag  DreNicole on Sep 12, 2019.

"Great service when I needed my app purchase restored prompt and friendly. The app is everything you need to accompany your journey of healing and numerology with ease."
US flag  DreNicole on Sep 11, 2019.

"Anita is great! She is very insightful and very spot on! Will definitely be doing future readings with her!"
Rea on Sep 09, 2019.

"I trust the information it has here"
US flag  bunnniiiii on Sep 08, 2019.

"As a tarot reader of many years I find the interpretations vg and I learn much each time I read them and adds to my knowledge - Thanks"
AU flag  sukumin on Sep 05, 2019.

"And this app was so there for me I appreciate this so much"
US flag  bratikens265 on Sep 01, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Usefull when looking for answer"
DK flag  looking for answer 2019 on Aug 27, 2019.

"I am just amazed at how spot on the readings are! The artwork is beautiful and the descriptions are thorough. You can’t go wrong with free but this goes above and beyond what I expected. Thanks for your generosity!!!"
US flag  Kuna Gal on Aug 23, 2019.

"I use it every day."
US flag  Mr. Wesleyan on Aug 21, 2019.

"Accurate and true answers that freakishly happen. Reoccurring cards kept popping up that I did not believe or agree with at the time. It occurred, yah it happened. I walked away from this app three years ago when it all came to fruition. Things have been out of sorts in my life since then. Trying everything in real life’s existence to make sense of what has been going on. Now returning after three years absence to see if this can prove to make some sense of what is left of my life. However, try this, eerily accurate."
US flag  Goddess of Scorpions on Aug 07, 2019.

"great reading recommended to all"
Wendy daniel on Jul 21, 2019.

"Carina you were spot on about him. He was all over me tonight. Was a good class though. Will see what he will do next and see if he is chasing cos if he or cos he is just a knight or wands. Tu eres la mejor!"
Chelsea on Jul 09, 2019.

"Carina’s reading gave me a lot of insight into my current situation. She was very thorough with her reading and it all applied to my current situation."
dani on Jul 08, 2019.

"Carina’s reading was spot on with the situation in my life. She provided a lot of clarity and insight that I appreciate very much. I am trying to put into practice what she recommended."
Gen on Jul 03, 2019.

"Anita did a great job breaking down the next 12 months for me. It was all very relevant and provided a lot of insight!"
dani on Jul 01, 2019.

"Best app for tarot forecasting and daily cards. It could be streamlined and organized/set up a bit more efficiently. But it’s still a great app"
US flag  Nicholas Jaspers Fête on Jun 26, 2019.

"The daily card hits everyday. Crazy how right it is."
US flag  Ray Del Sol on Jun 06, 2019.

"I had my first reading with Anita and I couldn’t be more impressed. Her analysis of the cards for my current situation was bang on. I will absolutely be back for more!"
Tessa on Apr 29, 2019.

"The app is accurate.😍😍It never lied to me. If it’s says that I’m make money. I do. If I said that there will be a disagreement. It does. It tells me how I should handle it for the best results. I do exactly what is ask. It breaks down your whole life. It’s very helpful but it’s tells the truth if your life path is not going to be happy one. It’s will tell you🙃forewarning. HAVE FUN!!!😋"
US flag  Tgfinnessa on Apr 27, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"The app absolutely works! It may seem like it’s asking you for the money, but all you have to do is, Hit no, then take your question again, it’ll take you to an advertisement, then it’ll go back to that question look at the end of the ad WATCH IT all the way through, THEN once the ad is over then go back to the question it’ll go back to the question, and then you press ask and then you CLOSE YOUR EYES! and TAP on your screen and BOOM!! You can actually ask is many questions as you want as long as you don’t mind the advertisements and then going back and forth. Other than that you don’t have to pay"
US flag  tawnie323 on Apr 27, 2019.

"Great info that one can truly learn from"
US flag  lovingladym on Apr 25, 2019.

"I use this app a lot!! Love the variety of spreads and the Numerology is a definite bonus. Great of daily Guidance or questions when you don't have your deck handy. Also good for anyone learning Tarot as it has spread options and gives card meanings. If you are new to Tarot I would spend time studying meaning of cards from other sources as well as the descriptions here don't always "match" how I interpret the cards. It's all about finding your own interpretations but this can help (with other resources) at first."
US flag  Reiki with Rachael on Mar 29, 2019.

"Definitely worth to try"
US flag  GCLeon on Mar 27, 2019.

"I love this app.. the spreads are always on point."
US flag  Chilli cheese burger on Mar 27, 2019.

"The first time I ever used this app or did a tarot card reading and this is very accurate!! Trust it"
US flag  Wandering Pisces Lloyd on Mar 26, 2019.

"wonderful app. i would recommend it to all who are interested in learning more about tarot and numerology."
US flag  songtungs on Mar 25, 2019.

"I’m satisfied with my first reading with Anita and I would highly recommend her to whoever’s looking for a reading! She’s detailed and accurate. Thanks for the reading Anita!"
Ayumi on Mar 20, 2019.

"Thank you Kimba . What a kind lady . Really appreciate what you did for me ."
Noel on Mar 18, 2019.

"Carina was extremely insightful and helpful she even went above and beyond certain questions that I asked, I am very satisfied with my reading and would use her again in the future. I totally recommend her!"
BMS on Mar 16, 2019.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"Like this app has been fairly accurate each time ... useful as well"
AU flag  Joanna strz on Mar 10, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"It’s evident that Aya is naturally gifted; her heart-centered reading and healing practice is always comforting and empowering. Last month I couldn’t shake feeling ungrounded and exhausted most of the time so I set an appointment for energy work with Aya. She intuitively gravitated toward points in my energy field that were manifesting fatigue and balanced out my levels. After one session I felt clear-headed and activated, like I had a pinched wire that was realigned to allow for a free-flowing current. I was recharged and restored to my most capable self. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
Shelby Netschke on Mar 05, 2019.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"It’s nice that I’ve found a decent fortune telling app that I don’t have to pay a load of money for. I’ll be honest, at first I did wonder if it was just a random generator but all the answers I choose seem to be possible based on my life right now so I think it’s real. Very good if so."
GB flag  James 2910 on Mar 04, 2019.

"I enjoy consulting these cards on the daily. This app is super informative and very thorough. I can tell that someone really put in a tremendous effort and must have been personally vested. I’m learning quite a bit and I’ll continue to use it every day."
US flag  neewbby on Mar 04, 2019.

"Excellent tool for beginners in both tarot and numerology"
GB flag  Ken McLeod on Feb 28, 2019.

"After trying a few other Tarot apps I deleted all the others and kept this one."
US flag  E_rock on Feb 27, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I love doing this when I feel in need"
GB flag  Rach'73 on Feb 24, 2019.

"Wow! My first reading EVER...and Anita blew my doors off! I’m in a very complex situation and her reading laser cut through everything and made it all so easy, clear, logical and believable. I’m still processing...but WOW WOW WOW!"
Heather22 on Feb 22, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Fun app! :)"
US flag  TraceyHat330 on Feb 18, 2019.

"Anita was very accurate and I am very impressed! She is now my go-to psychic card reader for all future readings! I cannot wait to see how everything plays out! I will also be telling all of my friends who also enjoy these types of amazing experiences about Anita and her web site. Thank you so much and God bless. XOXOXO"
Karen on Feb 03, 2019.

"I have always loved this app, and there are so many features."
US flag  SMC2B on Jan 31, 2019.

"Wow Anita was Johnny on the spot with my reading. My question was answered and so much more. I thank you for your wonderful gift and I greatly appreciate you sharing it with me and the world. I will be back."
Sarina Brantley on Jan 31, 2019.

"I have been using this app daily for the past few months. I find that the readings are very spot on and are great! This is definitely my go to on a daily basis."
US flag  greyhoundlady on Jan 22, 2019.

"Even though you have to pay for live readings this is a good app if you want to even learn to do your own readings. They have so many different sections to read. That’s rare that an app shares detailed info and instructions on how to determine your own forecast. It’s def a lot to read and study. You could even use their cards to practice. Even if you don’t want to pay for a reading there are lots of interesting things you can do and learn . Nice app."
US flag  Say Mó on Jan 15, 2019.

"Does not account for the adjustment of "Y" as a vowel vs consonant. So if your name has the vowel sound, the name analysis will not be correct."
US flag  Brooklynn's big sis! on Jan 11, 2019.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I haven’t paid the $4 to remove ads yet but I will when I have the credit. Even with the ads - which aren’t that long or annoying - this app works very well. It’s clean, quick and after asking around a dozen questions, it’s been very accurate. I own dozens of horoscope, magick and other esoteric apps and this one is easily in the top ten. The key is to BELIEVE in the app and more importantly, in your own self. Magick is all about two things - belief and intent. Every system of magick in the world is based on those two things. This app cuts through the fluff and allows one to find the answers they seek within themselves. Download it, buy it, enjoy it."
CA flag  Brennar on Jan 07, 2019.

"Carina was extremely helpful and on point with my reading! She was also very detailing and took her time explaining different possibilities! She is trully gifted! Thank you so much Carina for the reading and for the advices!"
Suzanna M. on Jan 04, 2019.

"Initially I was skeptical, regarding an electronic divination application; although the accuracy is impeccable and the association with, the topic of discussion, or intention is a direct correlation."
US flag  white-witch-santino on Dec 30, 2018.

"This is a fun app to use when I don’t have a deck handy, although most times I come to my own conclusions because some of the explanations given for certain cards don’t really resonate with me. It would be nice to have the option to flip additional cards for more information needed. That would be stellar. I also prefer the black background, and for some spreads, I like to turn on the placement labels, but they only show up on the white background. So a label that shows up for black would be great."
US flag  TunedInTappedInTurnedOn on Dec 22, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I love it"
GB flag  Srudd on Dec 19, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Love it"
US flag  ali d dayekh on Dec 19, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by May

"May has an advanced skill level beyond most. She is extremely insightful, helpful, kind, and articulate. I feel very safe with her and I am impressed by her."
Mirran Raphaely on Dec 17, 2018.

"Easy to use, nice note feature and instant links out for in-depth info on cards. Only missing a star for the small txt box on card page and my eyesight lol but overall spot on."
GB flag  BISOUXXXXX on Dec 17, 2018.

"I have been using this app for a few months and wake up to my daily prediction card which sets me, a wise reader, up for this day. I have a favorite Canadian reader who reads within hours and her readings are fantastic, thorough and challenges my thought process. The prices are inexpensive. I use my cards for instant readings and in inconvenient places when the "higher power" is needed, Usually a tough business meeting. George is on 24/7 alert should anything go glitchy. His customer service is second to none. His explanations of anything are "user" friendly and no geek speak is apparent!!! Well done team. I predict "the sun" in the future for these guys ;-)"
GB flag  Buzzed GPW on Dec 17, 2018.

"Everything that the cards are saying is on point about my situation and they been a great help for me"
US flag  Nov-27 on Dec 17, 2018.

"So far so good"
GB flag  P-bear! on Dec 17, 2018.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"Simple to use. Good price for what it does."
CA flag  OriginalJB1 on Dec 15, 2018.

"Carina performed an incredible reading about relationship to answer my question regarding this issue. With lots of intuition she deciphered the current background of this romantic situation and gave me precious clues to go on and move forward in my question. Carina is fantastic and she is very committed and gave a very quick feedback! I strongly recommend her!!!"
Juliana Maricato on Dec 09, 2018.

"I only miss the option of adding my own meanings."
ES flag  SilverLizz on Dec 09, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by May

"May has been spot on with so many things. Ever the skeptic, I have always gone into a reading with little data given to the reader and she has been extremely impressive. Very happy with her and the info she has provided!"
Lacy on Dec 07, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya thank you so much for your guidance and help, I was lost and you gave me hope. You answered every question I asked in a timely manner. The cards never lies, and you broke it down to my understanding. I will continue doing readings with you. Thank you so much."
jemie montano on Dec 05, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Great Easy App!"
US flag  Powdered Waves on Dec 01, 2018.

"I got a reading around February 2018 I went back a recently 9 months later and I was blown away! She saw something that was in the cards I had NO CLUE ABOUT! At first I was confused because I was questioning openly about 2 people I left the two people open to see what the universe had for me. I want sure on the answer and kinda confused. Then 9 months later, I was like OMG!! The entire conversation we had the cards showed a 3 person I haven’t met yet, well I know exactly who she’s seeing in the cards! I’m still sorting all this out but wow! Thank you! Cause without you I would have been so confused with this person! Hit the nail on the head"
Suzy on Nov 27, 2018.

"Anita was just amazing. She was very accurate and insightful and gave me so much guidance and clarity to my question. Thank you, Anita!"
Gen on Oct 31, 2018.

"Carina was fast and very helpful. She offered insightful advice and clarified further questions for me. She was accurate and genuine. Thank you, Carina!"
Gen on Oct 29, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

US flag  ⚜️локи on Oct 24, 2018.

"Thank you so much for an amazing reading. I was struggling with an issue in my life and was feeling certain energies at work and Anita’s reading truly clarified it and guided me to the next step! I highly recommend her and will come back for future readings when I need more guidance in life!"
Subra on Oct 22, 2018.

"✨🙏🏻💝🙏🏻✨ 🌿 Blessed Be 🌿 ✨🙏🏻💝🙏🏻✨"
NZ flag  Unubis ¥ on Oct 15, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Interesting app"
US flag  Jen Yve on Oct 08, 2018.

"The only problem is that is still have so many glitches"
US flag  5859914 on Oct 05, 2018.

"I submitted a very general question regarding my relationship & Carina’s reading was still INCREDIBLE helpful and clear! I was drawn to her from the start. Glad I went with her."
Kolbey on Sep 30, 2018.

"Carina was fast and clear. She offered some of the best advice regarding a relationship situation I am in that I have ever received. I will continue to seek her guidance in the future."
Tom Gronow on Sep 28, 2018.

"I have used this app for a couple years now, and it’s been one of my best resources for learning the Tarot little by little every day. You can receive one card every day, month, year etc. which is a great way to expose yourself to the entire tarot after you’ve consistently followed for awhile."
US flag  Niklaus1898 on Sep 27, 2018.

"Definitely expanded my knowledge in Tarot and Numerology!!! It not only gives you stats, but teaches you in the process. 1110/10 recommendation"
US flag  BJ LaFlare on Sep 21, 2018.

"Barb totally hit the nail on the head. She was kind, very accurate and seemed to know what was going on. Fantastic"
sfagan13 on Sep 17, 2018.

"I really enjoy this app. Once I learned how to navigate thru it I began to enjoy it much more."
US flag  inalhaj on Sep 11, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by May

"May’s words clearly resonated with me. Thank you for your insight."
Jb on Aug 28, 2018.

"Love this app. Different options for horoscope, numerology and tarot."
US flag  Br13ll3 B0t on Aug 19, 2018.

"Barb did a reading about a question I had asked her. She was spot on! I only asked a question and gave no background info. She seems truly gifted and gave great advice. I would choose her for a reading again any day! Can't believe how accurate and direct my reading was."
Kristen M on Aug 17, 2018.

"Shada did a great job. She helped confirm some of my own intuition and gave me a few new things to consider. She was kind and thorough. Well done. Thank you!"
Jen Leigh on Aug 14, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I’m an empath and also spiritually sensitive soul who rely on my instincts. This app is so real. Add more questions please."
IN flag  Lavrahul20 on Aug 12, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya is a very thorough and patient reader, and was willing to go through every single question that you can think of and still go the extra mile. I really recommend a reading from Aya, and will probably do another one with her soon."
Katelyn Ramirez on Aug 11, 2018.

"This has been both fun and deceptively accurate. I have not made any purchases in the app. This app also teaches how to read and understand the symbols of the deck. Love it!!!!"
US flag  tshellgrubbd on Aug 11, 2018.

"I’m tarot reader and witch. This app is actually helpful. Unlike most tarot apps, this combines numerology reports and tarot and keeps track of your draws. I love that it has astrological info as well. Love it!"
US flag  lunapractica on Aug 10, 2018.

"For a personal tarot reader myself and being interested and knowledgeable with astrology, this app is very cool! Personally I had read things about numerology for example, and got some really cool looks at my personality and the pros and cons of my habits and inner self. This is personally really beneficial for me and I think including everything this app offers, it would help anyone take a second glance at their life and possibly themselves :)"
US flag  Gsydhundkskb on Aug 09, 2018.

"She was really fast and clear she helped me a lot I really recommend her . She gave me the answers I need this lady is really gifted"
doryana ghazna on Aug 06, 2018.

"Shada’s reading helped me realize my truth and get clarification. I am requesting another reading with her. Thank you, Shada!"
Jb on Aug 05, 2018.

"Carina was thorough, clear, kind, and accurate. She took time to address my continued confusion over one of my questions. In the end if all made sense and I had the insight and confirmation I needed to move forward. And I learned a bit more about tarot reading and how it can speak to us. Thank you, Carina!"
Jen Leigh on Jul 29, 2018.

"I have to admit, Carina is the best!! She did many reading for me and each of them was very accurate and so true. She sends a lot of positive energy along with the reading, always very attentive . Carina, you are amazing!!"
Lolita Lekishvili on Jul 23, 2018.

GB flag  spectator!!! on Jul 22, 2018.

"Kimba is both gifted AND a gift. I found her insight to sear into the heart of matter, tying up loose ends for me, allowing me to peacefully accept what "is" (And the situation was/is highly complex). She saw things that are nothing short of miraculous. Thank you, Kimba. Blessings!!"
Jen Leigh on Jul 18, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale's reading was insightful and incredibly accurate. She saw things I did not tell her. I specifically kept my comments brief in order to get a clear/objective reading. I was truly amazed by the specific things she was able to pick up on. Additionally, she does not mince words. But speaks difficult truth with understanding and kindness. If you're on the fence about this...Pascale is the real thing. Wow!"
Jen Leigh on Jul 17, 2018.

"You are amazing my dear! I love LOVE your reading! You gave me so much great energy! You deserve the best! Only the best!!!"
Gulchin on Jul 12, 2018.

"I got a reading from Carina today about a POI and I think it is very true. It is quite insightful and detailed and she is right on the point. Highly recommended."
KA on Jul 11, 2018.

"Excellent app let me add unique decks and spreads - just what I was looking for."
CA flag  bcincalgary on Jul 08, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I really enjoy this app, highly recommend unlocking, for a few dollars, and the ability personalize questions and answers makes asking the Fates real. What is put into this app is, in turn, given back so maximum effort yields maximum value. Thank you, amen."
US flag  Scorpiuspharaoh on Jul 02, 2018.

"I received my Angel’s Messages from Carina. It was very meaningful and eye opening. Thank you!"
nat on Jun 26, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale is highly recommended by me. She was spot on with her reading and knew many details that were 100% accurate without me even saying. She gave some timescales and advice which was really helpful for me and my situation. She was also very prompt with her response and provided extra clarity that I needed when asked. I showed my friend who knows me well my reading and all she could say was 'wow'. I provided her with very little information and so it made the reading even more valid. Thank you so much Pascale Claire x"
Claire on Jun 25, 2018.

"I requested for two specialized readings, career path and relationship. Carina gave me wonderful reading that awaken my subconscious. She understood my situations well and gave me great advice based on the cards. After her reading, my hesitation disappeared and I'm more confident to take the important steps for my life. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much, Carina.. GBU."
K T on Jun 22, 2018.

"I was very impressed with my reading and how Tracy reads the cards intuitively. I had a reading years ago and I went back to read it this year and I noticed that everything was playing out just as she said. The reading you did for me was so helpful and enlightening. I recently got another reading and she helped me to see what was going on around me. Thank you for sharing your gift, Tracy!"
Denise on Jun 13, 2018.

"I loved my reading with Dee. She has a gentle approach and clarified everything I wanted to know. Highly recommend her."
Leni Tsavalas on May 27, 2018.

