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"A fresh start, something new, spring, something small, cherished, or a literal child. Can describe nearby cards as “new" or “small". (Card #36 + #18 A Small Child is the pregnancy combo. #18 + #36 is just dreaming of becoming pregnant. Bad cards near this one can bring grief, as it’s vulnerable. Timing: Spring, or shortly." - Stella Waldvogel

"We meet this happy, charming child in traditional frilly clothes, clutching their cozy stuffed bunny as they stand in a lovely Victorian nursery right out of Mary Poppins. It's literally a child or tween. In keeping with the time, when all children wore ruffles & petticoats, occupying a momentary open ground before society imposed the duties of gender, it could be “just a child.” Thus in contemporary reading, I may use it as the significator for middle-sex or other-gendered sitters as they identify. More abstractly it represents innocence, naiveté, the new, the simple & the small & the small. This contrasts with High Honors, Kipper 25, which can mean "tall." . I also like using it for Spring, Easter, or Ostara, although others differ." - Fortune Buchholtz

"This card may indicate a child or children, your childhood or your inner child. In many cases it shows a new beginning. This can be a new project, a new job or a new love. We all start small, we are all beginners in this dance of life, so venture a complete restart!" - Susanne Zitzi




"Love or friendship with a nearby person card. Excellent as long as it isn’t near card #8, which points to obstacles and dishonesty." - Stella Waldvogel

"It's what everyone hoped for in the 19th century – the good match. Just ask Jane Austen! Here we see two mated turtledoves coo in an Italian garden with ardent statuary. Romantic love, profound friendship, loyalty and trust are all found in this card. "That trust may be, according to the question, a descriptor of a person or situation, like "trustworthy" or "trusted." With Kipper 8 – beware! Examine the situation carefully for manipulation, cheatin' cheaters, gold- diggers, con artists & deceit." " - Fortune Buchholtz

"You can find love and faithfulness now. Let yourself be guided by your feeling and intuition. This card is primarily an indication of love or falling in love. In professional terms this it may show a workplace love affair. Maybe it just says that you love your work and that your heart and mind are in harmony." - Susanne Zitzi

"The nuances of Kipper provide so many variables. In this case the subject of the card might require more consideration based on adjacent cards. In this example...what we are waiting for, or the outcome of..... and then of course if and when it comes is it genuine?" - Ciro Marchetti


Main Female


"An attractive woman stands in the light of nearby windows holding a red rose. She looks as if she has been lost in a reverie, but is now concerned with the viewer. This is the card that represents a female querent. In a reading for a man, she’s a woman who is important to him." - Stella Waldvogel

"The female significator and likewise co-protagonist. Again with the time, she's an elegant lady, clad in a fine tea dress edged with lace and beading, properly wearing her pearls in the afternoon. We meet her in her private sitting room, adjacent to her boudoir. Her red rose bud points above her, to what's on her mind. It shows the importance of open, deep, romantic love in her life. But on her table we see only white roses, symbols of innocence or hidden love. (Red and white roses together also make a subtle reference to the deck's British setting.) In an opposite-sex reading, she's the partner of Kipper 1. In a same-sex reading, she's the partner of the Great Beauty, Kipper 12." - Fortune Buchholtz




"Someone you go to for the resolution of a disagreement or problem. Might be a judge, mediator, lawyer or doctor. Stress, bad news." - Stella Waldvogel

"A neutral to somewhat challenging card. Here we meet the Magistrate on his bench, the anxious couple before him to await his decision. He will make a decision on your matter – it could be for you, but it could also be against you. As he's not particularly interested in you – you're just a case number to himthat causes some stress. Literally this card stands for minor government officials, bureaucrats, clerks, school boards, zoning boards & other types of boards or professional advisers. His decision could result in a fine or a fee, a permit issued or denied, the need to file, serve, or be served documents, or it could be the finalizing of a small family matter. He'll explain “the process,” from which comes a sense also of process server, therapist, arbitrator, or negotiator. Since he's explaining stuff to you, he's also used for teachers & tax preparers. And from that sense, sometimes lessons." - Fortune Buchholtz

"This card indicates all public mattes and all kind of advisers, for example advocates, tax advisers or doctors.When this card appears, probably discussions or negotiations are necessary. In your personal relationships Judication describes clarifying discussions or debates. In professional terms all participants in an advisory role are represented. Furthermore, this card indicates all matters that are public." - Susanne Zitzi

"While this card and its meaning suggest that finally the matter will be resolved, it doesn’t indicate whether the outcome will necessarily be in your favor. Other cards in the spread will provide more indication of the possible outcome." - Ciro Marchetti


False Person


"At best, this card stands for a mistake or faux pas. More often it indicates deceit. A dishonest person working against you behind the scenes. Close to the significator, it warns of danger and bad luck; when far, it stands for betrayal and loss." - Stella Waldvogel

"In this challenging card we see a sly & evasive woman hiding her real expression behind her Spanish fan, while at the side of the marble hall lurks a mysterious & somewhat sinister man in a fancy-dress mask. Is it just their costumes for the ball, or are they up to no good? What are they hiding? Drama kings & queens, lovers of trouble, manipulators, the frenemy: however you want to phrase it, watch out! This card has the power to turn beneficial cards to their opposite when next to them. Lies & liars, danger & deceit. Even far away, it may mean treachery." - Fortune Buchholtz

