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    Get peace, clarity and direction

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    It's your reading, so you get to pick the cards using our fully interative 78-card Digital Tarot Deck providing accurate results and an immersive Tarot experience.

    Tarot Readers

    Choose one or more Tarot readers from our list of professional psychics to read your Tarot spread and answer your questions.

    Reading Conversation

    You can ask your reader questions before and after you have received your reading. This allows you to ask questions or clarify any concerns. It's not just a written report, it's a conversation.

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    Everyone is different

    Reader Packages

    Our readers offer unique packages, not limited to Digital Tarot, using their own methods and specialities. Explore their profiles to see what's on offer today.

    Photo Uploads

    Our unique reading system enables the reader, and you, to upload photos of cards and other divination media for inclusion in readings. This enables a wider and richer divination experience.

    Visual Divination

    If it can be photographed, it can be read! Have your palm read by one of our palmists. Got your own deck? Created a spread and upload a photo of it where it can be read for you by one of our readers.

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  •  Numerology 

    Discover the hidden you & your Life Path

    Free Analysers

    Use our extensive and concise collection of Numerology analysis tools as an introduction to this lesser known divinatory art                                    


    Our Numerologists offer personalised, hand crafted, reports going far beyond, and much deeper, what software calculators can tell you

    Reader Interaction

    After you have received your Numerology analysis report you can ask your Numerologist additional questions for clarity.

    Discover Numerology

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Online Tarot Readings. The Home of Digital Divination

Relationship Tarot Spread

Best for:

  • Best spread for an analysing a relationship between 2 people.
  • Takes the feelings and aspirations of each person into account and summerises.


Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Best for:

  • Best spread for a structured reading taking into account all factors from the past, present and future.
  • Best spread for giving advice in a structured manner.


Single Card Tarot Spread

Best for:

  • Simple Yes/No questions. (Be careful though, we don't always like getting one word answers and multiple cards can be easier to read due to having more context!)


3 Card Tarot Spread

Best for:

  • Past, Present & Phuture spread. Card 1 is the past, card 2 is the present and card 3 is the future.
  • Yes/No questions with more detail
  • Daily Tarot
  • Short time frames (Mornings, Afernoons, Evenings, specific events etc)


6 Card Tarot Spread

Best for:

  • Weekly Tarot
  • Family related questions (not love, platonic relationships only)
  • Questions about responsibilities and commitments.
  • Cards arrange in a 3x3 format. Useful for any spread that takes this form.
  • Not for novices. Beginners should use a structured spread (eg. Celtic Cross) 


10 Card Tarot Spread

Best for:

  • Periods of time, months or years. Tarot for the month or Tarot for your year spreads.
  • Planning new cycles in life. When you know a new period in your life is about to start this can map it out.
  • Can be used as a Numerology spread if you understand the symbolic meaning of each number from 1 to 10 for the spread positions.
  • Cards arrange in a 5x5 format. Useful for any spread that takes this form.
  • Not for novices. Beginners should use a structured spread (eg. Celtic Cross) 

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