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Tarot Reader Barb
Status:   Available
Experience:   35+ years
Attributes:   Intuitive,compassionate
Specialities:   Tarot
Languages:   English
Member Since:   Feb 2018
Avg Response:   6 hours
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I started playing with Tarot cards back in college. When it got too real (I saw an engagement break up coming and didn’t know what to do) I stopped all psychic activity. Then, 12 years later someone showed me how she had just learned how to do tarot and I fell in love all over again. I picked up Tarot cards once more and in April of 1989 had a chance to join a Psychic Fair. I worked hard to get better at being a tarot reader. I worked on 900-lnes for a short time but eventually I started doing parties and special events. That was so successful I quit my job (as a librarian) and since 1998 I have made my living with that “wicked pack of cards”.

I believe that we can change the future if we are willing to try. So that engagement that broke off? (And yes, it was over a week after I saw it happening.) I think now that I would have asked the cards what to do to change what was happening with them. I think the cards would have told me to tell the woman who asked me about it that she needs to be less needy and insecure, give her fiancé some breathing space and MAYBE it would not have ended.

I believe that what I see is the Akashic record, the record of everything up to this moment. Think of the Universe as a giant database that we can tap into. Since I worked as a librarian, this makes sense to me, I used to say, “Sometimes I research in books and sometimes I research in the Akashic record.”

When I read, I like to use the Horoscope Spread which is a 12-card circle that uses the houses of the Horoscope to cover all the bases in a person’s life. I am the only psychic reader I know of who does not care for Astrology. Because Astrologers insist the stars have influence on us, it means we cannot have complete free will, and I totally disagree with that. But the Horoscope spread is useful because it covers all the aspects of a person’s life at once. For parties—where I pride myself on being a VERY fast reader--I use 3 cards to start with. If I need more, I will add cards or even do a Horoscope spread.

The tarot cards tell me what I want to know but over the years I have discovered I am also Clairaudient. I hear music as I read! I like folk rock music (think Dylan) and I find the lyrics as I hear them usually give me a message for the querent. So, I listen carefully.

I can usually turn a written reading around within 24 hours. I lay out cards, write up the reading, and then let it sit for an hour or so. Then I edit it and send it off.
I have had a busy life but mostly I have been very fortunate. I have had friends die of cancer and other diseases but for myself I have been spared. I live a quiet life with my partner and our animals. When I am not reading cards, I am a MAJOR bookworm—reading fiction and general non-fiction, whatever looks interesting. And I am a fiber artist: I weave, and I knit.

I have put together some reading packages covering topics that I specialise in. Some may also include additional, and unique, methods that I use in my readings. Click on a package to find out more about it.


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