"Don’t trust everybody or everything you see – even salt looks like sugar. This card warns you against misleading, dishonesty and deception. Hold your cards close. Check your motivation and targets too." - Susanne Zitzi

"The use of a fan and suggestion of a masquerade ball provides an ideal scenario for falsehood. Behind the costumes and masks you can indeed become someone else.... or perhaps an opportunity to be be what you really are, as opposed to how you normally present yourself on a day to day basis.... Which is the real you and which is the false? Do the roles vary, based on where you are or who you are with?" - Ciro Marchetti




"Informal communications such as letters, texts, notes, memos, phone calls, voice messages and emails. (#27 is the card for formal paperwork requiring a signature.)" - Stella Waldvogel

"The original connotation of this card is a “pleasant message.” It's generally good news, unless with challenging cards. Below you it may also be something you're in denial about or refusing to hear. Here we see a writing desk with a lovely antique brass phone, a dip pen, and a heavy crystal inkwell. A hand holds a telegram, still in its envelope. Inside the letter box we see different kinds of written notes: a business or calling card, a folded letter in its envelope, etc. It stands for all forms of messages and communications: phone calls, texts, emails, letters, documents, notes, papers, etc. As it's the 7th card, it can represent 7 days or 1 week." - Fortune Buchholtz

"Where messages are missing, the rumors grow"
(Alberto Moravia)

"This card shows all your messages and mails – private or public. It also describes the daily news and all kind of information and correspondence, even newspapers and magazines. Message recommends you to interact with others." - Susanne Zitzi

"The broken seal on the envelope suggests that in this particular scene the message is one that has been received. Nevertheless the phone, pen and inkwell depicts a working desk from where messages can also be sent." - Ciro Marchetti


Privileged Lady


"Can be a young woman, a daughter, or younger mistress. When this card isn’t referring to a person, it’s talking about a lucky phase, being carefree, no worries. Usually a very nice card, but near bad ones, it can be family-related grief." - Stella Waldvogel

"We meet the Great Beauty, the epitome of wealth, ease, youth, health, beauty & charm, as she strolls across the wide lawn past the orchid house on a beautiful Spring day in the country. Lavishly dressed in the latest fashion, she gives us the relaxed look of a lady used to admiration. This card stands for fun, creativity, luxury, the good life, all beautiful things. She can also be the best friend of the Lady, Kipper 2, in opposite-sex readings, or the partner of the Lady in same-sex readings. As the female counterpart of the Millionaire, Kipper 13, she can be a younger female relative, a niece, a younger sister or half-sister, a daughter or step-daughter, a cousin or even a bridesmaid. But with False Person, Kipper 8, she can be a Mean Girl – snobbery, vanity, disdain & cluelessness. With other challenging cards she can be wayward, headstrong, stubborn." - Fortune Buchholtz

"This card represents prosperity, luxuries, creativity and wellness. It may also show a young female friend or relative (girlfriend, sister, daughter, best friend) or a young privileged lady. It is a card that shows the gentle and comfortable way of life. Enjoy it – and don’t forget that the noblest dresses will become rags one day." - Susanne Zitzi




"This is a very lucky card that can take the edge off of nearby negative cards. It stands for happiness, praise, profits, recognition, or a literal gift. Near the significator, it’s even stronger. There is no downside to this card! Timing: Around the time of the next holiday or celebration." - Stella Waldvogel

"A very positive & enabling card. While the significator relaxes in the family room by a cozy fire, here's a surprise – a trinket wrapped in chased gold paper & topped with a sweet silk bow. Literally gifts, aid, help, support, resources, rescue, and joy. It's always exactly what you need, physically or mentally. This powerful card has the ability to soften the blow of nearby challenging ones. It also reveals an interesting timing idea unique to Kipper, representing “by the next holiday of any sort” or a birthday. Generically I use it to stand for Winter, Christmas or Yule. In keeping with contemporary society, I may also use Gift as the partner of an other-gendered Child, Kipper 18, significator as they identify." - Fortune Buchholtz

"Be open for the support of others. Be receptive to small positive gestures or proposals. This card can indicate a new job offer, a promotion or helpfulness. It also announces a gesture of reconciliation or even a declaration of love. Take this gift and opportunity." - Susanne Zitzi

"The gesture is depicted in such a way as to serve both as the act of giving or receiving." - Ciro Marchetti




"Although this is a card of longing, it advises waiting rather than forcing the issue it’s best to let things happen in their own time. Sometimes referred to as “Three Months Patience”. Timing: Not literally three months the timing is usually from a few weeks to a couple of months." - Stella Waldvogel

"Here we meet a resigned and slightly somber lady in the day room as she gazes out the wide windows over a misty orchard. Church bells toll in the background. Is that a locket dangling from her lace choker, holding a picture of her friend? Yes, she is waiting with clasped hands. Literally, a pause, a waiting period, no forward motion. More abstractly, a time for observation, reflection, contemplation, thinking things through, patience, and non-action. Let events ripen of their own accord. Traditionally this card is associated with a 3-month wait, and that works for me. Contrast with the indefinite block of Imprisonment, Kipper 29." - Fortune Buchholtz

"This card describes all your expectations, wishes and hopes. It also makes clear that you should be patient in order to reach your goal, since your situation is more dependent on the outside world. In love it can indicate that you're wishing for a partnership and still have to wait. In professional matters you should be patient too time is working for you, use the waiting time for a little rest." - Susanne Zitzi

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