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1. Journey - Begin.
Our bunny starts an early morning journey on a new path ahead.
Start on your way to something new. Seek out new places, ideas or relationships. Look to the future.

Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle ©Nakisha VanderHoeven 2021


5. Guide - Find help.
A traveling bunny is helped along the way by a friendly mountain goat.
Seek out those who can help you to navigate a difficult path or make a tricky decision.

Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle ©Nakisha VanderHoeven 2021


34. Gears - Fix the essentials.
A rabbit and two rats are busy at work in a factory setting, each intently focused on its task, putting everything in working order.
Find out what isn't working and strive to make it better. Sometimes you have to address the little things to make something bigger work.

Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle ©Nakisha VanderHoeven 2021


27. Fog - Wait for clarity.
Our bunny, holding a lantern against the approaching night, sees the weather change with the fog rolling in from the sea.
Answers may not reveal themselves right away. If things aren't clear, or easy to read, just be patient and see what happens next.

Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle ©Nakisha VanderHoeven 2021


15. Crossroads - Trust your intuition.
A traveling rabbit comes to a fork in the road and must make a decision. A mouse offers help.
Rely on your instincts, but don't wait too long! You need to decide which way to go.

Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle ©Nakisha VanderHoeven 2021


32. Tree - Be open to ideas.
The first star peeks out in a twilight sky as our bunny pauses under a large tree to consider a passage in its book.
Be open to learning and the wisdom of the ages. Be hungry for new thoughts and ideas and think about the world around you.

Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle ©Nakisha VanderHoeven 2021


17. Shore - Be ready for change.
Our bunny happily builds a sandcastle on the beach near the slowly rising tide, knowing it will be washed away by the next day.
Things will change and nothing lasts forever. Focus on what you can do now and be ready to let go of the things that won't last.

Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle ©Nakisha VanderHoeven 2021

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