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Queen of Pentacles


Key words: Hospitality, Sensuality, Practicality, Opulence, Creativity

Court cards can represent actual people in our lives or an expression of the energy of that suit. Queens are the mature expression of the suit. The queen of pentacles revels in all the comforts of the earth plane. She decorates her home beautifully and entertains lavishly and she is respected because of her worldly achievements. She is all about creature comforts and the ability to make the most of what we have. When you see the queen of pentacles, focus on becoming more self-sufficient and resourceful or work on making your corner of the world a more beautiful place.

King of Cups


Key words: Wisdom, Emotional Maturity, Detached Compassion, Controlled Emotions

Court cards can represent actual people in our lives or an expression of the energy of that suit. Kings are the ruling expression of the suit; they have mastered themselves and can help others as well. The king of cups sits comfortably on his throne. Though the waves beneath him show some turbulence, his throne is solid and unperturbed. He may be a counselor or spiritual advisor. He is not without empathy but can be remote.

The World


Key words: Accomplishment, Fulfillment, Achievement, Integration, Reward, Celebration, Full Circle

The world is the top trump in all of the tarot deck. A woman dances with exuberant joy as she holds a brightly shining wand in each hand. She is framed by a laurel wreath denoting victory and triumph. The world card indicates successful completion of a cycle in our lives and the advent of another beginning.

Look for a sense of completion and of being in the right place at the right time with this card. For the time being we have transcended our earthly challenges and can bask in the glow of completion and achievement. Whether the reading is about love, health, money or anything else, the world card underscores the likelihood of successful completion.

5 of Swords


Key words: Conquest, Defeat, Facing limitations, Humiliation, Loss, Slander

One man holds an armful of swords as he brandishes one sword upright in an obvious stance of victory. Small figures in postures of defeat appear behind him. Other cards in the spread - or our actual life circumstances - indicate whether we are among the defeated or the victorious. Is the light in the sky a harbinger of dusk or dawn?

The Wheel


Key words: Change, Fortune, Destiny, Cycle, Fate, Movement, Expansion, Luck, Chance

In the wheel of fortune the intricate workings of fate are beautifully illustrated by golden machinery reminiscent of an astrolabe. For every action in life there is a reaction, and while we may sow many of the seeds that create our own destinies, the wheel of fortune throws an element of serendipity into the mix. As the wheel turns it is a reminder that change is inevitable. In each corner winged beings represent the four fixed signs in astrology and the powers of the elements; thus a reference to the ‘cosmic tumblers’ of life. Aquarius (air) is human, Scorpio (water) is the eagle, Leo (fire) is the lion and Taurus (earth) is the bull.

The wheel is usually a harbinger of sudden change, a twist of fate or an unexpected opportunity. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, the appearance of the wheel serves both as a reminder that everything changes and that while we may exert some control over our fate, it’s not wise to rule out the goddess Fortuna and her wheel of fate.

8 of Wands


Key words: Speed, Momentum, Movement, Communication

Eight wands fly through the air in formation like missiles moving towards a target. They herald a time when things will move quickly and we may be ‘swept up’ in the passion of the moment. This is a time when the energy is right to put ideas into motion. Each wand may also be one of many communications (letters, emails, texts) or as a group they may indicate a journey. In a reading about love or romance the wands are viewed as Cupid’s arrows traveling towards their mark.

4 of Pentacles


Key words: Possessiveness, Stagnation, Self Protection, Boundaries

This card often heralds a tendency to withhold or a need to take care of resources. We may worry about having enough for ourselves and so be unwilling to share with others. The energy of four also denotes boundaries and borders - “This is mine and that is yours”. There is a truth about the nature of the universe that those who give blessings willingly will receive them back in abundance. The man in this seems to hold his box of pentacles possessively, yet there is a certain air about him that suggests he may yet be willing to share. What will you do with your resources?

Ace of Cups


Key words: Emotion, Intuition, Love, Marriage, Maternity, Creativity.

A single jewel-encrusted cup symbolizes the potentiality of emotion found in the suit of cups. The changing nature of emotion is depicted by the phases of the moon arching over a single, visionary eye; fish swim below to show that intuition and empathy are also part of the emotional spectrum.

The Fool


Key words: Alpha-Omega, Inner Child, Potentiality, Leap of Faith, Folly, Spontaneity, Enthusiasm

Clad in colorful motley as in medieval times, the fool dances high above the mountaintops as his small dog dances at his feet. His arms are wide open as he juggles the glyphs of the signs of the zodiac. The fool represents the potentiality of a new energy entering our lives, a time when anything is possible. He also reminds us that at times we must take a leap of faith. His card is unnumbered; he can enter or depart at any phase of in the cycle of life.

This card can be a call to adventure, an admonition to look before you leap, or the harbinger of new opportunities. It may be a sign that you need more spontaneity or child-like enthusiasm in your life. When the fool appears in a reading we are reminded that life is often unpredictable and our best course is to open up to the new energy.



Key words: Strength, Self-Mastery, Inner Resources, Self-Confidence, Courage, Endurance

The strength card in tarot is about finding a calm strength from inside; it advises us to retreat to the ‘yin’, or feminine side of ourselves to find strength as opposed to using masculine brute strength. The lion, representing the animal power of our instincts and desires, sits quietly as a young woman holds the chains that bind him with ease and confidence. Around her head the stars shine their secret wisdom. The appearance of the strength card may also denote courage, fortitude and acceptance of what life may bring. The number eight in numerology represents the duality of strength and power coupled with acceptance. Ultimately it is not how strong we are but how we choose to wield our strength.

When the strength card appears in a reading it is a reminder that we have the strength to deal with the situation at hand and possibly a reminder to step forward and claim our own power.

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