Fehu Rune - ᚠ

ᚠ - Fehu

Transliteration: F

Original Meaning: Livestock, cattle, sheep.

Keywords: Wealth, Money, Material Possessions, Commerce

Rune Poem

Old IcelandicEnglish
Fé er frænda róg
ok flæðar viti
ok grafseiðs gata
Wealth is the source of discord among kinsmen
and fire of the sea
and path of the serpent.

Feoh byþ frofur fira gehƿylcum;
sceal ðeah manna gehƿylc miclun hyt dælan
gif he ƿile for drihtne domes hleotan.
Wealth is a comfort to all;
yet must everyone bestow it freely,
if they wish to gain honour in the sight of the Lord.

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