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Queen of Crows (Pentacles)

The queen of crows
A great crow sits upon an old country fence, holding court with the birds in the fields. The Queen is a powerful and bright woman, exact in her actions, quick to laugh and enjoy herself. She is a hard working person, often in a position of some authority or ownership. She understands the value of money and of people, and can be generous. She can also be demanding, difficult and focused on accountability in both actions and finances. Inverted this can indicate that she has an overbearing nature or extreme focus on details with loss of the bigger picture.

King of Foxes (Cups)

King of Foxes
The king of foxes sits atop a fallen free, king of the forest and respected by the animals around him. This card refers to a gentle man, giving, generous and sensitive. This man loves large families, familiar comforts and fidelity. He enjoys the simple things in life and love the ordinary pleasures, avoiding the spotlight. Sometimes he may be thought of as weak or unassuming, but he had a very passionate nature, capable of great feats and loyalty. He can also be extremely protective of the things he loves. Inverted, this card indicates a man needing help or a man of uncertain focus that needs guidance or understanding.

The World

A lush landscape of forests, fields and ocean stretch out before a great oak tree on a hill. The world is everything and everything is in the world. This card represents life, the obtainment of knowledge, the end of a quest and the beginning of a period of renewal a or new journey that is about to be undertaken. It can mean the end of a long period of study, such as graduating from collage and getting a degree, or the completion of a deal long in the works, such as signing the papers on a home mortgage. Often the end goal is coupled with a celebration such as a longed for marriage taking place. It may herald an advancement into a new position, or a new title. Inverted, this card indicates the same thing, however one’s perspective is different, there may be an unexpected surprise, a bonus or material gain, or the new journey will be to a completely new place, full of unique sights that have not yet been experienced.

5 of Badgers (Swords)

Five of Badgers
A badger searches under an autumn apple tree, looking for whatever fruit may have fallen. Although ripe fruit hangs above its head, it is just out of reach, so the badger must be content with what it finds. The five of badgers indicates loss, whether loosing an argument, or a bet, or just not being able to reach one’s goals. At this point the struggle is pointless and stressful and the outcome will be unsatisfactory. One must find contentment with where one is at the moment, and not fight the situation at hand. Inverted, this card can indicate the need to avoid guilt or blaming others for the situation at hand. All one can do is accept that this is the way it is for now.


Wheel of Fortune
A mouse rides on a spinning branch in a swollen river heading out to sea. It not clear where or when the branch will stop or which shore they will land. The wheel of fortune is about luck, kismet, chance and fate. Big changes are in the works, what is coming is destiny, you will land on better shores, you will be where you need to be. Always moving, this card can herald good news, advancement, bonus, or the meeting of someone special. One is only a small piece of a larger plan, and it’s best to trust your instincts and accept change as it comes. Inverted this card advises that one stay in one place and let the changes happen, as they are out of ones control or influence.

8 of Rabbits (Wands)

Eight of Rabbits
An frightened rabbit hides in a tangle of blackberry vines, un afraid of being caught by the sharp thorns. This card is about bravery, confidence and bold journey. It encourages thoughtful action, and heralds a breakthrough. It may speak of an upcoming trip or travel over great distances. Inverted this card can mean news of advancement at work or an unexpected message or gift from a distant friend.

4 of Crows (Pentacles)

Four of Crows
A crow inspects his stash of food under a stone in the snow, keeping a wary eye out for other creatures that may find his cache. The four of crows is a miserly card. Though the subject may be well off, he guards his wealth, not letting anyone else benefit . This card advises to be generous, it does one no good to hold on to everything with spring just around the corner and so many who could benefit. Inverted, this card can mean the need to abandon materialism for a purer path, one of emotional and spiritual fulfillment rather than the competitive keeping up with the status quo.

1 of Foxes (Cups)

One of Foxes
A fox slinks through the night forest, coming upon a dark stream he sees his reflection and the reflection of a distant star. The one of fox signifies inspiration, a new love, a feeling of peace or contentment, or an event of some significance. Inverted this card can mean that the new inspiration will reap rich rewards if pursued.


An ambitious squirrel holds on to the end of a thin branch, trying to reach the acornst but distracted by the the rustling leaves. The fool is an impulsive individual, foolish actions, or unfounded optimism. The path one is on may not have clear direction or goals. One may be easily distracted or influenced along the way, and often have no idea what is coming next. This card encourages one to listen to advice, to think about what they are doing, and to watch their step. Though it can mean an exciting new adventure, one may be racing forward to good fortune, or to failure. Inverted this card refers to another individual, one on a reckless and possibly self destructive path. It can also mean a risky investment, or false hope.


A cougar stands protectively next to a deer fawn, normally enemies, the cougar has chosen to protect rather than attach the helpless creature. Strength is about mind over matter, the concoring of difficult obstacles and success over difficulties. It can even refer to physical strength, the courage to overcome setback and painful circumstances and the steadfastness of one convictions. Inverted, strength can indicate the help from a friend, the renewal of ones will to succeed and the need for taking control of a situation before it gets out of hand.

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