"Elaine is kind, loving, empathetic and very intuitive. My reading was very accurate and detailed. She gave great real world advise and she knew what was happing below the surface. I really enjoyed her reading and I will return for more!"
Denise on May 24, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya is able to go the extra mile to clarify my concerns and help to clear the doubts of the situation. It is good she summarize every card and highlight the main points in the reading. It was my first time in the online tarot reading and i was able to have the time to think, react and clarify with Aya on the reading. I would think the online reading with Aya helped me better than a normal face to face tarot reading."
Theresa on May 24, 2018.

"I love Barbs delivery, which was very helpful and straight to the point in a very gentle manner❤️"
Sher Oneal on May 24, 2018.

"I loved the reading she did for me, she approached the reading in a very assertive way and she was quite accurate. She was also very nice and polite. I highly recommend her."
Miriam on May 16, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"I have been on this app for a long time and have seen Pascale 3 times I cannot get enough, always right, on point directional and kind ☘️ Trying not to discriminate but Pascale is my favourite reader ??"
Amunetmaát Libby York on May 15, 2018.

"Loved Elaine's reading. I was expecting some superficial advise (like many other tarot apps have), but this was on another level. Her interpretation was very detailed, and allowed for me to look at things from different angle. The situation in my dating life totally made sense after Elaine's advice. I was able to get the courage to leave the relationship that was no longer serving me, and that was draining my energies and self esteem. I could not talk to my friends about it anymore, because they would just roll their eyes and tell me to move on. But Elaine's kindness and compassion was what finally gave me strength to make up my mind. I highly recommend Elaine, and would definitely come back in the future."
Maria on May 15, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"This is the second reading I’ve had from Ms. Pascale and I can’t recommend her enough. I requested that she do a message from a loved one for me, and it was extremely accurate. The person I wanted her to reach out to was an old friend of mine that had passed away, but I felt like I never had any closure. I feel like what she gleamed from the reading portrayed exactly what he had went through in terms of his life at the time. It brought me to tears. I’m relieved that he is happy now and no longer suffering."
Katelyn Ramirez on May 14, 2018.

"I had Carina read a job/career spread for me. She was accurate, precise, and specific on my current career path. She helped offer advice on which next steps would be most beneficial for my future. This helped clarify all my unanswered questions. I look forward to the next reading. Bright blessings!"
disqus_gLHpcJaLvu on May 13, 2018.

"Best Tarot and numerology app I’ve ever used."
US flag  hatesreviewingstuff on May 13, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"You don’t really have to pay, just click no and click again and u just have to watch an add. This is so accurate and scary...I’m so amazed. Better than any tarot reading I’ve ever tried. How does this work?? I’m so amazed"
US flag  MaddieluvsASTR on May 12, 2018.

"My got to app for the past couple of months. I don’t know how they do it, but the answers are always accurate. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about tarot through this app. Download it and take charge of your life."
IN flag  Eurekaalphonso on May 08, 2018.

"If you are looking for an App that is easy to navigate ; this is for you! I highly recommended this. A great tool ."
US flag  lmt814 on Apr 25, 2018.

"I downloaded this app this afternoon and I love it so far. I think I’m going to use it a lot. It’s super informative and very easy to navigate, and it’s a lot of fun to use as well. I have a small suggestion, though - it would be really cool if you could click on the moon stuff and get an explanation like you can the tarot cards and everything else. I don’t really understand astrology very well yet and it’d be cool to learn how the “Moon in Jupiter, Sun in Leo” stuff affects life and magic and whatnot. 😂 But it’s still a fantastic app!"
US flag  Erisedrhapsodic on Apr 24, 2018.

"I've had several readings with Fi and every single one of my readings have been very enlightening and accurate. Not only did she answer my question, she gave me other information surrounding the issue. She knew how I felt at the time and all of the things surrounding the issue. My question was vague but she was able to dig and give me a very insightful reading. I will definitely continue getting readings from her. Thank you! thank you Fi!"
Denise on Apr 24, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I asked “ does the one that I think about think about me” and 6/6 was positive. I asked her what she thought of me and she said she has been thinking about and me and cared for me. So I like this app. not just like I love it. Now me and her are in a relationship."
CA flag  7clifton on Apr 23, 2018.

"I’m a novice of tarot, and this makes me learn the basics quite well at the same time as providing really nice, neat readings. The spread choice is very good, I’d even like to see more choices under each category. Keep going app team! I’ve tried a few apps and this one is in a class of its own, more than worth the tiny payment. I am sticking with the default Waite deck as I’d like to really understand this popular deck before branching out. The fact that three or four other sources of interpretation are provided really helps deepen knowledge. Much enjoying it, using it frequently and just want to say thank you."
GB flag  Apunter on Apr 22, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"I recommended Pascale to a friend of mine as well. Her reading was kind, on point and extremely insightful. 5 stars. 6 if I could :)"
Hellome on Apr 22, 2018.

"I love this app.. second most used thing on my phone:) Had an issue after switching phones. Appreciate the developers quick response. My issue is resolved and I’m once again 100% satisfied."
US flag  Freddyspizza on Apr 14, 2018.

"Kimba provides great insight every time I have question on something going in my life!"
Monique on Apr 12, 2018.

"Thank you so much for your accurate clarity of the reading today. It really helped me see there was no fork. As you say, we aren’t the best to do our own readings and interpretations. It’s always better to get an outside source to take a look. Sending you love and light. Thanks for helping me on my journey. ❤️ I will definitely use you again in the future. I think you have explained the cards and meanings better than anyone ever has to me. Loved your insight. It was spot on!"
Angelia Kelsey on Apr 07, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Well I have to pay for basically every question there is, dang. Edit: So I did the thing you told me to do and it works! Thank you so much for the help 😁"
US flag  Ang ? on Apr 04, 2018.

"Loved until today 30.04.18. After today's update, app doesn't even open. I re-installed it to no avail. I am still on iOS 10. 4 stars still... as I am sure it is just a little hiccup which will pass with the next swift update."
GB flag  -010- on Mar 30, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Can’t expect much more nor do you really need to pay for the upgrade, when the they give you the answer right after u press back key or cancel whatever, just shut off the add wen it cums on and...."
US flag  jcFUNix on Mar 24, 2018.

"Since I got this app it have made me look at my life closely and I have been making the adjustments as I understand what I’m going through"
US flag  Michell? on Mar 24, 2018.

"I chose Tracy because she looked real. She seemed like a down to earth person and after reading he bio I decided that she was so very relatable. Her reading is full of information, explanation and wisdom. She went to the heart of the matter and explained the cards in relation to my question. She wrote in a very articulate manner and at the end of the reading I had no other questions because she clarified everything in the reading. Well done!"
Honey64 on Mar 23, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya, You are a beautiful soul! The words and thoughts you speak are so very true and the guidance from the records could only be genuine with my skepticism. The peace and harmony you brought with one message is worth an enternity to me if support. Our limited interaction on a physical level is irrelevant to the magnitude of healing you provided to me. I am completely indebted to you."
Alcearosa on Mar 20, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Hi Aya. Your reading about the 3 of sword was spot on. I confronted him he admit he is considering another person from the past. Before even working on his issues. He said he wasn’t a to stay in his country and she is local so he was thinking of the possibility. He said she is no where near as pretty as you. Only because she is local. I said for me to relocate the guy as to put in effort. I’m not relocating for you when you are chasing other bitches. So yea ace of pentacle is right too as he is considering this bitch. I have no time for this shit. I will go for things that are better. I hope they won’t end well advice he has his own issue. Thanks again for the reading."
Chelsea on Mar 15, 2018.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"It’s interesting for fun, however, every interesting and attractive questions aren’t free. Any way, thank you for your entertaining app."
US flag  zzahrazz on Mar 07, 2018.

"I got into horoscopes/personality traits bout 1 year ago. Then I got interested in numerology & tarot...anyway out of all the webpages & apps I have tried this one is EPIC!!!"
US flag  RoCkStAr715 on Mar 06, 2018.

"Having never had a formal reading done before, something guided me to Dorothy. I am fortunate that I was, her reading of my question through the Witches Runes has opened my eyes and has cleared some doubts to what has been holding me back. She is very thorough and her knowledge is presented with an empathetic clarity; explaining her reading and the relations each rune has with the others as they relate to the reading and thus to you. I recommend her very highly and I know I will consult her again."
Natasemllac on Mar 01, 2018.

"The developer of this app has really shown what knowledge and talent can accomplish. You will not just learn from all the knowledge within, you will benefit absolutely if your are seeking help. Best of all the one I've tried on iOS and Android."
US flag  Double nope on Mar 01, 2018.

FR flag  Un etudiant de Paris on Feb 28, 2018.

"Pam's reading for me was very accurate. She provided me with knowledge and guidance to help me make an important decision. ?????. Pam you are definitely a gifted reader, thanks for your help."
G Butt on Feb 26, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Kristin

"Kristin is amazing, she gave me a very thorough reading. She’s using runes, which I haven’t heard of before. Her answer was long, and every single sentence she wrote was important information regarding my questions. It’s been a very good experience. She is very talented and very kind, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Kristin!"
Di BP on Feb 19, 2018.

"I’m blown away by this app. I’ve always been into numerology, tarot etc, and I have looked at various websites and books over time, however none of them have provided as much detail and knowledge as this app does. Although this app is so in depth, it still explains everything so clearly and simply! Plus it’s so easy to use! Thank you very much for creating it."
AU flag  MsHolmes84 on Feb 13, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Kristin

"My reading with Kristin was amazing! She has a gentle and kind sincerity that I felt I could really open up to her. She has such a unique gift; adding the runes to the tarot reading gave it another level of clarity and guidance that quickly put me at ease. I highly recommend her!"
Aya Ohara on Feb 08, 2018.

"Very Good App👍🏼😄"
GB flag  Rankingtwiggy on Feb 04, 2018.

"Very useful"
US flag  Whyyallannoying on Feb 04, 2018.

"Still best app. There is around. Top notch⭐️👑⭐️"
AU flag  Captain StarBuster on Feb 04, 2018.

"Love this app! Been using it for a year, really easy to operate. I get daily tarot card forecasts and they ate incredibly accurate! Xx😊"
GB flag  Rexanneg123 on Feb 04, 2018.

"An awesome app and it's totally free - you can also create your own deck 👍🏻"
GB flag  mresolved on Feb 04, 2018.

"I love this app it's awesome I use it daily, you should get it 😍❤️😃"
CA flag  Lan Lan9999 on Feb 04, 2018.

"Amazing app, so informative and generous! Thank you 🔮✨"
GB flag  Boo_louise on Feb 04, 2018.

"Pretty accurate. Fun and easy to use. Thnx👍"
CA flag  mona_23 on Feb 04, 2018.

"This is better than those tarot readers in Blackpool!! I just can't believe how accurate it is, I love this & it's free! I won't be going to any tarot readers & paying a fortune. This has to have full stars & well done to the developers who made this. Good job 👍🏼👏🏼👍🏼🎉💟"
GB flag  Mich N wayney on Feb 04, 2018.

"Brilliant app!!!!!! So easy to use 5 star rating 😁🌈"
GB flag  Anita wake on Feb 04, 2018.

"Really great! And a very fast and friendly support."
DE flag  kirk.kreutz on Feb 04, 2018.

"I rarely write reviews but I love this app. There is a lot of variety and Info. My Favourite App right now! 😊👍💗"
AU flag  Jez Mac on Feb 04, 2018.

"Da man auch eigene Decks hochladen kann finde ich die App gelungen. Das die komplette App auf englisch läuft stört mich eigentlich nicht, zumal man ja eigene Texte eingeben kann. Wer sich also die Mühe macht das ganze zu individualisieren (man kann auch die Rückseite und den Desktop Hintergrund anpassen) der hat ne superschöne Tarot app. Wer das nicht will kommt auch mit dem Raider Wait Tarot und den englischen Deutungstexten klar ... die sind ganz gut gelungen 😊"
DE flag  DieMondin on Feb 04, 2018.

"Awesome, spot on, excellent and will keep app forever 😍"
GB flag  xxxkarolinaxxx on Feb 04, 2018.

"Love this app! Use it every day 😊"
GB flag  Tillymintvic on Feb 04, 2018.

"I love this app so much! I use it daily to check on my daily card reading and numerology day number. It has given me a lot of insight into the way I live and where I am heading. I highly recommend 😀"
GB flag  Lotstar1 on Feb 04, 2018.

"Very on point 💯⭐️👌🏾❤️"
GB flag  HekateSophia on Feb 04, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"I have had multiple readings with Aya that have always been profound. She takes genuine care to give the most clear messages possible. I can honestly say that her readings have impacted me and guided me in a way no one else has been able to do. Her Akashic Records and Tarot skills are top notch. I highly recommend her!"
Kristin Mothersbaugh on Feb 03, 2018.

"Elaine has a keen insight that I found very useful in interpreting my situation. She is compassionate, wise, gentle and probing. I was surprised at how accurate her view was and also encouraged to trust my own intuition. I highly recommend Elaine!"
Rose on Jan 31, 2018.

"I love this app. It’s rich, it’s insightful and it has taught me a lot for both tarot and numerology. You get a TON more with the free version of this app than you do with 99% of the others out there. I find my readings to be very accurate and appreciate the app very much!"
US flag  Db245777543236 on Jan 27, 2018.

"The readers on this site are very accurate and thorough. It has been a year since I last used the site and a great many of what we talked about have come true. Recognizing that you also have free will. I would recommend this site to another."
US flag  jimmiehalle on Jan 22, 2018.

"I don’t know what will happen in 6months between me and that person but she was spot on. When I thought it’s the end, it wasn’t. We started from the beginning as friend and let see where it’ll take us. Thank you Anita!"
Somaly on Jan 18, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Really like it. Longest ad is 5-6 seconds, not annoying at all. All questions are available for free, EXCEPT writing your own. Have fun!"
US flag  Am82NYC on Jan 15, 2018.

"Pan is so blesssd with understanding, insight and compassion. Her readings have been spot on for me— and a force of useful knowledge and great comfort."
Rose on Jan 12, 2018.

"Da man auch eigene Decks hochladen kann finde ich die App gelungen. Das die komplette App auf englisch läuft stört mich eigentlich nicht, zumal man ja eigene Texte eingeben kann. Wer sich also die Mühe macht das ganze zu individualisieren (man kann auch die Rückseite und den Desktop Hintergrund anpassen) der hat ne superschöne Tarot app. Wer das nicht will kommt auch mit dem Raider Wait Tarot und den englischen Deutungstexten klar ... die sind ganz gut gelungen ?"
DE flag  DieMondin on Jan 11, 2018.

"This app is amazing but please try to make Arabic translation it will be easier please"
US flag  Vshshssjhehfj on Jan 01, 2018.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Incredible experience with Aya for my Akashic Record reading! So insightful, caring, and patient with all my questions. She truly has a gift to make you feel at ease and share your story with her. Her reading open the channels I needed to heal at every level."
Jay on Dec 28, 2017.

"So in depth and explanatory! Hadn’t seen another app like this! Very nice!"
US flag  CryDawnWar on Dec 21, 2017.

"This app is Dead on! I cried when I saw my Numerology report, This App Is Real! I recommend this 1000 Fold!"
US flag  DBELLE2000411 on Dec 08, 2017.

"Great and easy to use. My favorite numerology app was never updated, which was sad. This app seems for personal use and is fantastic, I miss being able to have easy access to my friends and family members numbers for quick reference. I will just have to make due."
US flag  Real mandorla on Dec 06, 2017.

"Out of all my Tarot apps, this is my favorite. Loads of information and customization. While I've never been much for numerology, this has opened my eyes a bit. The best part is being able to make your own spreads. So useful, for any level Tarot reader."
US flag  Jasielle on Dec 03, 2017.

"As an empath ( attuned perception of feeling and intention) I feel as tho this deck is rigged like a magic trick we all want to believe. This app is played on statistics starting with the lovers card. We all want love... or the firing card... we all need money. I call false app for popularity. I’ll vote this this app 4 stars on the default that only 3+ stars gets advertised as a review."
CA flag  Onlymichell on Dec 03, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Just awesome...."
US flag  Dancyryan on Dec 01, 2017.

"It’s an easy way to use tarot and numerology together."
US flag  Lthughesrn on Nov 24, 2017.

"So accurate. My go to when I'm in crisis and need answers to pressing problems in my life. Thank you for this app"
US flag  Diamond Queen BKNY on Nov 10, 2017.

"Only that the "copy" spread feature for sharing is gone, would like to have that back and it also takes a while to show the cards when I have already selected them."
ES flag  Pami619 on Nov 09, 2017.

"Weirdly powerful. Sometimes I take it too seriously and it dictates my life. But that can be a good thing like a guide that you can think about and be more sure of something? It's my favorite app."
US flag  333 tuey theo on Nov 07, 2017.

"Da man auch eigene Decks hochladen kann finde ich die App echt gelungen. Die angebotenen Versionen finde ich nicht so wirklich ansprechend, auch brauche ich keine Beratung vom „Profi“ selbst ist die Frau ? Das die komplette App auf englisch läuft stört mich eigentlich nicht, zumal man ja eigene Texte eingeben kann. Wer sich also die Mühe macht das ganze zu individualisieren (man kann auch die Rückseite und den Desktop Hintergrund anpassen) der hat ne superschöne Tarot app."
DE flag  DieMondin on Nov 06, 2017.

"Love the App, love the cards"
US flag  Squeeeker on Nov 01, 2017.

"I highly recommend this app. It’s fun and also very accurate. They offer so much free information, best app for Astrology."
US flag  Brittanyz123 on Oct 22, 2017.

"What an insightful and accurate reading. Very helpful in helping me to focus on the positives and not get too bogged down by the negatives. Some of the detail was remarkable. I am totally amazed and very reassured about my difficult situation. Thank you so much - I am not exaggerating when I say the reading was life changing."
Marina Gough on Oct 16, 2017.

"I absolutely love this app. It's easy to use and the readers they have are spot on!!! I use the app everyday and am very happy I downloaded it!!!"
US flag  Tumblrruserr5369052 on Oct 07, 2017.

"So many great features!"
US flag  Tyelhsa on Oct 07, 2017.

"Excellent app and well designed. Bravo to the programmers. I’d like to see a larger selection of tarot decks to choose from. Perhaps more modern decks, with more present cultural imagery and less R-W based. That said, the decks available are very artistically rendered and interesting to look at. Well done."
US flag  abeeler1 on Oct 04, 2017.

"Very well thought out with TONS of information. Thanks❤️"
US flag  ?LoveGadgets on Sep 18, 2017.

"This app has helped me in my study of the tarot. The only reason I am not giving it 5 Stars is the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors! It drivers me crazy, but I will recommend this app to anyone who needs a little going deeper into the tarot."
US flag  Chaya Fleurs on Sep 18, 2017.

"This app is simply awesome & so much more convenient than an actual deck of cards. Everything I need is at my finger tips. 5 Gold stars !"
AU flag  April Adelaide on Sep 18, 2017.

"Amazes me I don't even have real cards but these are true."
US flag  ladylove_forever on Sep 18, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya has correctly predicted my "future relationship"with Akashic records and tarots 6 weeks ago. I have met someone and very happy about it. I highly recommend Aya because her reading / advice is more than just tarot. She is non jugemental and caring and really tells you what you need to hear, she would also guide you how to work on yourself to achieve for long term happiness and goals."
Chelsea on Sep 14, 2017.

"Enjoy it"
GB flag  Kiwi1952 on Sep 12, 2017.

"I wasn't sure if a reading from across the world and via internet would work. I'm pleased to say that Anita's 3 card reading really made a lot of sense and helped me find perspective on a situation I was a bit confused about. Don't be surprised if I'm back for another reading in the future Anita!"
Ra on Sep 07, 2017.

"Thank you for your to-the-point reading, Kimba. I guess all the pieces of the puzzle were already there, but I just couldn't put it together because I couldn't see the big picture. After your reading, things became clearer for me and it was easier for me to decide."
Kuma싱 on Sep 06, 2017.

