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Latest version is v4.3.4 released September 30th, 2019

No known issues with v4.3.4. Please contact us if you have found something.

• If you have bought a new iPhone, iPad or iPod and are trying to restore your purchases in the app there maybe a bug in iOS 13 that prevents this from working. A solution discovered by one user (thank you Jina!) is to turn your phone off and back on again and then try again. The App Store has had recent technical problems. Please check Apples status page for real time information on services.
Release notes:
• Fixes for changes introduced by iOS 13
• Fix for bug that broke the default deck's user defined table cloth using an image.

If you don't see the problem you are experiencing listed here then it's because we don't know about it. Contact us and let us know so we can fix it! Scroll to the end of this article for how to get in touch.

Next version will be v4.3.5

No issues requiring this update at present.

Getting Help / Support

To get support please open the App and go to it's Settings menu where you will see a Request Help / Support option. 

Opening a support case, in the App, auto generates an email containing all the basic technical info we require including your purchase receipts.

If you can't open the app, or using this preferred method doesn't work for you, then please fill in this contact form.

Please give as much information about the problem you are experiencing as possible.

Thank you!

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