Tarot & Numerology App Known Issues

Latest version is v4.1.8 released April 30th, 2018

• Fixed: A crash affecting a small number of users saving spreads to iCloud.
• If it is still crashing for you read the tips on this page. If they don't stop it crashing please open a support case.

Next version is v4.2.0. Not scheduled for release yet.

• This release will contain a major re-write of how spreads are saved and should address all remaining issues of app responsiveness and stability.

iOS 11.1.2 has a bug which causes the iPhone or iPad to crash when using apps like this one.

See this link. We recommend updating to iOS 11.2 ASAP.

Getting Help / Support

To get support please open the App and go to it's Settings menu where you will see a Request Help / Support option. 

Opening a support case using the App auto generates an email containing all the basic technical info we require including your purchase receipts.

If you can't open the app, or using this preferred method doesn't work for you, then please fill in this contact form.

Please give as much information about the problem you are experiencing as possible.

Thank you!

App still crashing or freezing? Try these steps to manually tidy up the App's iCloud data.

Open the iPhone's Settings app (not the Settings in the Tarot & Numerology app).

The top most option in Settings main menu is your "Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store".

Select it.

Select "iCloud" from the list in the next menu.

In iCloud menu select "Manage Storage", it might spin a wheel for a moment.

This page will list all your Apps using iCloud and how much memory they take up.

Due to a legacy bug "Tarot & Numerology" often won't appear for some users.

Instead you might find you have "White Magic Fortune Teller" listed even though you have never installed our other app. Or that you may see that app title twice.

If you see it twice select the one using the most memory.

A third name that it can appear as is "Phuture".

You'll know you've got the correct one because it will list files ending in .spread, .clog & .stats.

When you find it delete all, or as many as you can of the .clog files and then try re-launching the app.

If you have too many .clog files to delete you can use "Delete Documents & Data" which will erase all files for the app but you will lose your saved spreads.

If you registered on our App, and don't have a username, use your email address.

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