"Never has given me as issue. Thorough information for a beginner. An easy way to be introduced to tarot. Recommended to friends & they love it as well."
US flag  Drujonnfdthvh on Sep 01, 2017.

"Easy to use. Versitile, stuff to keep your interest. I enjoy the thought provoking time I get taking time to myself with this. For me it's as close to meditation as I can get. I wish the combo of tarot card of the day and the numerology card of the day could be saved together as well when they pop up. I like to refer back to them together."
US flag  Myth witch on Aug 28, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"It's powerful!! Works very fast and accurate. Just be careful what answers you seek, it may be you who will make them a reality"
US flag  Crixus89 on Aug 27, 2017.

"This app has just lifted me up off the ground. It has so much information about your life and who you are as a person, and it is spot on. People in life like to knock you down, but this app will just lift you back up. Because it reminds you who you really are so you don't forget it."
AU flag  Dubza G & Ziggy on Aug 23, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Love this app. Quite simple to use and for the most part right on."
US flag  Esther Pistone on Aug 21, 2017.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"I like this app a lot, the answer soon to be very accurate. However I wish they were more questions to choose from."
US flag  Dreamlandia on Aug 18, 2017.

"Love this app, accurate and helpful :)"
US flag  d0025 on Aug 17, 2017.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"I would've given it 5 stars but I just wish it had more free questions. I really like the app and it's super simple!"
US flag  I tell you reals on Aug 16, 2017.

"Anita is AMAZING. My reading was SPOT ON and I am so very grateful!"
Kelese Chappel on Aug 14, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya is on point about the issue my ex has. I enjoyed our convos and akashic record is something new and intriguing. Thank you."
Chelsea on Aug 08, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"It's poppin! Love the apps format as well as the questions."
US flag  BriannaDaBADDESTbish on Aug 07, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya is great. We almost have the same name and I feel like I'm connected to her. I highly recommend her work. Thank you so much"
Ada on Aug 03, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"So good"
US flag  aneyh457 on Aug 02, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Thank you so Much Aya!! The reading you gave was right on! She is so easy to work with and I could tell she really cares about what she does. She's definitely the real deal and would recommend Aya to anyone needing answers in life. It is so beneficial in so many ways! I love how she is also willing to clarify anything she can, were a lot of other people might just leave it as symbolic. Aya, you have some really solid advice! Thanks for all the insight and help you bring!!"
Daniel on Aug 01, 2017.

"Pam gave me a few readings and she was very accurate, she helped me see my situation more clearly. She also has a very warm heart, and makes you feel comfortable, she's not only doing her job here, but you feel like she's your best friend who listens to your problems and giving you good advice. Thank you, Pam!"
Di Tu on Jul 26, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale is wonderfully on pointe even when given nothing but the spread by itself to go on. Rather than give advice or opinions, I have noticed she tends to give her client a full outlook of the situation and what their options are, keeping an unbiased stance which I highly regard in a reader. Despite this, she still empathizes with her client's emotions, so she does not at all come off as cold when describing what she senses surrounding the situation at hand. I highly recommend her. :)"
Jonquil McDaniel on Jul 25, 2017.

"Amazingly accurate - communication from what feels like a higher source."
GB flag  A2f05 on Jul 21, 2017.

"Like the topic says this app is probably the most accurate I've ever seen literally described me"
US flag  Usfromevil on Jul 20, 2017.

"Easy to use and very good for beginners! 10/10 recommend"
US flag  ASDF666x2991 on Jul 16, 2017.

"As I gain insight on the subject I have to say I find it very fascinating as I grow and develop. Great job"
US flag  Dee611 on Jul 13, 2017.

"Sometimes it freezes and the lucky number is a pointless function. Other than that, it does what I need it to do."
US flag  melpymelperson on Jul 12, 2017.

"Excellent and educational. I uploaded the entire Thoth deck in order of having instant access to the brilliant tarot card deck."
US flag  Miss.Lady.M on Jul 11, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Cassandra

"Cassandra, you helped me a lot with this reading, you opened my eyes in this difficult times and helped me see things differently. I'd definitely come back to you for advice in the future. Thank you!"
Di Tu on Jul 02, 2017.

"Slightly cheesy interface but great functionality. I've had awesome readings with the same deck I use! Numerology is always cool too."
US flag  Terrabull on Jul 02, 2017.

"Shada, thank you so much for your help! I can't say how much you opened my eyes and how much power you gave me to go and follow my path. More questions will come to you! Thank you! D"
Di Tu on Jun 30, 2017.

"Anita has been wonderful with my reading, gave me some good advice about a difficult situation I am stuck in. I would definetly ask her for help again in the future. Thank you, Anita!"
Di on Jun 28, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya has been wonderful with my reading, she's very thorough and explains you all the details that you need to know and she also feels your energy and brings your spirit up during difficult times. She is not rushing to end your reading and giving you the feeling that you've had enough of it. We've had a couple of long chats, covering every single aspect of my situation. Thank you, Aya! I will surely be back to you whenever I need a good advice."
Di Tu on Jun 26, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"have been using this app for about 6 months now and it has given me good advice when I have needed it. Fairly accurate advice too."
AU flag  Blackdogmurph14 on Jun 26, 2017.

"Love the app, so I'm leaving a positive review"
US flag  PHA6633 on Jun 25, 2017.

"Very on point ?⭐️??❤️"
GB flag  HekateSophia on Jun 19, 2017.

"Thank you so much Karina! Accurate, sincere and truthful! I'm very fortunate to have had this guidance. "
Violeta Meyners on Jun 13, 2017.

"Awesome and accurate"
US flag  Cravenmoorehead2 on Jun 13, 2017.

US flag  kaygee25 on Jun 10, 2017.

"Somehow it's so accurate ! I love it thank you"
GB flag  Cintialyu on Jun 02, 2017.

"I don't normally believe that electronically reading tarot is acceptable or accurate, this app is absolutely the exception!"
US flag  Pendaless on Jun 02, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"I was a bit unsure about what I wanted, but Ms. Pascale helped give me insight about myself that, although it didn't sound like anything new to someone that knows me, but coming from someone that doesn't even know me personally it was rather affirming. I'm not saying that now everything is magically okay, but at least now I feel like I can just start heading in the right direction without doubting myself too much. I just wanted to say thank you Ms. Pascale and that I would definitely recommend her and plan to request another reading from her in the future. "
Katelyn Ramirez on May 31, 2017.

"This app is the best! So so much you get to do for free! I've learned a lot. I've done some amazingly accurate readings. I paid $10 for a different tarot app that was terrible. This free one is great. Highly recommend!"
US flag  11/04:00 on May 31, 2017.

"Very clever app. The only thing I would change is access to more tarot decks that are from occult orders. Otherwise, it is really well done."
US flag  Bkind23 on May 30, 2017.

"Easy to use, ability to save readings, great range of options"
AU flag  Tybobi on May 29, 2017.

"It's easy to use and comes with a variety of features. The readings and forecasts are very detailed, too."
CA flag  CabbageRollQueen234 on May 27, 2017.

"I just had a reading from Anita and she was very insightful and eased my mind with my current situation. I will definitely be back sooner than later!! Anita you are amazing "
Alicia Garcia on May 25, 2017.

"My reading from Anita was spot on, she detailed things that were not apparent from my question at all and also confirmed things that I already knew. I couldn't recommend her enough. Thank you x "
Gemma on May 22, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you for such a quick response! I feel lighter and less anxiety. Confirmation of my feelings is giving me confidence to trust myself and stop dwelling on what I have no control over. This reading was spot on! I will asking Pascale for readings in the future! As far as my lost item, I had forgotten about flooding we had in our basement and your description is right on with how we cleaned. I can stop looking now and work on replacing it! "
Dana Simon on May 19, 2017.

"I like this app"
US flag  Daisydonna on May 17, 2017.

"This is an app that is WORTH my rating. It's free and it's everything I've ever could ask for and more. THANK YOU. Just download it, you'll see why it's so incredible."
US flag  Ashash4444 on May 12, 2017.

"The messages I received from Anita's reading (3 card. Past, present, future) gave me the guidance I needed to move forward with my life's decisions. I am new to the site/app, and I am so greatful that Anita was the one who did my first reading. Online readings can be a little sketchy, but she definitely put my doubts to rest with the accuracy of her reading. Thank you Anita! "
Valene Veriato on May 12, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

US flag  Sniper 1 shot in!!! on May 10, 2017.

"This app is very informative, I've learned so much & I am now comfortable enough to give readings."
US flag  bee4now on May 07, 2017.

"Simple, multifaceted"
AU flag  Lkojikiyu on May 05, 2017.

"Updated: Love the new Apple Watch enhancements! You can quick draw a card using a deck you choose or you can create a weekly forecast in the app and have your daily card pop up in the Watch. And there's a complication. Keep the enhancements coming!! This app is fantastic! Whether it's you read Tarot, Lenormand or Oracles, this app has you covered - with several deck options from which to choose. And, if your own interpretation isn't cutting it, they have readers who can read for you. You can learn the cards via the card meanings. Plus, the app developer is super responsive. I love that you can pick your cards from the entire deck versus relying on a "shuffle.""
US flag  Dillyworks on May 02, 2017.

"Love this App. You can easily lose yourself in it for hours. I don't think there's a tarot book out there that could teach you to read cards better or quicker. 6 Stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
GB flag  Manukamama on May 02, 2017.

"This app seems pretty accurate in readings and is very informative in the symbolism of each card and it's elements. I love that it gives you different styles and layouts for readings. Suitable for a beginner getting started in the art of tarot or even for an expert! I would recommend to anyone interested in tarot readings. This app also has numerology; something i knew very little about, but is just as intriguing as tarot cards."
US flag  Dana Toulon on Apr 27, 2017.

"This app's features are above and beyond what I had thought !!"
US flag  Angelsx3 on Apr 23, 2017.

"Beautiful and very user friendly. Love it!"
AU flag  Girlofprey on Apr 22, 2017.

"Brilliant app!!!!!! So easy to use 5 star rating ??"
GB flag  Anita wake on Apr 22, 2017.

"Dope app!"
US flag  Neezybk on Apr 21, 2017.

"it took me some to digest what she were saying, but I got it. Every thing she said happened and still going on. Now I know I made a right choice. I got good advices and chance to see a situation from different point of view. Thank you very much."
Nataliya Tokar on Apr 21, 2017.

"This app is incredible in the sense that it knows exactly the timing of events and the best possible path (if asked the right way.) Check out the event forecasting feature in the forecasting section, it has literally timed events precisely for me, like to the exact minute."
US flag  Thrive123 on Apr 20, 2017.

"This is a very interesting app . I understand tarot and the card meanings very well, and have learned more from the app . It would be cool if there were more information about astrology. As in going into details about the meaning of the moon phases, and meanings of the sun and moon entering into the particular signs."
US flag  Sunblazed on Apr 17, 2017.

"I really like this app. It's usability and it's card descriptions."
CA flag  DLNawroski on Apr 16, 2017.

"I enjoy it so much. So accurate"
US flag  Natalie molinaro on Apr 14, 2017.

"Only thing I would suggest is maybe updating the look of the app itself. It doesn't take away from the app, but it would be nice! :)"
US flag  ENV13 on Apr 13, 2017.

"Don't start the day without checking out my tarot cards. Amazing how accurately it reflects what's going on in my life!"
US flag  LindaK5683 on Apr 12, 2017.

"As a complete beginner I find this app a great introduction on reading reality in a deeper way. It allows me to play with different spreads, decks and other features to get familiar with symbols and what they mean to me."
GB flag  Life Researcher on Apr 10, 2017.

"Probably one of my most-used apps. Super insightful and interesting. Love the blend of numerology and tarot. Thanks Rob"
CA flag  xXRobTehBobXx on Apr 10, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you Pascale ! My reading has given me clarity into what's going on in my life. I was feeling very confused and Pascale has helped me to understand what is going on inside of me! I am extremely thankful for her reading ! I will definitely have more readings by her in the future!"
Brooke Campbell on Apr 08, 2017.

"This app offers a lot of choices and information considering it is free. I love how it gives you details description of your personal year, name analysis, and more. So many things to choose from and great descriptions, which are right on the money 99% of the time."
US flag  mariahh:) on Apr 08, 2017.

"Still best app. There is around. Top notch⭐️?⭐️"
AU flag  Captain StarBuster on Apr 07, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I l'm really enjoying this app, it's fascinating and reminiscent of a Magic 8 Ball except much more accurate and useful. Absolutely worth the cost of unlocking all questions. THANK YOU 🔮"
US flag  Mlle. Me on Apr 06, 2017.

"Shada, your wisdom is so appreciated. You have helped me to see things so clearly. I feel inspired and empowered by your words!"
Lafawn Barefoot on Apr 05, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Worth the purchase."
US flag  thelifevalley on Apr 03, 2017.

"Brilliant app!!!!!! So easy to use 5 star rating ??"
GB flag  Anita wake on Mar 31, 2017.

"This is a great app and I like how they interpret the card only and you decide what the context is to the question"
US flag  Alexapooloza on Mar 29, 2017.

"I love this app. No problems. Lots of fun and true!"
US flag  Sandra-Bandra on Mar 27, 2017.

"Very detailed and entertainingly informative. Worth the download and the price"
US flag  Sweetkheragirl on Mar 27, 2017.

"Very happy with my reading from Carina. She showed a lot of compassion and was extremely accurate."
Beverly Blacher on Mar 26, 2017.

"Pretty accurate. Fun and easy to use. Thnx?"
CA flag  mona_23 on Mar 25, 2017.

"Love it but readings can be a bit confusing."
US flag  Good and helpful on Mar 24, 2017.

"Je trouve cette appli efficace et les explications des cartes sont supers ! Meme à travers une appli, on arrive à transmettre notre énergie :)"
FR flag  Lowdidowdi92 on Mar 23, 2017.

US flag  Yesgisyisliving on Mar 21, 2017.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"This is so much fun and it is funny how the advice helps you and is sorta spot on"
US flag  Alexapooloza on Mar 20, 2017.

"Pam was � accurate in everything that she told me and guided to make the right decision for myself in my relationship. I will definitely be using her services again in the future"
Reba Morrison on Mar 19, 2017.

"Absolutely marvelous an amazing imaculant app I recommend this worldwide. For once after countless Ap down I'm committed"
US flag  Ms2jazz4em on Mar 19, 2017.

"Best tarot app out there. I hope they integrate the Thoth deck soon!"
US flag  theevanhartman on Mar 18, 2017.

"It has taken some time to navigate the many offerings and readings.... it requires a commitment of time and I am a delighted beneficiary on a regular basis. The clarity and support that I look to the tarot for is readily accessible ... Thank you for the many beautiful decks to chose from... an aesthetic gift by itself!! Beautiful job curating such a lovely collection. I would like to see an in app purchase of small bite size eworkbooks that cover each cards meaning, one at a time or just a few together!"
US flag  total love studios on Mar 17, 2017.

"This app has been wonderfully amazing in learning about the tarot and getting to know the cards. Highly recommend this app"
US flag  iKubes on Mar 14, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Love this app"
US flag  Chrisleev on Mar 10, 2017.

"Can count on tarot to give me the answers!"
US flag  Str8ngth on Mar 09, 2017.

"i love so much this app"
US flag  Lon lone on Mar 03, 2017.

"This app is very informative, I've learned so much & I am now comfortable enough to give readings."
US flag  bee4now on Feb 27, 2017.

"Love Carina's reading. Very accurate with where I'm at in my life and she is very unlifting and comforting on how to get up on my feet again. Thank you so much Carina xxx"
Leni Les on Feb 27, 2017.

"I had an excellent reading by Carina - very accurate positive and uplifting"
Kerrie Ann on Feb 24, 2017.

"Indeed a source of mystic comfort. This app readily allows me to tap into the occult and access it for my daily life."
US flag  You'reYourGuru on Feb 22, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I donno how accurate this app is, but it's a neat little app to play with during a sleepover party lol"
CA flag  RiRi8615 on Feb 21, 2017.

"Many thanks, Shada! I appreciated your thoughtful & detailed approach! The reading was practical, affirming & encouraging! I feel much more confident in the answers already within! ��"
Swellar Jbm on Feb 21, 2017.

"My reading by Petra was excellent and spot on . I would recommend her definately . Thankyou Petra !"
Kerrie Ann on Feb 21, 2017.

"Love this app! My friend had me download it as I am new to numerology. I have learned so much about myself and the basics of numerology."
US flag  Bpinco on Feb 18, 2017.

"Thorough, kind, and almost eerily insightful reading from Carina (she touched on very specific details that I made absolutely no reference to in my original question)."
Alex Kim on Feb 17, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Thanks to it's developers. May require some search and default favorites questions selecting for frequent usage. Thanks for your effort."
IN flag  Bhimagouda on Feb 17, 2017.

"What amazes me is that when it comes to numerology, horoscopes, and the moon, the universe knows use better then ourselves and been thrown off course in our life we don't accomplish what we wanted in life."
CA flag  JennyChanSleepy on Feb 07, 2017.

"Very easy to use for anyone and it does teach you more about tarot use for those who would want to go further."
BE flag  Manetosbsfasyxbx on Feb 06, 2017.

"Very accurate! I really like the options for the different tarot cards."
US flag  LeoGoddess85 on Feb 04, 2017.

"Honestly, this is one of my favorite apps. It is very reliable with forecasting the moon signs, sun signs and dates. Also the resources it provides in numerology and intuitive tarot reading are outstanding. I'd highly recommend it!"
US flag  Ghhfsdbnj on Jan 31, 2017.

"It would be more interesting if it wasn't about $"
CA flag  Community seeker on Jan 31, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I love using this app. It's the best. I can create my own questions and answers. I did buy the upgrade its worth it."
US flag  Extrememusik 13 on Jan 25, 2017.

"Loads of options and customizations, elaborate information about each card, and numerous different spreads all make this a great app to start with."
US flag  BasementCat0986 on Jan 24, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"fun and lovely :) thanks for making this"
US flag  syntax_terr0r on Jan 24, 2017.

"The layout is easy to navigate and the info is easily understood"
US flag  bee4now on Jan 24, 2017.

"If you're just starting out with your tarot cards, this is a great app! It explains EVERYTHING you need to know!"
US flag  Ilytristen on Jan 18, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you Pascale! You answered answered questions I didn't even ask you. It helped alot!"
Thelma Rut Bagans on Jan 09, 2017.

"Really good app. Especially like that you can save your pulls and review them later to see how things/situations progressed. Love the handy card descriptions with links to popular other sites for easy comparison and further inquiry. Miss the spread overview information so you could see what each card meant and how the spread is set up before the pull. Keep the free tarot decks for download and personalization coming!"
US flag  Ayöness on Jan 07, 2017.

"I enjoy it so much"
US flag  Natalie molinaro on Jan 07, 2017.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"This is great, very comforting & spookily correct as long as you keep your head in neutral & open. Highly recommend"
GB flag  Sexysharni on Jan 04, 2017.

"Everything that the cards are saying is on point about my situation and they been a great help for me"
US flag  Nov-27 on Dec 27, 2016.

"Muy buena app"
MX flag  Guadalupehermoso0909 on Dec 27, 2016.

"Know enough of numerology but learning tarot. Really enjoy the education I'm receiving by using this app. And the predictions are fascinatingly accurate."
US flag  GeneParmesian on Dec 26, 2016.

"I use this app on the daily basis, and it never fails to keep me coming back. Some of the best options are completely free (most if not all the options are free), and every fortune is always up for interpretation (this app will never tell you EXACTLY how something is going to happen, or if something will happen)."
US flag  Literally_dresses on Dec 23, 2016.

"A great thank you Carina, you've clarified a lot of things for me, which were obvious, but somehow I didn't want to see them .... Many thanks again"
Lara Houghton on Dec 21, 2016.

