Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretations

Seven of Cups Tarot card meaning and interpretation

In numerology the key theme of the number 7 is contemplative rest and in numerology forecasting a 7 personal day would be a day of rest. The major religions of the world all have a day of rest and prayer every 7 days. As well as being a number of what is sacred it is also a number of analysis, study and planning. This time of rest can also be a time of inaction and careful planning before making a move. In Tarot the cards numbered 7 tend to be defensive cards, such as the 7 Of Wands or The Chariot. This attribute comes from 7's strategy of inaction instead of action, holding one's ground waiting to see what others do letting them make the first move.

The 7 of Cups combines the element of Water with the numerological traits of the number 7. Water being symbolic of emotions, love and relationships, this restful and contemplative card suggests an inactivity in the development of feelings while also taking time to meditate and analyse prominent feelings and relationships. Tarot is never fixed in its interpretations but to illustrate some possibilities for this card will we look at three possible examples of how this watery 7 can be interpreted.

There may be conflicting emotions that need working through to untwine, sort out and prioritise. Strong feelings, or love, for two people when there is a place for only one in your life. Or feelings developing for a person, location or vocation which would require the sacrifice of something, or some others, to allow those feelings to continue to grow and flourish. If these scenarios cover your situation this card would be advising inaction and more analysis before making any major decisions. Wait and see how feelings develop, evolve and change before making any moves.

The 7 of Cups can be the day dreamers card. Tarot maybe indicating that what you are feeling is more wishful thinking than practical reality. There's nothing wrong with having dreams and ambitions. Surrounding cards in your Tarot spread will elaborate on the positives and negatives of this wishful thinking, if this is the case.

Finally let us look at a defensive example of the 7 of Cups. As feelings develop and we become more aware of their weight upon us there is always the temptation to turn all focus and energy towards the source. If these a good, rewarding, feelings like love then we naturally will want more. However, as those who have experienced heartbreak and disappointed will only know too well, that initial euphoria can quickly turn to something damaging. The Tarot message given through the 7 of Cups could be to keep your options open and make no moves or initiations in developing these feelings too quickly while also keeping a careful watch on where they are going.

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By Arthur Edward Waite (1911)

Strange chalices of vision, but the images are more especially those of the fantastic spirit. Divinatory Meanings: Fairy favours, images of reflection, sentiment, imagination, things seen in the glass of contemplation; some attainment in these degrees, but nothing permanent or substantial is suggested. Reversed: Desire, will, determination, project.

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