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    It's your reading, so you get to pick the cards using our fully interative 78-card Digital Tarot Deck providing accurate results and an immersive Tarot experience.

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    Choose one or more Tarot readers from our list of professional psychics to read your Tarot spread and answer your questions.

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    You can ask your reader questions before and after you have received your reading. This allows you to ask questions or clarify any concerns. It's not just a written report, it's a conversation.

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    Our readers offer unique packages, not limited to Digital Tarot, using their own methods and specialities. Explore their profiles to see what's on offer today.

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    Our unique reading system enables the reader, and you, to upload photos of cards and other divination media for inclusion in readings. This enables a wider and richer divination experience.

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    If it can be photographed, it can be read! Have your palm read by one of our palmists. Got your own deck? Created a spread and upload a photo of it where it can be read for you by one of our readers.

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    Use our extensive and concise collection of Numerology analysis tools as an introduction to this lesser known divinatory art                                    


    Our Numerologists offer personalised, hand crafted, reports going far beyond, and much deeper, what software calculators can tell you

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    After you have received your Numerology analysis report you can ask your Numerologist additional questions for clarity.

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Online Tarot Readings. The Home of Digital Divination

Phuture Me Consultants Manual Phuture Me

Tarot Spreads Reference

General Spreads

The Celtic Cross Spread

The most popular Tarot Spread for general questions and problems. 
Looks at past events and how they have shaped and created the current situation.
Suggests a possible answer, identifies your resources, hopes and fears.
Predicts future influences and with an outcome and a best possible outcome.



Current Focus

Gives insights into what you need to be focusing on right now.
The first three cards describe what it is you need to focus on and be aware of.
The fourth card suggests a course of action and the final card, the outcome.



General Life Conditions

This spread can be used to answer just about any question. It provides insight into the querent's psychological state while shedding light on practical matters.



Astrology 12 House Spread

Astrological 12 house spread.
Cards are laid out in a circle around an astrological chart.



The Alchemists Spread

This spread should be drawn only once for each person in their lifetime.
A spread of antiquity reputedly dating back to the middle ages.
Claimed to have be devised by Nostradamus.



Love & Relationships

Future Romance

Waiting for romance in your life and wondering when it will come?
For single people between relationships.



Relationship Spread

Tarot Spread for a couple who are in a relationship.
Compares each person's feelings, needs and expectations and looks at how they combine.
Finishes with the relationship destiny and outcome card.



Me and My Ex

Considering re-starting a relationship with your ex-lover/partner.
Or need closure and want to analyse what went wrong?



The Other Woman

Designed to assist women who are in triangular or complicated relationships.
It helps you trust your own intuition and inner guidance and guide you towards making choices that feel right for you.
It is not a spread used for any judgement, karma, right or wrong.
It has been designed to help you unravel those feelings that don't sit right.





Past, Present, Future

A simple 3 card spread.
The first card is for your past.
The second card is for your present.
The third card is for your future.



Week Ahead (Mon-Sun)

The first card is for Monday and the final card for Sunday.
This spread includes your numerology for each day.
Please give your date of birth before clicking on the cards.




The Working Week Ahead

Gives an overview of the upcoming working week ahead.
First card gives the general theme of the week followed by one card for each day in the week starting with Monday.
This spread includes your numerology for each day.




The Month Ahead

Gives an overview of the upcoming month ahead.
First card gives the general theme of the month followed by one card for each week in the month.




The Lunar Month

A 12 card spread for forecast over the next lunar cycle (~28 days). 5 cards for the Waxing, 1 card for the full moon, 5 cards for the Waning and 1 card for the new moon.




The Year Ahead

One card for each month of the year.
The first card is for January, the second for February etc, etc.
This spread includes your numerology for each month.
Please give your date of birth before clicking on the cards.





Career SWOT Analysis

Based on the strategic planning method used to evaluate
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
Gives you a career overview in each of these four areas for the past, present and future.





Health Problem

Gives insights into a health problem.
It's cause, with short and long term advice and results.




Weight Loss

A Tarot Spread for emotional and spiritual support with trying to lose weight.





The Tree of Life

Each card represents one of the Spheres of the Tree of Life.
Each sphere represents an area of your life and the work confronting you in it.
A deeply mystical spread for looking at your own life, it should be used rarely.




The Chakras

This spread looks at your life from a strongly spiritual/karmic viewpoint.


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