"I love this app. Even when I was having a couple problems, I emailed the creator, and got a response in literally like 10 minutes, and the problem was fixed (don't save your spreads to the cloud)"
US flag  Smash1024 on Dec 19, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thanks Pascale for reading! It is not my first reading with you and always I had a feeling- you will tell things as they are. Thanks a lot for bring in clarity in my life :)"
Inga Puriņa on Dec 19, 2016.

US flag  CandidLove on Dec 17, 2016.

"I'm into numerology and tarot, so imagine my delight to see a comprehensive app that brings them together. I love how this app offers different tarot layouts according to topics you wish to discuss, and how it incorporates numerology concepts into the cards' interpretations."
US flag  dannybooyoo on Dec 16, 2016.

"Fun and educational"
US flag  Miss.Lady.M on Dec 13, 2016.

"The readings are always amazing and sooo accurate and on point. I love it, try it out! Learn something about urself!"
US flag  Adamsmcghin on Dec 07, 2016.

"I enjoy this app tremendously. Wouldn't go without it."
US flag  Nickelstyx35 on Dec 07, 2016.

"I have readings saved to review later, and I love the options to choose different spreads. There isn't much instruction, but it's pretty easy to figure out."
US flag  ChannyP on Dec 06, 2016.

"This is a great app. It has different components, tarot, numerology and within each a wide range of functions, forecasting, readings etc, it's very accurate I love it!"
GB flag  ssheridan00 on Dec 01, 2016.

"Very in depth with countless resources available with all this information. Pretty cool."
US flag  Heaven Capri on Nov 30, 2016.

"Nicely done, well written app. It does what it says and more. I spoke with a guy who's really into tarot and he says app decks aren't "real". I feel like I've had and used this app enough that I've sort of "bonded with these cards and therefore make them real. They seem to work relatively well. I've done a weekly forecast for the coming week. According to the reading, my granddaughter will be born Tuesday. I suppose that.l be the real test. I do suggest contests or ways to win a free reading with a pro from time to time...maybe give away a free reading once a month or so. That would make me give it five stars."
US flag  -feyfay- on Nov 28, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Awesome can be crazy accurate at times. But not always. It is quite fun though"
US flag  Korrieisawesome on Nov 27, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"I have had a reading from Pascal in the past as well as now and she has been very accurate. She seems to be able to see into a situation and know what is going on. Thank you Pascal for your insight and guidance."
Henriette Harris on Nov 23, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Dear Pascal, thank you for your reading. I am however confused about something. I was wondering if you could help me get more info on this."
Henriette Harris on Nov 22, 2016.

"Openness and belief are key"
AU flag  Pouts2012 on Nov 22, 2016.

AU flag  JonTsy on Nov 18, 2016.

"Easy to use. Versitile, stuff to keep your interest. I enjoy the thought provoking time I get taking time to myself with this. For me it's as close to meditation as I can get."
US flag  Myth witch on Nov 15, 2016.

"I enjoy this app and is a very good tool for learning the basics of tarot. I use the free app and added on free different kind of cards."
US flag  Denise CS on Nov 14, 2016.

"Amazing. Very well organized and lets you record and save every reading allowing you to look for trends and patterns."
US flag  Latinalover#1 on Nov 10, 2016.

"I don't know much about Tarot or numerology. That is why I downloaded this app. I love to learn and this app does a decent job at allowing me to explore these topics. It's navigation is not exactly intuitive but it's not hard to figure out either. I don't know how much I'd trust any of the predictions however, I find the images, definitions, explanations and interpretations all very interesting. This app offers a lot for being free. It does have the option of using a person for a Tarot reading session. Gives a nice biography of the individual and their specialties along with their pricing. I can't say I'm planning to use that aspect of this app but regardless it's nice to read a little more about people involved in general within this scope of beliefs."
US flag  ColieAnnie on Nov 09, 2016.

"Love it!"
CA flag  88aries88 on Nov 08, 2016.

"Every time I have asked the cards something, it is so, this is easier way to keep your decks in order too."
US flag  Fitness kitten on Nov 07, 2016.

"I actually really love this app. It makes tarot reading fun, especially the different cards I can get cheaply. I've been using this for a few years now, and I check it every day. I love that I can use the forecast for the week, and it gives me readings for the day. It's fun."
US flag  Sophie Punk on Nov 06, 2016.

"I love this app, recently it's been crashing after the last update"
US flag  Alienaphrodite on Nov 06, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Wow, wow and wow... Pascal is the real thing. Prior tarot readings I've had before were ok but quite vague. I had goose pimples all over me with this reading. Pascal not only gives a full description of each card but also explains in detail the exact meaning of how it personally relates to you and another (I did the relationship spread). The specific things metioned were so accurate that it blew me away. Only a true claircognizant would be able to have such knowledge. I gave Pascal very little information about my situation. It was as though she tapped into my soul and was living my life. I have never experienced anything like it. Thanks!"
Angie Young on Nov 05, 2016.

"As a tarot reader and numerologist I find this app wonderful. The numerology is just enough for even the first time user to get a glimpse into who they are and the energies that influence them from day to day and over their life time."
US flag  Egads66 on Nov 05, 2016.

"So for so good I will definitely recommend it"
US flag  Queen Carr on Nov 03, 2016.

"Thanks Carina, A very honest and sincere reading. I knew the outcome wasn't wonderful when i drew the cards. Also, prior to doing so my intuition was telling me excactly how i expected the reading to be. There was no real surprises with how the spread came out. Thank you,"
Angie Young on Nov 02, 2016.

"I really enjoy this app, one of the better Tarot apps I've tried."
CA flag  Bjasmine on Nov 01, 2016.

"I like this app. It's very insightful and so far the readings I've done on myself and others have been very accurate."
US flag  Dreamlandia on Nov 01, 2016.

"I downloaded several tarot apps and tried them out, this is the best app with high accuracy and decent explanation. I just wish it can teach us read the tarot cards for specific spread like "chakras" or yes and no questions which card means yes or no etc. it may be asking for too much to ask for interpretation for different type of positions "outcome" "your needs" but it would be wonderful if something can be done :p support answers my question v quickly n explains well too!"
US flag  Wabibi13 on Nov 01, 2016.

"I feel like this app is legit. Plus, I started watching YouTube videos on tarot cards for my zodiac sign, and their message is in accordance with what this app shows me. I recommend getting this app!"
US flag  rainbow93215 on Oct 31, 2016.

"Great app, many wonderful spreads to choose from. Fantastic support and explanations from full web site."
GB flag  Tonteve on Oct 31, 2016.

"My friend and I have been playing with Tarot (she takes it seriously), I am a scientist (enough said). When I am out of town, she reads her cards to me, while I play this game. It generates some great conversations..."
US flag  Kelley's Lenovo on Oct 30, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I found if you focus on your choice, you will get the correct answer"
US flag  Lrob39572 on Oct 30, 2016.

"Intrigerend motiverend reflecterend en leidend."
NL flag  Toppperzzzzzzz on Oct 30, 2016.

"Thank you Shada! I am so appreciative of your thoughtful and personal reading! I definitely feel like I have a better starting point of things to think about and decisions to be made in order to have the best outcome from my current life situation."
Sara Cruncleton on Oct 30, 2016.

"Very informative and entertaining."
US flag  VikkiVBeauty on Oct 26, 2016.

"Love making me weekly tarot forecast"
US flag  Enlzlxekal on Oct 26, 2016.

"Thank you for the reading Anita. There was absolute accuracy and clarity. You spoke to things which I had not asked about specifically yet those very things were the concerns of my heart. The reading was heartfelt and compassionate in its delivery. Thank you for sharing your gift. I will definitely be returning in the future and referring family and friends."
Dania Echols on Oct 25, 2016.

"Great reading! Shada was very thorough and took time to explain the cards and how they applied to me. She was accurate and honest. Her reading was very helpful in answering my questions."
Crystal Stevens Riley on Oct 25, 2016.

"I have been using this app for a while and I really love it. I use the daily forecast everyday and the tarot is great for specific questions. Highly recommend."
AU flag  Julzi7 on Oct 25, 2016.

"I like the use of numerology with tarot. It's interesting to choose cards from the app and then compare with cards drawn in "real-life". Helpful for people just starting out or for people who are interested in learning more about the different aspects."
US flag  dbrick on Oct 24, 2016.

"Great app"
AU flag  marinadm on Oct 23, 2016.

"Thanks Carina, your reading was quite amazing. Accurate and very sincere. It has given me clarity on why I'm feeling the way I do at the moment. Now, I asked a question in regards to my reading regarding a specific person I know. I want you to inform you that something bizarre happened today. I was approached by a man that I have never met before and he appears to be the exact man you saw and described in the first card of my reading."
Angie Young on Oct 20, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"This is a delightful and engaging app that's very easy to use and surprisingly accurate. It also includes the fascinating history of the original White Magic and provides an interesting connection of it to today's technology. Great fun!!"
US flag  Dillyworks on Oct 20, 2016.

"So far everything is easy to understand and very user friendly."
US flag  Mazdrmind zp on Oct 18, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I'm finding this all works well, unlocking the app is key, thinking about possible outcomes or answers, most def get the wheels turning up there in the noggin! And I use the sister app Tarot & Numerology which is just as fine!! Big ups!"
US flag  Sonny 138 on Oct 16, 2016.

"If you are a tarot lover, but just beginning to explore the wonderful world the tarot cards are bringing to you then this is a must have tarot. It doesn't just give you the basics, but tons of information regarding what's running on the background. A very useful tool to develop your skills and extend your knowledge! Even if you are an advanced tarot reader, I think this app will be able to assist you further. I also found the numerology really fascinating! Thank you very much for such wonderful app!"
CA flag  RiRi8615 on Oct 16, 2016.

"Love this so much ?"
US flag  Xnyd on Oct 15, 2016.

"If it wasn't for the old style design I would give it five stars."
SE flag  stesod on Oct 14, 2016.

"It's digital! That's the best part. I've done authentic Tarot deck readings for three years before I came across this app. I have been doing Tarot readings with this for weeks now and every day has been spot on. Sketched at first, but it still holds that esoteric accuracy that Tarot is known for. Numerology plays in perfect tune with each day. This app makes Tarot easy to understand and gives numerology a great background understanding, regarding specific person(s). Try it out. You will reap the benefits, find affirmation and ALWAYS find even more meaning in life because of the illumination this app provides, straight from your pocket."
US flag  Noahnaitor on Oct 10, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"This is a fun app"
US flag  Cirsey on Oct 08, 2016.

"Does Tarot like no other App & has a complimentary website you can sync your spreads with if you want a desktop view. Now offers the Tarot Royale deck by Ciro Marchetti, I do hope they add the rest of his amazing decks soon!"
GB flag  Seoras on Oct 06, 2016.

"Best app there is around. Highly recommended. Can't do without it."
AU flag  Captain StarBuster on Oct 06, 2016.

"This app is fantastic! Whether it's you read Tarot, Lenormand or Oracles, this app has you covered - with several deck options from which to choose. And, if your own interpretation isn't cutting it, they have readers who can read for you. You can learn the cards via the card meanings. Plus, the app developer is super responsive. I love that you can pick your cards from the entire deck versus relying on a "shuffle.""
US flag  Dillyworks on Oct 06, 2016.

"This app is amazing! Everything you could possibly need is here. Just get it!"
AU flag  Patchouliism on Oct 06, 2016.

"This app is fantastic! Whether it's you read Tarot, Lenormand or Oracles, this app has you covered - with several deck options from which to choose. And, if your own interpretation isn't cutting it, they have readers who can read for you. You can learn the cards via the card meanings. Plus, the app developer is super responsive. I love that you can pick your cards from the entire deck versus relying on a "shuffle.""
US flag  Dillyworks on Oct 05, 2016.

"Simple to use and very useful and informative."
CA flag  kevinscottbrown on Oct 05, 2016.

"Excellent App for accurate and supportive Tarot Card readings. You can even ask follow up questions for no extra charge. Quick response time to reading requests and reasonable prices for alot of helpful information. Talented readers who are the real deal - compassionate and informative."
CA flag  BlueMoon1777 on Oct 05, 2016.

"So much goodness in one place. Great integrity & sensitivity to a soul searching art"
GB flag  Manukamama on Oct 02, 2016.

"This is a Professional Tarot App for those who take Tarot seriously."
GB flag  Seoras on Oct 02, 2016.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"Good app"
US flag  Bush broke on Oct 01, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Quaint little App combing old with new. Lovely answers written with much sensitivity. One of my all time favourite Apps!"
GB flag  Manukamama on Oct 01, 2016.

"Pam is Amazing! I have used her several times and she is always accurate and is able to guide me in the right direction. I would recommend her to anyone that needs clarity with a situation. Thanks again Pam!"
Crystal Stevens Riley on Sep 29, 2016.

"I had been looking for a Tarot app with detailed explanations and a variety of spreads and this app is just what I'd been looking for. It also gives Numerology info and forecasts, including the sun and moon signs of the day. I highly recommend it!"
US flag  TarotAppUser on Sep 26, 2016.

"If it wasn't for the old-feel design I would give it five stars. Otherwise it's packed with good stuff."
SE flag  stesod on Sep 26, 2016.

"So many functions and so much information contained in this app. I love all the choices within both the numerology and tarot sections, and the links to reputable websites like Biddy Tarot (who has a great podcast, BTW). I haven't used his extensively yet but it has been absolutely spot on when I used it to hone my intuition about my current situations. Many thanks to the developer(s)!! ❤️"
US flag  Loves2Think&Laugh on Sep 23, 2016.

"Good app!"
US flag  lizabethjo17 on Sep 21, 2016.

"I love this app ! I looked back on past readings n was amazed at some of the accuracy of things I didn't consider at the time of reading"
US flag  There's only 1 Chiquita on Sep 21, 2016.

"This app is golden. Beautiful extra decks, flawless information.. Thank you it's changed my life."
US flag  yerbad on Sep 20, 2016.

"Professional Tarot App for the serious Tarot user."
GB flag  Seoras on Sep 20, 2016.

"Easy to use and explains cards well"
GB flag  Cianneg on Sep 20, 2016.

"I am enjoying this app. I am learning a lot about the tarot."
US flag  Maui girl forever on Sep 18, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Martha

"Martha is the most accurate and gifted reader I've experienced. She takes the time to go above and beyond what is required of her - she has a gift and uses it to its fullest extent. She is truly wonderful!"
Romy-Michelle Unger on Sep 18, 2016.

"This app is fun and has great depth you can choose your favorite card deck. Great tarot app!!"
US flag  Korrieisawesome on Sep 17, 2016.

"Thank you Kimba, your reading was spot on and the advice you gave so very helpful. Thank you for helping me see the situation in a different light."
Debbie Williams Harris on Sep 17, 2016.

"very helpful reading, she helped clarify my situation and took time to do a little teaching along the way about interpreting the cards in general. I would definitely recomend her to friends."
Debbie Williams Harris on Sep 17, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"I had Pascal do this reading for me at the begining of the year and it has been interesting looking back at the cards and how she read them for me. She picked up on many aspects that werent there initially but unfolded as the year moved on. I appreciate her insight and would recomend her to others."
Debbie Williams Harris on Sep 17, 2016.

US flag  Hyyghftyfyyff on Sep 16, 2016.

"Hands down best divination app I have ever used and it's free of course there is in app purchases but I have everything I need for free"
US flag  Psychonautix on Sep 15, 2016.

"I don't find if difficult. I like the personal day feature."
US flag  Hotpsyche on Sep 13, 2016.

"The best tarot app I've had!!! ??✨????"
US flag  Magic_Woman on Sep 12, 2016.

"Good app, helpful in teaching basic things about tarot. Hard to navigate and get around, but I really like the forecasting tools."
US flag  Anmig on Sep 11, 2016.

"Kimba offered an extremely accurate and thorough reading to me. I already had a pretty good idea to the answers to my questions so her validation was extremely helpful. Even the words used in my reading resonated with me. It was like I was reading something I wrote to myself. Interesting...Her advice to me, which I asked for, was written with kindness and compassion. Now I see that Kimba is a numerologist also which is very interesting to me."
Shirley Stricker on Sep 09, 2016.

"Been using this App for a few years now & it's just keeps getting better all the time. Jam packed full of goodness."
GB flag  Seoras on Sep 07, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by May

"An excellent, beautiful, derailed reading. Highly recommended."
Pam Hester on Sep 06, 2016.

"The best tarot app."
US flag  Djinfamouz on Sep 06, 2016.

"I began my journey seeking guidance through Numerology. After discovering the direction my life path was headed, I knew I had a lot of spiritual healing that was necessary to stay in the right direction. I wasn't exactly sure how to begin the healing and was seeking more guidance. I found comfort in my first Tarot reading using the app. My advice is if you're just beginning your journey, it's normal to be eager and want to know more. Don't be surprised if your intuition reminds you of what you're really seeking. Take a break and come back fully aware of what Tarot has to offer. Patience and wanting to fulfill your inner most desires will become so clear."
US flag  NewRealizations on Sep 06, 2016.

"Matches other numerology and is always on point"
CA flag  Renaraves on Sep 05, 2016.

"Love it"
US flag  Nono 222 on Sep 04, 2016.

"This is a very interesting app . I understand tarot and the card meanings very well, and have learned more from the app . It would be cool if there was more information about astrology. As in going into details about the meaning of the moon phases, and meanings of the sun and moon entering into the particular signs."
US flag  Sunblazed on Sep 04, 2016.

"I enjoy fooling around with the app"
US flag  Dorindamcdougald on Sep 04, 2016.

"I love this app so much! I use it daily to check on my daily card reading and numerology day number. It has given me a lot of insight into the way I live and where I am heading. I highly recommend ?"
GB flag  Lotstar1 on Sep 04, 2016.

"Been using this App for a few years now & it's just keeps getting better all the time. Jam packed full of goodness."
GB flag  Seoras on Aug 31, 2016.

"Very cool learned a lot about tarot and use it a lot and forecasting a lot"
US flag  Vibgthdrjvf on Aug 30, 2016.

"Awesome app and accurate. I use it daily"
US flag  Ticky0505 on Aug 29, 2016.

"Bra app där man själv väljer korten, men tolkningarna behandlar inte mer än det allmänna, så man får söka andra källor för mer specifika frågor"
SE flag  AnnaMilla! on Aug 24, 2016.

"Accurate love the forecasting and widget. Also helping me learn tarot"
US flag  Keylo1981 on Aug 20, 2016.

"So much goodness in one place. Great integrity & sensitivity!"
GB flag  Manukamama on Aug 17, 2016.

"Love it!"
CA flag  88aries88 on Aug 17, 2016.

"My reading was extremely insightful, and honest. Carin's interpretation of the cards helped to give me clarity and some guidiance as to handle my present situation. She even asked for me to send her additional information so that she could look further into my reading and find deeper meaning. Overall, I am very pleased."
Morgan Perez on Aug 17, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I love this"
US flag  Brat Aries on Aug 13, 2016.

"Been using this App for a few years now & it's just keeps getting better all the time. Jam packed full of goodness."
GB flag  Seoras on Aug 13, 2016.

"A great divinatory tool"
US flag  Tiadvizi on Aug 12, 2016.

"Best and ultimate pack for beginners and advanced users"
US flag  Tsunami Scroll on Aug 11, 2016.

"If your looking to learn about spreads or card meanings etc this app is amazing. The have the original tarot definitions from the deck creators and the best sites linked for card interpretations. All with a unique spin so you can intuitively learn the card meanings and conclude what combination of the spread is saying. Lots of spread variety and the "create your own" option is quite helpful if you want to make one of your own or to try others not listed. I love this app!"
US flag  hh610 on Aug 10, 2016.

"I use it every day and it seems pretty on top of actual events."
CA flag  Snowfunj on Aug 09, 2016.

US flag  Iamagooch on Aug 09, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Great tool, no problems with other apps, diverse selection of questions with excellent cross reference in isolating situations objective ly"
US flag  Jim_Shoup on Aug 07, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Easy to use"
US flag  Blazenky on Aug 07, 2016.

