Tarot & Numerology App Help & Support

Latest version is v4.2.12 released February 6th, 2019

• Deck editor now includes an option to import cards and card backs from installed decks. Import individually, entire suit or whole deck.
• Improved and updated the app's own tarot card guides
• Forecast Today Widget & Watch App will now display the Numerology day and summary without the need for a Tarot forecast spread.
• WatchOS 5 support for complications. Numerology day now displayed in complication.
• Fix for iPad passcode touch ID entry
• Settings menu Numerology section gets new option to treat letters Y & W as vowels or not.

If you don't see the problem you are experiencing listed here then it's because we don't know about it. Contact us and let us know so we can fix it! Scroll to the end of this article for how to get in touch.

Next version is v4.3.0 (Release date unknown)

No major issues requiring an immediate software update at present.

iOS 11.1.2 has a bug which causes the iPhone or iPad to crash when using apps like this one.

See this link. We recommend updating to iOS 12.

Getting Help / Support

To get support please open the App and go to it's Settings menu where you will see a Request Help / Support option. 

Opening a support case, in the App, auto generates an email containing all the basic technical info we require including your purchase receipts.

If you can't open the app, or using this preferred method doesn't work for you, then please fill in this contact form.

Please give as much information about the problem you are experiencing as possible.

Thank you!

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