9 of Wands

9 of Wands TarotCard

The 9 of Wands, 9 of Rods or 9 of Batons is a card of completion of projects, endings in the home and work place. The element here is Fire which relates to home, community, work & creativity. The aspects of the number 9 in numerology are endings, completion of cycles, harvest time, charity and generosity. The number 9 is associated with The Moon" />, therefore this card can subtly warn of delusions, dreams and things not being all what they appear to be. There are conflicting interpretations associated with this card between Tarot readers and literature on Tarot. Numerology help throw more light on what lies behind this card through knowledge of the meaning of the number 9 which is one of an ending of a cycle. It is time to reap what has been sown and tidy up.

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