"App is really good, helpful tips on how to use each section. Easy to use."
GB flag  Unknown-14 on Aug 03, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascal responded quickly and provided extremely insightful, informative and detailed feedback to the specifics issues I needed addressed with a very compassionate and knowledgeable approach. Her interpretations are in the appropriate immediate context and you won't be left wanting. She's awesome!!!"
Alisha Beverly on Jul 31, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by May

"May gave me a detailed and very thorough reading using only 4 cards. Her comments were very insightful and accurate when discussing my question and made me consider some new and different aspects about my relationships. Her report was detailed and informative and was clearly written. I would recommend a reading with May."
Elspeth Mackie on Jul 30, 2016.

"Great app at times the weekly forecast card for each day does not show up and you have to close app in order for it to show up again"
US flag  ElPatoSTX on Jul 30, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Martha

"Martha gave such a detailed and precise reading using only 4 cards. She answered a question I hadn't even thought about asking. She then gave me a follow-up on that unexpected development which came up after I had received her reading. She put my mind at ease and gave me solid advice that I will use. She's talented and there's no vague references. This is by far one of the best and most timely readings I have ever had. I highly recommend her."
Kalua Lauber on Jul 30, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Martha

"Wonderful reading with lots of specific information as related to me"
Sara Tomanio on Jul 29, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Martha

"Fast and accurate"
Sara Tomanio on Jul 29, 2016.

"This app is pretty amazing. It's as good as when I do readings with my deck. Ive only really used it for myself, but I've had amazing results so far. I love he forecast features, and use them the most. They've fixed a few bugs that make it even more amazing. I highly recommend this app to anyone in search of learning about Tarot."
US flag  RMJones92 on Jul 28, 2016.

"-I love this app and use it daily. Has many features, is easy to use and understand, and has thorough explanations for everything. It's great that it integrates numerology into the tarot, as well as current planetary alignments and moon phase to pull everything into perspective. -Functionality is simple and easy to use. If I may recall, it has not really crashed on me while using. - I love the forecasting features using the tarot and also love the many options of readings you can choose from. Live reads from readers are available for purchase as an option to expand on your self readings. I particularly like this aspect because other apps really limit what you can do for free within it, and often force you to make in-app purchases to really do anything with the app itself. This is a great app if you want to become familiarized with learning tarot and numerology on your own. -Another great feature of this app is the thorough explanations of the cards, both from the developer, as well as the Rider-Waite pictorial explanation as it was intended. In addition, there are links associated with each card leading you to other websites for free for additional explanations on each card. Two thumbs up!"
US flag  Bobskihiska on Jul 28, 2016.

"Good App"
US flag  Tata_Heyoka_Gallo on Jul 26, 2016.

"Loving this app! The selection of spreads is great and I love that it saves your most drawn card. Better than a lot of others I've tried."
AU flag  Jaiden+jacinta on Jul 25, 2016.

"Thank you Anita! Your reading was thoughtful, accurate and really resonated with me. I would really look forward to having you read for me again. It was a pleasure."
JoAnne Maggio Panettiere on Jul 21, 2016.

US flag  Iamagooch on Jul 21, 2016.

"The best! I loved."
US flag  Monica Pires on Jul 20, 2016.

"Kimba is true gifted! Her readings were so accurate love last time and today I has a new one. She is just so right on spot just like I tell her my situation. Amazing reader and guidance"
Vivie Cong on Jul 20, 2016.

"This app is comprehensive and easy to navigate. I use it everyday, the daily forecasts are my favorite part."
US flag  HLG713 on Jul 20, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you so much for your readings! You are so amazing"
Tu Quynh on Jul 18, 2016.

"I use every day but it freezes on forecast."
US flag  smashlips on Jul 18, 2016.

"Being a , qualified, specialised and practising tarot reader, I adore the fact you can carry the meanings of the cards on your phone. It's cute, clever and the newest craze!"
GB flag  DeaignerPoet on Jul 18, 2016.

"This is a reliable app. I look forward to my forecasts and make sure I pay attention to its suggestions."
US flag  Mom4d1 on Jul 18, 2016.

"Best tarot app around. Has assisted me through more than one situation. Never doubt the cards. Everything will come to pass in some way or another."
US flag  Joahnabejanabd on Jul 18, 2016.

"Best app ever for tarot lovers,simply wonderful!"
IT flag  Alvix71 on Jul 16, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Todd

"Todd is amazing reader! I am totally admired his insights! He is so right on and so accurate! I had Palm reading combine with Leomand! You should give him a shot and will be amaze by his reading Thank you so much for your caring and generous! God gifts you to us."
Tu Quynh on Jul 16, 2016.

"Amazing reader that her predicted last time so right . I came back today for more! Must try her you will love her! Thank you Tracy so much"
Tu Quynh on Jul 15, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Every questioned I've asked is answered with detail and is completely accurate as to my situation and/or person. Unbelievable!"
US flag  Butterflies gold on Jul 11, 2016.

"I'm finding this app very insightful. I receive a daily reading of cards I preselect for the week ahead. Great app !"
AU flag  Kathy-Jane on Jul 11, 2016.

"Really useful, nice interface, well done :)"
GB flag  Bgt1981 on Jul 10, 2016.

"I had just a short reading with Kimba, but it was lovely. I look forward to having a longer reading with her in the near future."
Pam Hester on Jul 08, 2016.

"Sometime this app is very accurate"
US flag  Siculacerise on Jun 27, 2016.

"Has no one else had problems with this app crashing when opening the "Forecast" portion? This is my favorite app - hope it is fixed soon!"
US flag  CharlotteHall on Jun 25, 2016.

"It's truly spot on!!! My tarot forecasts have been sooo accurate!!!"
CA flag  LivS23 on Jun 23, 2016.

"Who'd have thought that an App could predict future events? The event timing feature is scarily accurate. Even when asking "how many minutes until...?". It got it right exactly to the minute. There's something very profound about this software."
GB flag  Rory'sMum on Jun 22, 2016.

"This app is really good, and if used correctly can be just as good as dealing a actual tarot deck."
CA flag  SnowWhiteQueen99 on Jun 21, 2016.

"Informational and fun to read"
US flag  Brittany awesome pants on Jun 20, 2016.

"This has made it much easier for me as I wasn't able to get physical tarot cards. Having the ability to quickly address a situation right in my pocket has aided me much and shed light on more than one situation."
US flag  Darneo on Jun 19, 2016.

"I love having a guide to how my day will pan out. The daily cards give me a direction I want to focus my energy on."
US flag  JAck'sFrieND on Jun 17, 2016.

"I freaking love, appreciate, and adore this app! Very accurate"
US flag  PaytonVar on Jun 16, 2016.

"I've been into numerology for a while now and I have to say this app is a blessing , so many features , so accurate , so much time saved ??????"
US flag  Universescifi on Jun 16, 2016.

"Love this app! Been using it for a year, really easy to operate. I get daily tarot card forecasts and they ate incredibly accurate! Xx?"
GB flag  Rexanneg123 on Jun 15, 2016.

"Great easy to use I would :-)"
GB flag  pieterv001t on Jun 14, 2016.

"This App has been written with great integrity & sensitivity to any individuals higher needs & purpose"
GB flag  Manukamama on Jun 13, 2016.

"Been using this App for a few years now & it's just keeps getting better all the time. Jam packed full of goodness."
GB flag  Seoras on Jun 12, 2016.

"Was very encouraged by your reading. Helped give me the confidence to really listen to my intuition."
Alyssa Renard on Jun 10, 2016.

"Great tool to gain insights"
US flag  Jay UttersIO on Jun 09, 2016.

"It's hard to believe that an App this good is entirely free! I'm tempted to try a tarot reading from one of their psychics just to give something back its so well deserved."
GB flag  Manukamama on Jun 07, 2016.

"This is the best Tarot App I've used . You can lose yourself in it's detailed decks, explanations, articles & insights. Seems to get new features & updates every month which means it keeps getting better all the time! Nice work, keep it up!"
GB flag  Seoras on Jun 07, 2016.

"Amazing learnt a lot about it and enjoyed my reading xxx"
GB flag  Rupal patekh on Jun 06, 2016.

"This app is slick looking and has everything I need."
CA flag  diezyn on Jun 06, 2016.

"One of the best apps for tarot I've ever used"
US flag  Brandon_llenroc on Jun 05, 2016.

"Really great! And a very fast and friendly support."
DE flag  kirk.kreutz on Jun 04, 2016.

"Awesome app. Always right on."
US flag  Alyssiakayti101710 on Jun 01, 2016.

"It's a great app and keeps getting better over time as they add more stuff to it."
US flag  Loribinca on Jun 01, 2016.

"I check this app daily without's simple, straightforward and really just gives me everything I need in one place. I dig pulling my daily tarot, numbers, moon cycles and the list goes on! I've seriously enjoyed this app for years and encourage anyone curious to try it out. Enjoy ?"
US flag  Ccaiden on May 28, 2016.

"Use this app everyday love it"
US flag  Buckalittle on May 28, 2016.

"This is the best application I have ever seen with so many spreads and predictions. Plus the data that it organizes makes it very useful in noticing trends. Also the numerology is extensive"
US flag  MzKitten on May 28, 2016.

"Tried it once and fell in love. The readings you get are very insightful and entertaining. If I were you I download this app asap. Go what are you waiting for? Just do it. Why not?"
US flag  Dogg.penny on May 27, 2016.

"I've been learning to read cards since I've always had the urge to learn and has been a great tool in order for me to learn the basics and build my skills. I am very pleased thank you for the developers of this app as well as the organization responsible!"
US flag  Exreddragon on May 24, 2016.

"Helpful to learn cards, info and to just have as a pocket deck with reference anywhere! This is helping me get back into tarot and even helped me get a grasp on numerology, which I hadn't understood very well before. Thanks devs!"
US flag  Bloodraven luna 3333 on May 24, 2016.

"A very good app, to get a better insight in questions."
NL flag  Lymori on May 23, 2016.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"There is a lot of truth in these old beliefs."
AU flag  Maia66 34 on May 22, 2016.

"Follow me @amaelisrael ? YEEZY 2020"
US flag  goldtoothdoctor on May 22, 2016.

"I know numerology and am a medium. This app is awesome and very easy to understand. ?"
US flag  I'mAMediumNice2MeetYou84 on May 19, 2016.

"This app gives great insight on my own way of thinking, perceived."
US flag  Doggy penny on May 18, 2016.

"Tracy is the best! She is so passionate and giving the best best insight for me. She is so tune in with my situation. I'm so grateful to her reading"
Vivie Cong on May 16, 2016.

"Petra is not only a wonderful Reader. She is a beautiful person in the way she handles everything she reads to you. She is like a mentor, friend, very sweet person. I highly recommend her. She will guide you and teach you with patience. I'm very far away I think and I can feel her presence very close supporting me in a real way like a sister, family. She has mainly the gift of love, that makes a difference in everything."
Gloria Rogers on May 16, 2016.

"Easy to use and has good explanations"
US flag  Pixie gypsy 75 on May 13, 2016.

"absolutely fantastic and really spot on recommend it to anyone"
GB flag  Funky RUMPY on May 12, 2016.

"This has to be my favorite app I have found for Tarot readings so far!! :)"
US flag  ToxicKandy666 on May 10, 2016.

"Very flexible, lots of spreads and I like the mix of numerology, astrology and tarot info."
US flag  BesfordE2 on May 07, 2016.

"Love this app- lots of great info all in one place"
US flag  EmeraldValkyrie on May 06, 2016.

"I really love this app. Very helpful"
US flag  DarkThornWolf on May 06, 2016.

"Download it. You won't regret it."
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"I like it!"
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"Very useful and mobile."
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"This app is amazing it gives my insight on a lot of things...I definitely trust it"
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"Great stuff. Love it."
GB flag  shrnbissette on May 03, 2016.

"Love it. Simple and good"
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"Great stuff. Love it."
GB flag  shrnbissette on May 02, 2016.

"100 stars if I could!! LOVE this! Numerology, tarot and forecasting. Every part is very informative and easy to use!"
US flag  Life-Adventurer on May 01, 2016.

"I love this app! It needs a bit of grammatical updating, but other than that it's awesome!"
US flag  eternal.enigma on May 01, 2016.

"Download it. You won't regret it."
US flag  Ckilleya on May 01, 2016.

"A very detailed tarot and numerology app."
GB flag  Guthaz777 on May 01, 2016.

"The most awesome app!"
US flag  stanandlena on May 01, 2016.

"This is a very interesting app . I understand tarot and the card meanings very well, and have learned more with this app . Wish that reversals would show up in the card of the day, week, and month. Also, it would be cool if it talked more about astrology. As in going into detail about the meaning of the moon phases, and meanings of the sun and moon entering into the signs."
US flag  Sunblazed on May 01, 2016.

"I am a Tarot reader and I use this app for my personal daily draws. I am a fan. It is an accurate, educational app and quite easy and fun to use."
US flag  Shinshige on May 01, 2016.

"To keep yourself in check. Get it!"
US flag  numb3r1dad on May 01, 2016.

"I read tarot cards also and this app is dead on when I ask a question with my tarot cards I get the same cards and same answer from this app it's truly unbelievable!!!"
CA flag  Psychicmia on May 01, 2016.

"Really insightful!"
US flag  Nosense13 on May 01, 2016.

"Good information regarding your star sign and numerology. :)"
GB flag  Efefemn on May 01, 2016.

"Surprisingly detailed and informative. A great depth of interpretation in the Tarot. Based on a website so it is not just an isolated app.."
AU flag  Kheyala on May 01, 2016.

"The results surprised me :)"
AU flag  Legendofthefall on May 01, 2016.

"Love this app! :) my new goto for everyday use & guidance, thank you!"
AU flag  ShariBrown on May 01, 2016.

"Very comprehensive ."
AU flag  Gofam on May 01, 2016.

"Love this app! Highly recommend! It's a great little app to keep handy! That packs a huge punch full of information! I am going to use it for my business. I work in MLM and numerology helps you to understand people from a more in depth view so you know just what to offer them! This app is so awesome!"
US flag  Kageamayasan on May 01, 2016.

"Godt !"
DK flag  JAH75R on May 01, 2016.

"This app is incredible in the sense that it knows exactly the timing of events and the best possible path (if asked the right way.) Check out the event forecasting feature in the forecasting section, it has literally timed events precisely for me, like to the exact second. I haven't tried a paid reading yet but when I have a large life problem to solve I will be trying out these services."
US flag  Thrive123 on May 01, 2016.

"Awesome, spot on, excellent and will keep app forever ?"
GB flag  xxxkarolinaxxx on May 01, 2016.

"Great app.. Very comprehensive in its content & good fun too. An all in one app of forecasting & divination"
AU flag  MsPussycat on May 01, 2016.

"i enjoy these daily readings"
GB flag  debsidas on May 01, 2016.

"This app is really good it is also full of amazing facts and insights if I had to find a fault the readers are a bit pricy for me"
GB flag  A sim city user on May 01, 2016.

"O my god. I love this app so much, it's accurate and easy to use. The features are perfect and best of all free :')"
GB flag  LlamaChild on May 01, 2016.

"Great app! Easy to use, scarily accurate. Enjoying using this a lot. Thank you! **any chance of being able to store more than one profile at a time enabling multiple readings easily?"
GB flag  Moron7 on May 01, 2016.

"This app is amazing, its spot on most of time. Enjoy readers"
GB flag  Sage *** on May 01, 2016.

"Love this app! Use it every day ?"
GB flag  Tillymintvic on May 01, 2016.

"Amazingly kind to make an app to share with people who are keen to learn :-) and not charge :-) full of information and a fun app. Thank"
GB flag  Happybirdjo on May 01, 2016.

"Fantastic app I am quite knowledgeable in the tarot industry never fault this app always right"
GB flag  Kel-robbo on May 01, 2016.

"Tarot Cards and numerology mix. Great readings. Statistics highlighting repeating cards over time showing maybe a theme in a period of time. Diff cards to choose. Its what suits u. Have fun with this one"
AU flag  DooAs on May 01, 2016.

"Great app! decks featured are beautiful and readings are really informative. I love it"
AU flag  Waysezza on May 01, 2016.

"I've bee reading tarot for over ten years and this site is excellent - very impressive and well conceived. The readings are insightful and sensitive."
GB flag  Gingerar on May 01, 2016.

"Cards are spot on each and every time. I love this app. Highly recommended."
AU flag  Delightfully Turkish on May 01, 2016.

"Insightful, nice app. I'd recommend it. :)"
CA flag  Xmitch4568 on May 01, 2016.

"So many features are free but it's great so I'm thinking of paying for extras."
AU flag  Bjcbcjbcj on May 01, 2016.

"Check daily for day to day numerology and even daily tarot. Thanks to whomever created this. Love it"
AU flag  Lolitalovefox on May 01, 2016.

"The most complete numerology and tarot app I've seen. Very happy with every interpretation so far."
CA flag  Tyuup on May 01, 2016.

"Easy to use, like the choices. The tarot is definitely in tune with my feelings and emotions. I like the web links to help further understand the cards."
AU flag  Tmg1003 on May 01, 2016.

"I had my cards read a year ago and it was very accurate so I thought I'd try this app to see if results was similar, and it's kinda scary yet good that the results are! I use this for guidance and reassurance! Great app if you let intuition guide u picking your cards?"
US flag  Body_Secret_Wraps (Instagram) on May 01, 2016.

"Love this app. Is really helping me to learn tarot and numerology"
AU flag  muppyawake on May 01, 2016.

"Has everything you need"
AU flag  Snosrap Nimajneb on May 01, 2016.

"A very good app, explanations of meanings are both easy to understand and detailed. Very happy with this app. I refer to it on a monthly basis."
AU flag  Chachinna on May 01, 2016.

"You can do heaps with this app! Love the numerology and daily forecast features."
AU flag  kuribo84 on May 01, 2016.

"It's a great app!"
AU flag  Addicted to aerobics on May 01, 2016.

"Very comprehensive numerology overview and great tarot capabilities- I've used a lot of these apps- and have to say this one contains the best content I've read so far, 5 stars :)"
AU flag  Mapprisa on May 01, 2016.

"Oh so accurate! and a fantastic tool for anyone interested in tarot and numerology. Can anyone tell me how to, if possible, enact reverse cards?"
AU flag  Rox 95A on May 01, 2016.

"I love that this app can tell me where the sun and moon are (planetary influences)! Huge fan of this app! Plenty of different readings and ways to utilize."
AU flag  Special skips on May 01, 2016.

"Comprehensive - easy to use - interesting - I highly recommend it."
AU flag  CCF_¥€£ on May 01, 2016.

"The set of tarot connects with me somehow. I love the many types of spread you can choose from!"
GB flag  Telvita on May 01, 2016.

"Lots of fun, so interesting well thought out app"
AU flag  Grocery girl on May 01, 2016.

"This app is a really comprehensive look at tarot numerology and calculates daily/weekly/monthly predictions."
AU flag  Sergeboi on May 01, 2016.

"Very accurate tarot , nice!"
GB flag  Arionvj on May 01, 2016.

"Like other reviewers I've been using the app for a while. If tarot is your thing (reader or non reader) there is no better app in the store....easy to use, exceptional value for money, excellent support boy in terms of app development and follow up from readers; and, as others have said, highly accurate if you pick the right reader for your question/ situation. All I'll say is give Rebekah, Anu or kimba a try and you'll see what I readers on the site imho."
GB flag  V Satisfied customer on May 01, 2016.

"This app is really awesome giving detailed information about tarot cards.must download it."
IN flag  Jaishree sahu on May 01, 2016.

"I honestly could not recommend this app highly enough, especially with the addition of the Tarot de Marseille and the ability to add your own decks in. Everything is incredibly accurate. I haven't used the readers from the app, but just from working through everything on my own, beyond perfect."
US flag  RMJones92 on May 01, 2016.

"An awesome app and it's totally free - you can also create your own deck ??"
GB flag  mresolved on May 01, 2016.

"This is better than those tarot readers in Blackpool!! I just can't believe how accurate it is, I love this & it's free! I won't be going to any tarot readers & paying a fortune. This has to have full stars & well done to the developers who made this. Good job ????????"
GB flag  Mich N wayney on May 01, 2016.

"Should try really good"
GB flag  Best I've tried on May 01, 2016.

"Great app, loads of good info ?"
GB flag  Debs1363 on May 01, 2016.

"A great app for a learner like me. I am able to browse all the cards and slowly learn them one by one. The spreads are set up well and allow you to shuffle the deck and pick you cards, allowing for using your free will over arbitrary selection for you. I think this is a great tool for both divination and gaining a better understanding of the tarot. The numerology section does bring up discrepancies vs. other forms of numerology I've done on myself and others, so a little more background on which form is being used and the variances that exist would be really useful. That being said, this is 100% 5 stars for being the best app of it's kind."
GB flag  5000ptsabcdefghijklmnop on May 01, 2016.

"Accurate, simple, intuitive, worth downloading."
GB flag  Chalo chalo on May 01, 2016.

"Bastante acertada!"
MX flag  Amy Tamez on May 01, 2016.

"Very Good App???"
GB flag  Rankingtwiggy on May 01, 2016.

"Fab app"
GB flag  Tmlei on May 01, 2016.

"Brilliant app and the only app I've used that actually seems to have considered users in its design."
GB flag  Hawksg on May 01, 2016.

"best app I've found so far,"
GB flag  kiisromeo on May 01, 2016.

"So far so good"
GB flag  P-bear! on May 01, 2016.

"Love this app, so much you can do on it. It saves your readings too. Lots of choices, from spreads to cards, from tarot to numerology. Fantastic all around, there isn't anything I don't like."
GB flag  Sexysharni on May 01, 2016.

"Love the daily tarot and horoscopes."
GB flag  Eils264 on May 01, 2016.

"I love the range this app has. You can save readings."
SE flag  Verart303 on May 01, 2016.

"This is a great tarot app...lots of options and feedback is great!"
US flag  JC1977JC on May 01, 2016.

"Best native app for Tarot available, Just love it!"
GB flag  bobbyminou on May 01, 2016.

"What a brill little app!!!!"
GB flag  Anjum on May 01, 2016.

"Help! I was wondering what you were referring to when you say card guide? Where do I find this? Also, when swiping left or right to switch between variations of the card - the description doesn't change. What am I missing?"
US flag  Urbanherbalist on May 01, 2016.

"Use it daily & when I need guidance, so accurate it's unreal!!"
GB flag  KIRSDRIK92 on May 01, 2016.

"Does Tarot like no other App & has a complimentary website you can sync your spreads with if you want a desktop view. Now offers the Tarot Royale deck by Ciro Marchetti, I do hope they add the rest of his amazing decks soon!"
GB flag  Seoras on May 01, 2016.

"Super App"
AT flag  GreGeorg on May 01, 2016.

"This app is full of features and offers a great deal and it is FREE. Anyone interested in numerology, astrology, tarot or moon phases will not be disappointed with this App. Well done to the developers."
GB flag  LeenaIvy on May 01, 2016.

"Dear, readers For 30 years I have used cards and other things to learn and self development. The program app I have found very good and would like to say please tell your friends. And give this tarot card app 5⭐️ Cards are tool to help you develop. I like to have a card program with me on my phone makes things lighter and easier. No matter whether it's rider wait ,Alistair Crowley, or golden Dawn cards or others . This App is very good."
GB flag  Mc nibus on May 01, 2016.

"De rammer plet"
DK flag  Teleslyng on May 01, 2016.

"Best app to give a full description about your numerology and also comes with many tarot spreads! Best to choose this one"
NL flag  Von drub on May 01, 2016.

"Love it! Take a peek Every day for a forcast."
NL flag  Tarot4 life on May 01, 2016.

"If you are interested in nummerology this is a great app!! It is very correct and very helpful."
NL flag  Dyami020 on May 01, 2016.

"A great app !!"
US flag  Seacastaway on May 01, 2016.

"Great app!"
MX flag  9mago777 on May 01, 2016.

"This app is very useful for beginners and experienced people with tarot!"
AT flag  htmlwitch on May 01, 2016.

"Good app. Works well. Thank you."
GB flag  njg101 on May 01, 2016.

"Excellente appli gratuite, avec tirage du tarot de Marseille complet."
FR flag  Leilasarah on May 01, 2016.

"It's really good app"
IT flag  Lavanga67 on May 01, 2016.

"It's hard to believe that an App this good is entirely free! I'm tempted to try a tarot reading from one of their psychics just to give something back its so well deserved."
GB flag  Manukamama on May 01, 2016.

"Enjoy it very much, also has a very comprehensive explanation of each tarot card, which is great for a beginner to start to learn about tarot :)"
GB flag  Limonauta on May 01, 2016.

"Excellent❗️ App❗️ Worth Downloading ✔️ And Just Like It Predicted ? We Got Back Together ?"
GB flag  iSpeeding on May 01, 2016.

"I've tried a few apps over the years. This one is incredibly amazing!!! Both tarot & numerology have given me astonishing insights that are spookily fitting. Enjoying this app immensely. Unbelievable it's for free! Thanks :)"
GB flag  Kollkowski on May 01, 2016.

"Amazing app, so informative and generous! Thank you ?✨"
GB flag  Boo_louise on May 01, 2016.

"This is the best Tarot App I've used . You can lose yourself in it's detailed decks, explanations, articles & insights. Seems to get new features & updates every month which means it keeps getting better all the time! Nice work, keep it up!"
GB flag  Seoras on May 01, 2016.

"Great selection of modern & classic tarot decks. I the Golden age of Hollywood deck is gorgeous, I love the symbolism & the vibrant colours."
AU flag  Opshopaholic on May 01, 2016.

"Best one out there"
AU flag  Jakeeeeooo8 on May 01, 2016.

"Love the app"
IN flag  SubuhiS on May 01, 2016.

"This is the best app I've used in a while for future telling and I'm in love"
US flag  Angieglasser on May 01, 2016.

"If you're just starting out with your tarot cards, this is a great app! It explains EVERYTHING you need to know!"
US flag  Ilytristen on May 01, 2016.

"Love this app! It has helped me a great deal! Very accurate!"
US flag  Becuzimabarron on May 01, 2016.

"From doing a little numerology myself l can say these calculations are right on. I like to use this app as a calculator so I can do friends readings faster. I only wish it offered more info but considering it is free I can't complain."
US flag  Nora in SD on May 01, 2016.

"A lot of fun!"
US flag  Nice4rst on May 01, 2016.

"I like this app a lot it is really fun albeit a little confusing to start using. Once you figure it out it is pretty addicting. After you pull a spread and interpret it for yourself it is difficult to figure out how to get back to the main menu. Dev might want to consider a more intuitive way of exiting this screen (just press the "i" in the lower right corner and either save or discard the card spread, and you will be returned to the menu)."
US flag  Tester for life on May 01, 2016.

"Very intuitive and helpful with all the tips and explanations if everything so readily available"
US flag  Joebobthorton on May 01, 2016.

"The best app ❤️❤️❤️"
US flag  Sammy shade on May 01, 2016.

"I works great."
CA flag  BenYVR on May 01, 2016.

"Great app that I'm using over years. For me tarot cards, primarily serve as a tool to develop the ability to hear my subconscious and feel this world through more sources than through the five senses I'm using in my everyday life. They allow you to see where you now and what transformations you need to be a better you. Once everyone would acknowledge this, there would be less disappointment but acceptance that every change and discomfort are for the better. Aquatic Tarot deck is my favourite on here, though Tarot Royal by Ciro Marchelli and the BirdQueen Tarot by Gretchen Diehl both look fantastic!"
US flag  Marmalady_ on May 01, 2016.

"I'm surprised by all the available options, and it's free!"
US flag  CharlotteHall on May 01, 2016.

"I think this app is fun, but & it has proven to be pretty accurate. I like having the option to have your cards read, but I feel that option is too expensive & using credits does not seem possible. Several misspellings which makes the app seem less professional"
US flag  Agent Dragonfly on May 01, 2016.

"Very useful app, has helped me understand myself even more. Thank you developers for your hard work !"
US flag  Amazing Sci Fi MMO on May 01, 2016.

"It is a great app!"
US flag  Kimber 37 on May 01, 2016.

"Loving the preponderance of the suit of cups lately!"
US flag  Venturagear on May 01, 2016.

"This app provides information about numerology and forecasting via tarot cards using an easy to understand format."
US flag  Fantastic fanatic true on May 01, 2016.

"Effective divination tool. Love the notification feature."
IN flag  L/\V on May 01, 2016.

"As a free base app, you get quite a bit to play with. Fun although not sure if its accuracy yet. Very informative and you get to learn a lot about tarot cards."
CA flag  timberwolf8818 on May 01, 2016.

"I really enjoy this app. I use it more for my amusement than for sincerely guiding my life though. However, I feel that it was accurate in describing my personality (via the numerology section) and I do enjoy endlessly playing with the tarot card reader. It constantly has some new insight to offer me and I like that it in the forecasting section it tells you what phase the moon is in and which signs are "governing" the skies. I've never used and of the paid psychic aspects of this app so I can't comment on that. Over all I would/ have recommended this app to my friends."
US flag  Bambifaline on May 01, 2016.

"Great & very useful. Packed with detail on numerology & offers many types of readings. Recommended."
GB flag  Leññi on May 01, 2016.

"Love the app! Great daily use and helps guide my days !"
US flag  The three wiccans on May 01, 2016.

"Or the cost of coffee. Glynis McCant, what a wonderful collaboration with the creators of this App. Just thinking."
CA flag  I love Halloween on May 01, 2016.

"So insightful and helpful. No complaints."
CA flag  Just an imposter on May 01, 2016.

"It would be more interesting if it wasn't about $"
CA flag  Community seeker on May 01, 2016.

"98% accurate, which is pretty amazing."
US flag  Ladylacey7 on May 01, 2016.

"It gives me a brand new perspective that I can stress out about :)"
CA flag  Hunnypeas on May 01, 2016.

"Seems accurate and has good options on spreads and card packs."
GB flag  Super Milf on May 01, 2016.

"Excellent!!! Very detailed and beautiful! I look forward to using it daily!!!"
CA flag  ec7582 on May 01, 2016.

"Seriously good app!!!"
GB flag  22alterego on May 01, 2016.

"Loads of options. Like a full numerology good quality reports/interpretations for free. Brilliant. Thanks"
GB flag  Redridingsunrise on May 01, 2016.

"Brilliant app!!!!!! So easy to use"
GB flag  Anita wake on May 01, 2016.

"Spot on every day"
GB flag  Worldwidegadgetstore on May 01, 2016.

"I came to rate this app as i very much appriciate how the app is made i am using it daily learning numerology from it.Thank you so much!!!"
GB flag  Nhgcdgbnk on May 01, 2016.

"I've been using this for my card of the day and to teach my husband a bit more about tarot. So far the readings have been accurate and the descriptions on the cards very helpful. I really recommend this app to anyone interested in learning tarot, or to anyone looking for a really good tarot app."
CA flag  River Sage on May 01, 2016.

"It is insane how accurate it is! This has never turned out wrong for me! Would recommend it to anyone! 10/10 love ittttt"
CA flag  Betttttttttiiiiiiiiiey?? on May 01, 2016.

"I've downloaded a few tarot apps, besides a real deck, this app does great! Plus it includes & uses other useful information to help assist you day-to-day!"
US flag  Bogdare on May 01, 2016.

"I love this app it's awesome I use it daily, you should get it ?❤️?"
CA flag  Lan Lan9999 on May 01, 2016.

"I've been studying both numerology & tarot lately and find this app to be a perfect companion to these studies. It has all the information needed all in one place! Not only that, but the readings are spot on and very insightful."
US flag  ae_alisha on May 01, 2016.

"Best I have seen so far, and I have shopped around. Great flexibility and lots of tools and resources for interpretation. I especially loved the timing forecast!"
AU flag  A Mueller on May 01, 2016.

"I had reservations at first but I Love it's accuracy and how easy it is to use. I've used Tarot and numerology for years and I still learnt some new things."
AU flag  Feejaay on May 01, 2016.

"Excellent tool to seek clarification. Great numerology very helpful to personalize the rest of the insights gained. Best app ever used. Thank you"
AU flag  Tory39H on May 01, 2016.

"I rarely write reviews but I love this app. There is a lot of variety and Info. My Favourite App right now! ???"
AU flag  Jez Mac on May 01, 2016.

"Really fantastic! I use it every day for just a bit more insight into what lies ahead and around...5 out of 5!"
AU flag  MorganaPirahna on May 01, 2016.

"It is so simple and easy to use. I love using it."
US flag  Genie001 on May 01, 2016.

"Comprehensive app :) Im enjoying these cards"
AU flag  Schmango1 on May 01, 2016.

"Awesome app, I've used a lot and this is one of the better ones"
AU flag  Psychic me on May 01, 2016.

"Suprised me I love the detailed numerology, tarot and everything. Awesome!"
AU flag  Cleopatrakitty7 on May 01, 2016.

"Enjoy using this app! Great horoscope app that I ever used. Excellence!"
AU flag  Tonny t66 on May 01, 2016.

"Great learning toll and informative"
AU flag  Kaspas1 on May 01, 2016.

"Fun app however some readers take longer to respond then mentioned time. Thanks"
AU flag  Mish8805 on May 01, 2016.

"Nice functionality and fun to use."
AU flag  Hmm808 on May 01, 2016.

"I have loved Phuture Me's website for a long time and I feel I have waited for their app for just as long and finally they have one and I'm thrilled with it! Thank you Phuture Me and I look forward to more with more features from your website like the wedding planner :D"
AU flag  PrincessNic! on May 01, 2016.

"This app is great. Great tool to assist in re- learning the meaning of cards and spreads."
AU flag  JojoMack2 on May 01, 2016.

"I think the app is great but I think a further update should include a correlation between the card and the context of the spread. Also an overall summary would be awesome for each spread; perhaps trends among the cards or something. nevertheless , much enjoyed"
NZ flag  Declanrujdh on May 01, 2016.

"This is an awesome app"
NZ flag  Enokaera on May 01, 2016.

"The Phuture app really brings Tarot readings to your iPhone. Good interaction, different decks, fair pricing and a good concept. Love it."
DE flag  _Deepthought_ on May 01, 2016.

"Good app"
IN flag  Sdban on May 01, 2016.

"Great tarot learning tool, great app"
AU flag  Denzel225 on May 01, 2016.

"I absolutely love this app, especially the daily tarot and number forecast 5star all the way"
GB flag  Tat1077 on May 01, 2016.

"Great tarot reading."
US flag  Tukis D.F. on May 01, 2016.

"I do like this app very much. I read tarot and I understand the fundamentals of numerology so this is quite fun to play with for self readings. The only annoyance I found so far is that from say a tarot daily reading or spread. I can't seem to get back to the home screen or to the beginning to choose a different spread. It seems this is fixed! Awesome!!"
CA flag  DS-64 on May 01, 2016.

"This is an amazing and thorough app For people serious about Tarot and numerology. I'm using it to learn the cards and meanings so I can began doing readings eventually. There are A LOT of free features. I have not yet done a paid reading but I have no doubt in the quality or integrity of this company and will get one soon. This is An app of extreme value that I use everyday."
US flag  Chechalover on May 01, 2016.

"This app is so great! Readings are miraculously spot on, everything else is accurate. I just really love this app. It's becoming my favourite. It is a little hard to navigate everything, but I'm sure I will soon learn."
CA flag  Beegessus on May 01, 2016.

"Always right on the spot"
US flag  Ar2526 on May 01, 2016.

"Definitely a good tool to help figure more about yourself and the world around you"
US flag  Amy Jacobs11 on May 01, 2016.

"I was skeptical of downloading a tarot app, but I am SO glad that I did! If a wand is a magical extension of one's will, then it makes sense to think of smartphones as 21st-Century wands. I love having all of Arthur Waite's interpretations at hand, as well as such detailed numerology information. You won't regret stumbling across this gem."
US flag  Suzie Thundertussy on May 01, 2016.

"The readers are wonderful! Pam, Carina, Pascal and Melina are great insight so far! I was amazed by their reading and guidance! Thank you this app"
US flag  Qcnho on May 01, 2016.

CA flag  sho one on May 01, 2016.

"The only addition that would be appreciated would be to have the ability to do an immediate random draw, for just such the occasion. Thank you!"
US flag  Spartygirl16 on May 01, 2016.

"This app is wonderful!! I use it daily and it is loaded with such great information!! A very useful tool indeed!!! Very very happy!!"
US flag  Shellbell17 on May 01, 2016.

"This is a great app, gives clear guidance on the path you should follow. So far has been spot on."
AU flag  Lauriexx26fishbur on May 01, 2016.

"I love this app! Easy to use and informative"
US flag  kypris30 on May 01, 2016.

"I love it as it has some very interesting information"
AU flag  FullGlam_b95 on May 01, 2016.

"Works great and does a lot with a pretty minimal setup. No frills, no unnecessary nonsense. Very accurate and helpful for beginning a consistent tarot reading practice. Love it!"
US flag  Arghhhhghhh on May 01, 2016.

"It's been surprisingly accurate and quite addictive. Proceed with caution and good luck fighting the urge to check for changes every half hour!"
US flag  Redheadzrhot on May 01, 2016.

"Thank you for an insightful reading. It was very helpful and motivating"
Kanani Alapa on Apr 25, 2016.

"Great reading. Very throuogh. I highly recommend!"
Chandelle Whitney on Apr 18, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Dear Pascal thank you so much for your reading. You really helped me see relationship for what it was and gave me the confidence to realize that I deserve… About my career you are right on the money there have been other opportunities that I have put on the back burner in favor of waiting for this decision. Now I realize I should act on those. For those of you thinking about getting a reading you need to go with this lady… She is very straightforward yet sensitive at the same time."
Sara Tomanio on Apr 10, 2016.

"I. Had a great reading from Petra. Spot on. I highly recommend her."
Chandelle Whitney on Apr 08, 2016.

"Pam is a very intuitive gifted reader!! My reading was very accurate and spot on! She really has a gift!!! Thank you for your insight Pam!!!"
Bambi Nowak Smith on Apr 03, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Dear Pascal, Thank you so much for the reading. You were very thorough and detailed. I didn't know what to expect at first but, the answers to my questions were being answered almost as if we were in the same room together. Your manner is also very pleasant and personable. Thank you again for the reading- wow!"
Donnie Martelli on Mar 27, 2016.

"Shanda's reading was very insightful and spot on. She did a reading for me earlier in the year and she remembered me and my circumstances. She applied that knowledge to the current reading which was warm, insightful, and thorough. Shanda's reading was very detailed and gave me a good picture of what energies are in my life right now and how to move to a desired outcome. Thank you, Shanda! I really appreciate your excellent work and communication before the reading!"
Toby Molins on Mar 25, 2016.

"Pam is a WONDERFUL reader.. I dont think I have ever had such an authentic and accurate reading. This is a woman who truly has a wonderful gift and shares it with an open heart. Thank you Pam =)"
Fabienne Martial on Mar 18, 2016.

"Hello to any passing viewer .. this part of my profile is very out of date. After a few years focusing on other areas of my life & a recent illness I have returned to my Psychic pathway .. thank you for reading my profile <3"
Pam Richards on Mar 04, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Dear Pascal, Thank you for your reading, it was very clear and accurate. Thank you"
Janina Brugman-Landsmark on Feb 28, 2016.

"Rose is worth the wait. She comes back with a plethora of information that really frames the situations I pose to their entirety. I suggest her without a doubt"
Jessica Bahga on Feb 17, 2016.

"Hi Candy. I think there was a time-sensitive window for a free reading from me and only the first five were accepted (which was quickly filled). Aside from that, I do offer a one-time free spread. It's a three-card reading that's focused on a resolution to a sitution. This short spread involves three cards: What you want The conflict A choice for resolution I also offer a selection of fee-based spreads as well. Thanks!"
Petra ReadingsBy on Feb 15, 2016.

"I received an email regarding a free reading and would like to find out more about that. Thx"
Candy Holt Pilkington on Feb 15, 2016.

"Rose is one of the best Readers i have met. Her approach is assertive, but you can feel her concern and compassion. I love her"
Gloria Rogers on Feb 12, 2016.

"Anita is amazing and dead on. She goes beyond reading the cards and uses her intuitive gift. You will not be disappointed."
Louise Tremblay on Jan 28, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Tara

"Tara delivered my reading in an efficient manner. It was accurate to the situation I asked about and she even pulled some additional cards for me. I look forward to ordering more readings from her! Great job Tara!"
Leslie Sawyer on Jan 26, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Tara

"Tara's reading was very insightful. I really appreciated that she took the time to pull additional cards to provide me with guidance on my inquiry. A VERY accurate read of my situation. Highly recommend. Thank you Tara!"
George Gordon on Jan 20, 2016.

"Hello! Your reading seems to be really spot on! I have been struggling with the path itself, not so much the decision of changing paths. I know in my heart of hearts I need a career change and look forward to new experiences in both the learning aspect and executing a new career. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time."
Nicole Michale on Jan 12, 2016.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Tara

"Tara's reading is very helpful, very inisightful. Highly recommended!"
Ayako See on Dec 30, 2015.

"Carina, thank you very very much. The readings is very accurate. Finally i have a clear idea of why the same thing keep repeating. I will keep in mind on the advice that you give me. Thanks. You can count on me to contact you again. Again, many many thanks. May you have a good day. :)"
Sandy Tan on Dec 21, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Todd

"Todd is an amazing reader he is detailed but to the point, best thing is its like your talking to a friend...he is sympathatic genuinely interested in whom he's reading for. By far my favorite. So far, he's been accurate."
Dera Quintanilla on Dec 11, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Todd

"Todd is fabulous!! This was my first time receiving a reading from him but I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! Very accurate and thorough. Thank you phuture for consistently having accurate, reliable, and trustworthy readers!"
Lena Hudgins on Dec 10, 2015.

"Thank you so much Carina! Your reading was very detailed and insightful on my next steps for a happy career. You are truly gifted! I definitely recommend Carina to anyone and will be using her in the future for guidance again!"
Crystal Stevens Riley on Dec 03, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you for your honesty!!! and accuracy. I have a much better insight of the direstion I need to take in my Love relationship"
Jennifer Lainsbury on Nov 20, 2015.

"Tracy is truly amazing. She was able to give me an accurate interpretation of what is going on in my life."
Mary Kuntz on Nov 16, 2015.

"Extremely accurate and insiteful considering how vague my question was the reading was written as if I had given my entire story. Thankyou!!"
Pat Tile on Nov 15, 2015.

"Thanks again, you're wonderful."
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Nov 12, 2015.

"Shada is warm and on point with her readings. Definitely recommend."
Jas Mon on Nov 06, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Todd

"Great reading ! Really enjoyed his input and I felt he read my situation perfectly !!!"
Katie Nicole Wall on Nov 05, 2015.

"Thank you for a very detailed and helpful reading. You really individualised the cards to my question and there was a genuineness and sincerity to your comments. I would also like to thank you for adding additional clarification to the reading by answering the questions and giving me some helpful advice. I would highly recommend Carina, especially if your question involves matters of the heart because of her honesty and sincerity. Thank you Carina X"
Danny Rice on Nov 04, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you for such an enlightening reading! You gave me such optimism and hope for my circumstances. :) I'll be returning for another reading very soon!"
Logan Day on Nov 03, 2015.

"Thank you Carina! You picked so much about me that was on the money. Not only did you read, you went on to clarify and advise me too. Much appreciation."
Tina Rossello on Nov 02, 2015.

"Thank you Carina for my reading. I'm amazed with how much detail you are able to read! I feel more confident and more aware of my challenges. Thank you for the guidance."
Tina Rossello on Nov 02, 2015.

"Thank you very much for so great warming hope for my future! If that will become in true I will be really happy!"
Inga Puriņa on Oct 27, 2015.

"This reading was so dead on and detailed. I was speechless. Great guidance was given as well. I look forward for more insightful readings and advice in the future. Thank you so much!"
Monique Mitchell on Oct 25, 2015.

"This was an amazing and insightful reading from Carina. It has definately put me on the right path. Very accurate. Can't wait for further advice in the future!"
Monique Mitchell on Oct 25, 2015.

"I loved my reading, Rose was very helpful in guiding me to see my situation in a new light."
Sernise O'Neal on Oct 20, 2015.

"Carina thank you so much for the reading, it has given me hope and I will most defenately follow the advise given if I am honest you have described my attitude towards my issue spot on, and I Will do my best to prove this aspect, regarding family we are already very happy but if more is on its way that would be amazing, in fact that aspect of my life would probably reach perfection. Thank you very much once again and I will do my best to do a follow up in a months time to see what the future holds for me once I have made some changes to my way of thinking."
Yassani Buitrago on Oct 18, 2015.

"Thank for saying things I needed to hear. You did it in a way that has helped me take steps in a direction I've needed to, but was previously too hard to undertake. I will certainly be coming back for future readings!"
Juno MacDuff on Oct 18, 2015.

"I really appreciate the reading I got. It was fairly spot on with minimal information, and while it wasn't what I wanted to hear, there were alot of elements I needed to hear. I will be coming back :)"
Juno MacDuff on Oct 16, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale was unbelievably accurate with her reading, I was truly amazed! I will definitely be using her again for guidance and clarification. Than you very much!"
Henriette Harris on Oct 16, 2015.

"I want to know the deeper issues; the spiritual ones and Fi nailed it. I'll be working with her regularly after reading her interpretation, which resonated completely with me. My issues are not lightweight and I wasn't an easy one for her. She is gifted. Thank you Fi"
Junk Gypsee on Oct 07, 2015.

"Thank you so much for not only replying to both of my readings at an immediate manner, but for clarifying them and how they both fit together."
Tara Vecea Winters on Oct 04, 2015.

"Very insightful!"
Patrick Shamblin on Sep 28, 2015.

"If you need clarification of a situation I recommend Anita. She provided me with a clear and direct reading. One that was spot on. I would suggest that you take a minute or two to formulate your question in order to get the most out of your reading :)"
Lisa Mayrant Taylor on Sep 22, 2015.

"I contacted Carina about an issue I've been struggling with for months. The answer I received was not what I wanted to hear but it was definitely the truth. She has helped me to move on and I'm looking forward to a great future. She's extremely insightful and I highly recommend her."
Michele Johnson on Sep 14, 2015.

"She's very accurate and gave new insight to my issues. Very good!"
Ashley Anderson on Sep 11, 2015.

"Thank you Carina your reading was very insightful and has given me a lot of great ideas and information to think about and act on."
ForeWorth Equity on Sep 10, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale is wonderful. She says exactly what I am thinking. She hits the nail directly on the head. Her readings may not be what you want to hear but it is what you need to put things in perspective. I have gained great insight with Pascale and look forward to future readings! Thank you and thank you again."
Sharon Mayrant on Sep 10, 2015.

"Thank you for the amazing reading. You were so right on with everything in the past and describing my partner and I to a "t". It makes me have so much faith in your description of what the future is to bring. I also appreciate you taking the time to ask to clarify the situation so you could give me a more in depth reading."
Deanne Mead on Sep 08, 2015.

"Carina, thanks for the reading you did for me few moths ago:) It saved you a place in my heart:)"
Mahama's Coaching on Aug 31, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"Thank you so much Fiona-Anne spot on with everything. Definitely have given me closure and I know know I need to move one. Amazing xx"
Denise Bishop on Aug 31, 2015.

"Success! I have been trying to post a testimonial for some time for Anita. Her reading was sensitive, practical and resonant. I appreciated her reading and follow through. Thank you so much..."
Pieta Johann Mcgilvray on Aug 29, 2015.

"Rose appears to be very sincere and through in her reading - she gave me additional feedback 12 hours later - indicating that I was not a random person for her , instead she cared about giving me through guidance."
Bhavna Rai on Aug 28, 2015.

"It is not only about anylising a reading for Shada, instead she is makes a huge effort to provide very detailed information which help her clients to reach a point of resolution. It is not always about getting a favorable answer- and whatever course of action she suggests is about well being, emotion, physical and mental. Her love permiates through giving the client confidence."
Bhavna Rai on Aug 28, 2015.

"Shada is dedicated about what she is doing. Her reading for me was detailed, insightful and very thorough !!! She is one of the best tarot readers that I have dealt with"
Bhavna Rai on Aug 27, 2015.

"Amazing!! Highly recommended!!!"
Rosie Kalber on Aug 25, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Todd

"When I consulted Todd my life was.. bad. It still is bad, but I guess somehow worst part should be over soon. He is very sympathetic, and he would respond in timely manner. That made me feel I am being suported. Thank you so much."
Kaori Murakami on Aug 23, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Todd

"Todd is an excellent reader and a great addition to PhutureMe. He pulled highly significant information from just a single card for my question. I definitely recommend that you give him a try; I will be back to see him again for a paid reading with more cards."
Amanda Moore on Aug 17, 2015.

"Carina's reading was accurate and insightful. It has helped me put things into perspective. I recommend carina and will use her again in the future."
Mare Bonilla on Aug 11, 2015.

"Carina, it is amazing that not knowing me you exactly knew what was going on with my situation from the cards. Your insights have helped a lot and will come back for more readings! You have an amazing gift."
Patricia Jarmy on Aug 03, 2015.

"Rose was able to identify the areas in my question and give me the realistic insight that I was asking about."
Lena Hudgins on Aug 03, 2015.

"Fiona read my cards with accuracy and I liked that she also relied on her own intuition as well as the cards. My reading arrived quickly and she took the time to comment on some further questions I had. I will use Fiona again in the future and highly recommend her!"
Leslie Sawyer on Jul 21, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"I received my reading a lot faster than expected, very honest reading. Thank you!"
Ashley Anderson on Jul 18, 2015.

"Thank you Tracy...the reading was very helpful."
Sernise O'Neal on Jul 17, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thanks Pascale for taking the time to clarify my numerous questions. Your reading is detailed."
星旅心程 女生愛旅行 on Jul 16, 2015.

"Anita has done several readings for me and I fell I will have her do more in the future. She has been very timely in her responses, getting them back to me by the next day and she seems to demonstrate tremendous kindness and sensitivity. Anita seems to have an uncanny ability to read what is actually going on in my life and her responses are deeply personal to me. She has helped me gain better perspective of the issues I am dealing with."
Susan McCutcheon on Jul 15, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you Pascale your accurate and insightful reading=)"
Sernise O'Neal on Jul 13, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank for the accurate and helpful reading=)"
Sernise O'Neal on Jul 13, 2015.

"Guidance, Carina has provided me with guidance, and a sense of peace. Her intuition and explanations are spot on.,, If you want intuitive guidance Carina is the one for you. She has been a light in the dark for me. I highly recommend Carina, you will come away with a wonderful sense of peace, !"
Lisa Mayrant Taylor on Jul 13, 2015.

"The reading was pretty accurate not only about my moment in life, but also regarding the details of my present moment. I was really impressed. Thank you very much Priya."
Eugenia Teixeira on Jul 13, 2015.

"I was very surprised at how accurate Anita was on my reading. I did not even ask a question. I just picked the cards and chose Anita to read them and she was right on point. I am very happy with how quickly she responds and all of the service with the app. I will definetly be using the app and Anita again. The app support was very helpful... I just can't say enough good things about Anita. Give her a try you so the disappointed!!"
Kristy Koch Buergel on Jul 12, 2015.

A 4 star rating 4 / 5 White Magic

"Quiet accurate and fun to consult!!"
CA flag  Bugatti !!!! on Jun 27, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Hi Pascale, thanks for the reading and I apologise for the late feedback. You said that I will attract a loving partner, someone who is smart and competitive... this is exactly what I am hoping to attract so I am delighted to know that. Hopefully he would show up soon but I guess not so soon because you are spot-on too that I am occupied with my personal projects and would not have time for dating."
星旅心程 女生愛旅行 on Jun 17, 2015.

"My reading was dead on and even when you know what you need to do it's great to hear it from someone else. Thank you so much.....on to brighter days."
Kara Durkee on Jun 17, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thanks so much for your insight and warning. You were right about everything and you helped me see the truth. You are a great reader and very on point"
Kathryn Mangano on Jun 12, 2015.

"Kimba is Greatly Appreciated by me. She makes it easy to relax and listen to yourself. Having her guidance makes it much easier to navigate through these waters called life."
Lisa Mayrant Taylor on Jun 09, 2015.

"Carina always provide lots of insight about the issue & doing that with clarity. I think I'll keep on getting her advice about many other issues. thanks so much!"
Başak Yetgin on Jun 07, 2015.

"Thank you Pria"
Terry Poon on Jun 01, 2015.

"Hi Shada, please see my updated information at the question box. Thank you. Bonnie"
Man Kwong Chan on May 25, 2015.

"Great reading, spot on, good insights to a complicated situation :) I really like to tone of her writing, very friendly..Thanks, i'll be back soon :)"
Başak Yetgin on May 21, 2015.

"I want to say thank you very much. You were 100% accurate on all of the insight you gave me. You helped me to see what I already knew. You can count on me contacting you again. Again, many many thanks"
Lena Hudgins on May 19, 2015.

"Hey Kimba! I am ever so grateful to you for showing me the right path,for helping me with my dilemma! You are god sent angel and I feel so much better after learning the insights shared by you. You are absolutely amazing! :)"
Akshuna Bakshi on May 05, 2015.

"Carina was right on it and I'm very thankful for this reading. Thank you so much!!!"
Laura Guillory on May 02, 2015.

"Thank you for the well thought-out interpretation of my spread. :) It was very helpful!"
Elizabeth Duncanson on Apr 29, 2015.

"Thank you, Shada, for sticking with me through all this. You have consistently given me great advice and now I am seeing the end. Excellent tarot reader!"
Sharon Swanson on Apr 24, 2015.

"Priya was delightful..She knew exactly what the relationship dynamic was between my boyfriend and I without my saying a word.. I would definitely have her read for me again and I highly recommend her for others as well!"
Kimberly Tieuel on Apr 23, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thanks very much.. you were spot on again."
Michelle Lek on Apr 22, 2015.

"Carina was 100% accurate in my reading of the situation and individuals involved. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for insightful guidance. Thank you."
George Gordon on Apr 21, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"My reading was very accurate. Im very impressed. Thankyou very much.."
Lisa Shinner on Apr 14, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Hi Pascale, you have been right on. I've found a job before I leave for Hong Kong and indeed its a very busy one. Hope the other aspect of my life will also come through as per your reading... deeply grateful for your constant guidance."
Michelle Lek on Apr 10, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"amazing reading... thank you so much, exactly what I needed to hear..."
Taneka Campbell on Mar 31, 2015.

"Shads is a superior soul, the feedback she gave me was really outstanding. I will definitely let her read again for me! Highly recommend her."
Phyllis Chandler on Mar 21, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. You are very detailed and clear on the way that you explain the cards. You offered a lot of insight. Thanks again"
Kathryn Mangano on Mar 17, 2015.

"Thank you so much for your reading Carina...everything makes much more sense now. You are truly gifted."
Anthea Gatzonis on Mar 09, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

AU flag  britleigh0 on Feb 28, 2015.

"Anita's reading was unprompted by questions from me and she was spot on! Highly recommended!"
Carrie Simpson on Feb 22, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale provided a very personal and meaningful reading for me. It was most helpful and was quite accurate in its understanding of my current situation and prospects and gave me confidence in the future. I can strongly recommend her."
Philip Hunt on Feb 02, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you for the reading very accurate"
Jennifer Lainsbury on Jan 18, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you for the reading Pascale!"
Sernise O'Neal on Jan 08, 2015.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you Pascale, her reading was accurate and even her additional comment part was accurate! Her words gave me some strength to my struggle."
Jessica Tang on Jan 02, 2015.

"I felt such a powerful comforting energy when reading Shada's advice. She takes her time and gives amazing readings."
Jovan Roche on Dec 31, 2014.

"Thank you so much for the reading. You are very accurate and very good at what you. I highly recommend you!!! Thanks once again"
Kathryn Mangano on Dec 28, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale goes beyond the call of duty and provides so much insight into your situation that you feel empowered and have clear vision for the way forward. Thank you Pascale. For some reason, there is no way I can contact you again through as the feedback function is no longer an option. I would love to provide more feedback about my reading based on your feedback. My email is"
on Dec 11, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale your reading is so insightful.believe me i reread your reading whenever am doubtful of myself and my life.Thank you!!"
Bl Aparna on Dec 05, 2014.

"Fantastic reader, I highly recommend Shada as she provides in depth insights into your situation which empowers you and gives you the tools for the road ahead whatever you decide."
on Nov 30, 2014.

"Vicki was wonderful again - she just didn't tell me what I wanted to hear either. That is so important. I may not like hearing negative things, but I would rather hear the truth."
Beth Rubin on Nov 29, 2014.

"She was wonderful - thank you so much"
Beth Rubin on Nov 23, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"I love this!!! I asked what the guy i like was doing and the anwser was thinking of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
CA flag  Blahblagbarflove on Nov 15, 2014.

"Vickie how much do you charge for your readings"
Timothy Grant on Oct 29, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you Pascale. Spot on and I will try and follow your advice and come back to you soon. Wish me luck!!"
Michelle Lek on Oct 28, 2014.

"Dear Vickie, thanks for the reading. Your advice is helpful and crossed my fingers. Hope things will change for the better within the next 3 months."
Michelle Lek on Oct 28, 2014.

"Thank you Anita; all makes sense :) Thank you for the good wishes and all my best to you as well. I'm hoping so much that we can make it work. "
Dalyn Cook on Oct 22, 2014.

"How do I go about gettin a reading "
Bello Wright on Oct 13, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Worth the pennies"
GB flag  Aight game on Oct 09, 2014.

"Hi Kimba, thank you for reading my card, i was wondering if its possible if you can make a spread for me in the future (ill pay of course) I get scared sometimes when I pick the cards, plus my spirit is very unstable these days, thank you for your help"
Barbara Carvalho on Oct 07, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Thank you for everything! Please do so, that would be great. Looking forward to it. "
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Oct 07, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"I'm so sorry, I didn't notice I left so many comments. "
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Oct 07, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Please do, that will help. Thank you so much"
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Oct 07, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Thank you for the reading. You were straight to the point. I appreciate and recommend your services."
Gin Yu on Oct 06, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"I don't get why he'd even bother playing games? If you'd like to pull a few, please do so. not sure what to expect. Thanks again, you're the best "
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Oct 06, 2014.

"How do I get started ?"
Diane Lemmon on Sep 03, 2014.

"Anita Thanks for your reading. I appreciate the honesty, compassion and guidance. It's definitely what I needed to hear."
Karen Foong on Aug 29, 2014.

"Thank you for the wonderful reading and advice. You were absolutely accurate about my situation. I can highly recommend a reading from Anita!"
Vickie Wilson on Aug 27, 2014.

"Thanks for the very insightful reading. Your advice is very helpful. You are very good and I will continue to ask for more tarot readings from you in the future. "
Shirley Neo on Aug 20, 2014.

"I loved her reading . She explained me the whole situation very nicely. I liked that she told me which extra card she got and what was it and what it means . I just loved the clarity in her reading. Her advice reminded me of a book I read about Law of attraction " Like attracts like". She said I am double blessed :) I feel triple blessed to have my reading from her. "
Aditya Dhingra on Aug 18, 2014.

"How do I contact you?"
La Westbrook on Jul 27, 2014.

"Thank you Vickie. Helped me a lot! Very good."
Latoriea Q. on Jul 24, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"When darkness transcends all we can control , it's comforting to know that the spirits do hold our best interests at thought . This app actually helped me attain my own self respect by not feeling alone ."
CA flag  Steve Ring on Jun 13, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Just an update: Pascale you were absolutely right when you said "there is more to come" in your reading last month. Today more has come and I am feeling wearier than ever. Don't know for how much longer I can bear it, but you said 3 months and it will all be over, so I'm clinging to that hope (it would make it July). Thank you again"
Elisabeth Focsa on May 27, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"Thank you very much, Fiona, for answering all my questions accurately and patiently."
on May 26, 2014.

"Thank you for your insight you were very helpful and I'm hopeful. "
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on May 25, 2014.

"Excellent reading...Captured the situation perfectly. I would highly recommend Anita to anyone. Honesty with compassion!!!"
on May 12, 2014.

"Kimba was a big help in clarifying the situation for me. Thankyou so much! "
Ana Stokes on May 06, 2014.

"Hi I am here a first time and I am not sure what do do to get the reading ? Please could somebody give me any direction :)"
Jo Tu on May 01, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Melanie

"Melanie, as before, a very excellent reading and really wonderful suggestions for an art project to help me progress. I'll be checking out the book you recommended,as well. Thanks again!"
Michael R. Stalnaker on May 01, 2014.

"Thank you for the reading, Vickie! I will keep in touch and give you an update. You're very nice and you answer quickly. I'm going to do what is best, that is back off. Thanks again :-) "
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Apr 23, 2014.

"Wowee. Shada has once again performed an absolute feat. I am amazed at her ability to tease out aspects of different issues I have been dealing with with advise that always leaves me feeling empowered and prepared for the things I am facing. Before I was feeling confused and uncertain, and now I feel like I am able to move through with understanding and gratitude and able to use this time to it's best advantage. Phew. Thank you!"
on Apr 08, 2014.

"Kimba I am glad I chose you to read my cards. *hugz* I love that you use your ability to feel energy to determine what the cards are saying. I would recommend you to anyone who uses this site. Thank you for giving me the confirmation I needed to make my decision. Blessed be and merry meet."
Cassie Kaser on Apr 08, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Pascale blew me away! She was spot on with everything! She was honest, warned me, gave me advice on how to handle the situation and even provided me with a time frame of when things will improve. All from the tarot cards I drew (she also provided me with clear and concise explanations). I am absolutely amazed by her gift and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Pascale :) "
Elisabeth Focsa on Apr 03, 2014.

"Carina has a wonderful gift and great insights, her reading gave me much clarity and confidence. I feel like she can see beyond the tarot cards and can really tap deeper into their meaning through her strong intuition. I would highly recommend her, especially if you are seeking guidance through your angels. Thank you kindly Carina :) Best wishes! "
Cleo Patra on Mar 31, 2014.

"The reading was dead accurate and straight to the point. I highly recommend her. "
Irena Sesartić on Mar 26, 2014.

"Thank you so much for preparing my monthly forecast for April, Carina! This is a really excellent reading. I found it to be full of useful information and details. You are absolutely correct that I will be beginning that month working hard at learning a new skill. I'll keep your advice in mind as I move through April. It looks like I have a great month coming up!"
Vickie Wilson on Mar 25, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Love it ... It just needs more questions ... Keep it up :)"
CA flag  Goddess Moon Shadow on Mar 23, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"I just had my first ever tarot reading with Markus. He was unbelievable. He had some amazing insight for only two cards. He truly has such a gift. Thank you!"
on Mar 22, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Melanie

"Such a great deep reading and very accurate, it reflects exactly how I’m feeling right now. It was so insightful I feel I’ll have to read it over and over and over again to get all the details and make sure I don’t miss anything. Very happy with my reading, thank you!!"
Carina Rubinstein on Mar 21, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"It's a great app, great fun."
GB flag  Joyful soul x on Mar 15, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Excellent as usual. Thank you"
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Mar 14, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"I really loved her readings. She explained me each and every card very nicely and in detail which was quite fascinating as sometimes you cant figure out what this particular card means and how it relates to you. "
Aditya Dhingra on Mar 05, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Seemed on point."
Adrienne Coppola on Mar 04, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Melanie

"HI Melanie, thank you for providing such a thorough reading so quickly. I will heed your advice and hope for a positive turnaround in 2014. "
Shoma Chatterjee on Feb 22, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Melanie

"Hi Melanie, thank you so much for the insightful reading. It was an extremely rewarding experience, and the information provided was right on target. Your background as a counselor adds an extra rich dimension to your readings. Your reading style is exactly what a tarot reader should strive to be--compassion blended with level-headed analysis. I also appreciate the journaling exercise you recommended to help me bring the key messages into my everyday life as I continue on my journey--what a useful and appropriate tool! Once again, thank you."
Michael R. Stalnaker on Feb 21, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thank you."
Brigitte Hole on Feb 11, 2014.

"Kimba,You articulated to me what the shift in me was all about. Giving me the confirmation I needed . Thank you seems inadequate to express my gratitude for your spot on reading. I thank you anyway your presence is felt and much appreciated. Namaste :)"
Lisa Mayrant Taylor on Feb 09, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Thanks again. You were spot on. "
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Feb 06, 2014.

"Thank you, I hope you're right : )"
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Jan 31, 2014.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"Excellent communicator. Her reading was surprisingly spot on in many ways. I was very pleased with the reading."
Maria Malone on Jan 23, 2014.

"Wow Great reading. Very insightful. I was just very amazed. It also helped me to look at myself a bit more. There were some things I was doing to myself that I wasn't aware. She said something that really struck me and opened my eyes. Thanks again! "
Jason Rodriguez on Jan 01, 2014.

"thank you so much for my reading Kimba :)"
Nikita Samantha on Dec 29, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"So simple, so profound & great fun too!"
GB flag  SpiritualCowboy on Dec 25, 2013.

"always accurate, would recommend :)"
Daniel 'Danulous' John on Dec 21, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Great app!!"
GB flag  Geena Dee on Dec 17, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Pascale

"I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of details of my situation. You gave me confidence that what I was feeling was on point. Thank you so very much!"
Jenny Kupau Loo on Dec 08, 2013.

"I received a reading from Shada a few days ago and I am still processing all the information. I have never gotten a tarot reading before and to be honest I was a little skeptical. I asked a question relating to finances and I was shocked by how the reading uncovered and made me aware of long held attitudes and habits I have had for years and years. I never knew a reading could delve so deep as to make me understand the underlining nature of my problem with such clarity. It exposed so much of the surface of these issues I feel ready to deal with them and move past them instead of a feeling of constant worry that they will never be resolved. This may be more information than anyone needs but the skill and intuition that Shada has is a true gift and I implore you to look inside yourself and find a question that plagues you and do a tarot reading with her. YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!"
Jeanie Morris on Nov 30, 2013.

"Shada read my cards when I was getting ready to make a transition from working as an employee to working as a contractor. Wow. I had no idea that readings could get so detailed. The type of information she was giving me not only helped me understand my own question better, but it also became more and more valuable as time passed and things started to manifest in a way strikingly similar to what she had prepared me for. I am so thankful for her guidance."
Yuri Bee Del Tinaco on Nov 30, 2013.

"Can highly recommend Anita for a reading! She was spot on with what has happened in the past that was relevant to where I am now."
Anne-Marie Jane Laurent on Nov 20, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya has been amazing. She has really helped me in a time when I was feeling a bit confused and lost, giving me very insightful readings - not to mention great advice and recommendations. I've got to let you know Aya, I've recently manifested a free bike and the best parking spot at work! Got to start small though. :)"
on Oct 09, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Thanks again "
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Oct 04, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"A cleaver app, One of my favourites highly recommend 😊"
GB flag  Lexi's mum on Aug 27, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya was wonderful. She gave me clear direction and was very accurate in her reading. She encouraged questions and was very helpful with the direction I need to go. Aya, BTW. He is a prince by birth but hardly anyone knows this here so Alladin was very appropriate for him. God does have a glorious sense of humor. Keep up the good work. You make such a difference in this world with your gifts. Stay true to yourself. Namaste. "
Susan Shaffer on Aug 20, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Kawaii! You did your ultimate best, and I'm truly grateful to you anyway!"
Roberto Lisi on Jul 24, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Thank you Olivia, I'm really glad it helped! Good luck~"
on Jul 09, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"She is very intuitive..I loved that she was willing to answer my questions. She understood my situation pretty well. I recommend her for a reading"
Kimberly Tieuel on Jul 07, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"last message really helped I need all the help I can get I'm goin to take your advice thanks alot!"
Olivia Lassiter on Jul 04, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"If you haven't requested a reading from Markus then you haven't received the best reading you'll ever get like I have. He's very informative and helpful. I recommend him to everyone!"
Naya Romero on Jul 01, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"I was extremely shocked at the accuracy of the reading. Markus is truly the best reader I have encountered and I have been to many. Thank you so much"
Louise Tremblay on Jun 28, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Markus is very understanding, intuitive and accurate. He looks at your situation closely and offers good help-I'd highly recommend him."
Elizabeth Hazlett on May 03, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya, Thank you so much for your reading and you were so right on. You are truly gifted and I for one am thankful that you shared with me. I made my decision with conviction... and WE feel good, positive, excited and calm about the future. Out of chaos comes conviction and hope. Yay!"
Melody Driever on May 02, 2013.

"Thank you, thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much :D"
Sydnie Beaupré on Apr 28, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya, Thank you so much for your readings. You really can communicate what is going on with our feelings as well as give advice on what to work on to make things work. You're truly gifted. My last reading I think I gave you the impression you didn't communicate very well but the matter was you communicated very well I just needed to time to digest what you wrote before I answered. I didn't have the opportunity to write to you after that. You're a great communicator. Thanks Lillian"
on Apr 13, 2013.

"Very true and correct. Made me realise not to be fearful of change and will work on that. Great reading, I needed to hear that. Thank you Pam."
Carolyne Northcott on Apr 10, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Easy to use and it is like the thrill you get when spinning the wheel in gambling."
CA flag  Glenn Billson on Mar 24, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Great app - some very interesting insights into life - definitely worth having a look at it. Also has a handy "previously asked" questions for when you are sharing with all your friends. What are you waiting for? Download now. :-)"
GB flag  Leighann ScotlandIS on Mar 22, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Fantastic! Just loved it . Would highly recommend!!"
AU flag  Lauren Langer on Mar 21, 2013.

"Thanks Kimba :)"
Brigitte Hole on Mar 12, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Easy to install and worked with no glitches. So insightful and spot on. Great little app especially if life's a bit rough at the moment."
GB flag  Mowilde on Mar 08, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Gets to the heart of the matter in a second. Love this app."
GB flag  bobbyminou on Feb 17, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Maya I've been through some heartache and been through some psychics and tarot readers but you by far bypass them! Your reading was insightful and your inter orations and advice left me feeling so much better emotionally and more confident in myself. And yes the funny thing is I LOVE Korean dramas will be checking those two you suggested. Thanks again for everything! "
Jason Rodriguez on Feb 10, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"In my own hour of darkness, in my time of need I prayed for an application that would pull me out of my personal blues and give me the answers I was looking for. It is so handy, even when you are sitting down in moments of personal relief the app can boost your confidence and make you feel so much less melancholic."
GB flag  netscr33n on Feb 10, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 White Magic

"Nice app. Easy to use."
GB flag  Stiflers wee brother on Feb 09, 2013.

"hi kimba thankyou for ya insight ha ha tuned out the weather had a plan in my test so it was cancelled but I believe there is a reason behind it feel that it was part of the plan the snow calmed me but then it stopped the test so it has been chosen by the examiners on my mams birthday not sure about the time on the day though should I change it so would like to say thankyou for ya help and few words they gave me belief in myself bless you xx."
Louise Jackson on Jan 19, 2013.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"How do I get a reading?"
Denise Cardenas on Dec 31, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"would recommend to others, really good in her interpretation of the cards."
Daniel 'Danulous' John on Dec 24, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Melanie

"Hi Melanie, I just wanted to say that your reading was right on target even though I didn't think that was the target I was looking for! lol And thanks for the nudge in getting my pen and paper back out. Your response time was excellent, much faster than I expected. Once again, thank you..."
Melody Driever on Dec 20, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"Thanks again."
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Dec 14, 2012.

"I highly recommend Pam. She came me a brilliant reading and gave me insights to work with."
Mary Lucia Loughland on Dec 14, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"you are 100 % correct. Thank you"
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Dec 12, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Nov 26, 2012.

"Thank you for your generosity and taking the time to share your gift and wisdom in such a loving fashion! I feel extremely grateful! Blessings to you and yours : ) Cherise PS: if you haven't yet, GET a Reading with Kimba."
Cherise Barr on Nov 01, 2012.

"great service - thanks to Pam and Phutureme for the reading and help."
Donald Cameron on Nov 01, 2012.

"Thanks Kimba that single word means a lot"
Mary Lucia Loughland on Nov 01, 2012.

"Thank you Pam for your interpretation of my cards. I hope that things will materialize the way the cards predict."
Roméo Da Silva Ramos on Oct 28, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by George

"George is not only sper accurate, he is insightful and comes through as very compassionate. I see him as very gifted. His guidance has been very soothing and affirming in a very important concern for me."
Diane Prosser on Oct 23, 2012.

"Hi Kima, I am wind. Can advise which spread should I choose to allow you to help me do indepth reading with regards to my previous question? Cause I am unable to reply to your reply... Appreciate your help."
Wind Zy on Oct 20, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Melanie

"hey Melaine, thank you so much for giving me such a good advice....definitly I'll follow it. I'll b always thankful to u.... thank u so much."
on Oct 12, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Hi Markus, thanks for the feedback. I would love for you to pull some more cards for me as suggested. I look forward to your reading."
Michelle Foster on Oct 04, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"love n light."
Saad Zia on Oct 01, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

Saad Zia on Sep 30, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Sep 29, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Markus's spread for me has been uncannily spot on - he has suggested I work with him on how to achieve the desired outcome - I would like to do so - but do now know how to continue. Markus - could you please give me George's gmail address? Thank You so very much."
Reshmi Junah on Sep 28, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"From Reshmi - I forgot to mention that my original request came from a gmail account:"
on Sep 27, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"So far Markus has been very concise and his advice has been pertinent to my situation - I would like to continue with a more specific reading as he suggested since he seems to be correct in many areas of what is going on in my life!"
Reshmi Junah on Sep 26, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"I really appericiate your beautiful insights.i reaaly recommend you to others for interpretations...."
Rosy Chhabra on Sep 26, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"Fiona- Anne was right on the money. I had a question and she was 100 % correct in her answer."
Raedelle Knight on Sep 23, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Sep 22, 2012.

"kima is so detailed and insperational. I love her readings and will choose to follow the guidence she gives."
Taime M Estrella on Sep 21, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"Thank you Fiona-Anne for the reading - it pretty much was spot on about the situation I am in right now but I will have to ask for more help for guidance - I don't know what to do about the future or what the future holds. I will try again!"
Reshmi Junah on Sep 15, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"Guys, you got to check out Fiona-Anne. She was very accurate with my situation. I strongly recommend her!"
Isabel Alban on Sep 15, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"I was very pleased with Fiona-Anne's reading... It was very accurate and helped me clarify thing's and issue's that had or did take place in my life. I highly recommend her... Thanks again Fiaona ( hugs ) Love & Light!"
on Sep 15, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Aya's reading was great. She really hit home with it and had a good grasp of who I am as person. Thank you!"
Winnie MacDonald on Sep 14, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Fiona-Anne

"Thank you so much for reading my spread Fiona.watever you said was amazingly true...i wish I could know more, but iam glad that iam cleared out by some questions I had in mind....thank you soo and hugs..."
Saniya Khan on Sep 04, 2012.

"Thank you for the help in calming the spinning anxiety..."
Melody Driever on Sep 01, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"markus is really amazing... reading mind and thoghts like cake piece....just with one card he described well my past and future as well...amaaaaazing."
Saad Zia on Aug 28, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Excellent feedback! Markus is very accurate in his interpretation. Thanks a lot!"
Ana Ben-David on Aug 27, 2012.

"thanks Pam, liked the clarity of your guidance."
on Aug 25, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Hi Markus, Wow! What amazing feedback! You are AWESOME! I highly recommend you to ANYONE! I really like your style of reading, and upbeat attitude! :D With that said, I would like to continue on with the initial reading, but cannot leave anymore feedback. Do you have an email where I can reach you? I will try Facebook first! You can reach me at my Facebook account. It is in 'private' setting, but just 'friend' me if you are not able to utilize the message link! I will be more than willing to give you indepth feedback on your super reading! Thank you so much! x0 Nicole"
Nicole Gebhart on Aug 23, 2012.

"the reading was so detailed it brought forward what was happening at this very moment and helped a lot on the current situation. it also brought to light the things that I need to focus on now to make it a better outcome not for just me but people around me that care and wish for me to suceed. i have always been inspired by you and glad thet our paths have crossed to walk this sacred red path together <3."
Taime M Estrella on Aug 19, 2012.

"Hi Kimba thank you for my reading it was really the absolute truth. Govy"
on Aug 18, 2012.

"Thank you for my reading , its very encouraging and makes sense.Vasanthie."
on Aug 18, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Aya

"Hi Aya thank you for such a great reading now I'm going to just sit back and wait for the universe to run its course , will keep you informed! Rene"
on Aug 18, 2012.

"Hello Kimba! I was drawn to your profile for a reason:) I'm so happy and thankful for your time!"
Brittany Ann Kelle on Aug 10, 2012.

"thanks again for a reading. Pam always responds quickly and specifically about your situation. she always touches on your exact issue somehow :)"
Daniel 'Danulous' John on Aug 10, 2012.

"very accurate and spot on in a reading. Hardly any details are provided and still Pam got so much info about my situation. would use her again and recommend as a reader :)"
Daniel 'Danulous' John on Aug 01, 2012.

"I was very happy with my reading. Her response was very timely and detailed and specific."
Tidal Ashburn on Jul 18, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by George

"Thanks for the free "past, present, future" reading interpretation. Your explanation of the cards were very clear and concise. Suddenly, I understand. I appreciate the recommendations. Thank you for your compassion and insight."
on Jul 17, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"I highly recommend Markus! He's amazing! He was able to read my spread and was able to mention some things about my question pertaining to my reality even if I did not tell him the whole situation. thanks Markus!"
Jennilyn Caruz Muñoz on Jul 11, 2012.

"Very accurate and gave clarity to my situation."
Biljana Tešić on Jul 11, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by Markus

"Thanks Markus! 3+7= SUCCESS! i will indeed do as you say! I believe in you! ^_^"
Jennilyn Caruz Muñoz on Jul 11, 2012.

"thank you, very accurate reading."
Lorraine Abbott on Jul 08, 2012.

"Thank you again! you're amazing , and you're absolutely right."
Kathleen Leahy-Jenks on Jul 07, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by George

"I highly recommend George as a tarot consultant, very spot on."
Meg Smith on Jun 24, 2012.

"I found Fiona to be very professional and her interpretation of my tarot spread to be quite accurate and thorough. I'm actually quite amazed just how accurate she was! My intuition initially told me Fiona was the real deal, which is why I chose her for my reading, and I can honestly say she proved me right. It wasn't a "just for entertainment" reading. I will be consulting with Fiona again in the future."
on Jun 09, 2012.

A 5 star rating 5 / 5 Tarot Reading by George

"Had a great free reading from George who interpreted my cards that I picked on Phuture. It was very different from someone just quoting meanings which seem to be from books and don't fit you at all. Instead of just conventional this card is this and it means this, instead he looked at the pictures and also how they fitted with each other, with cards looking at each other! it did seem to fit my question and situation. I am a tarot learner and looking at the image patterns was really interesting to me, so would recommend his readings!"
Daniel 'Danulous' John on Jun 08, 2012.

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