Our Top 5 Best Selling Reading Packages

  • Akashic Records

    Akashic Records

    Healing with Akashic Records. Imagine a light grid contain the energy imprint of each soul and its journey, a crystal, a pet, even a home or public place. Within it,
    $79.99 by Aya
  • Know About A Person

    Know About A Person

    Do you have a person in your life that you just can't seem to figure out? This reading will give an overview of the energy that is surrounding them
    $24.99 by Kimba
  • All-In-One


    Pascale's reading is a great choice for a brief, concise and straight reading over four areas of your life: Relationships The person closest to you or any person who comes
    $27.99 by Pascale
  • The Basic

    The Basic

    Shada's "The Basic" is a customized spread based on the question and notes you provide. It is useful for any type of question you may have. The card positions will
    $19.99 by Shada
  • How We Each Feel

    How We Each Feel

    This is a 6 card spread where it will look at what both of you are feeling in a relationship about each other , what you both want and where you
    $32.99 by Anita
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The Hermit

The Hermit TarotCard

The Hermit is a card of introspection and solitude. The imagery is often one of an old man, cloaked, with a lantern lighting his path ahead. The lantern is symbolic of enlightenment in the darkness. This is a card of searching. Alone and searching in the dark for his way in life, carrying nothing but a walking stick and lantern, he serves to remind us that in life we are often alone in our quest for direction. Solitude is often required to remove other distractions around us so we may think clearly, contemplate, rest and plan ahead. The ground below his feet is often depicted as white with snow. Timing is a difficult art to master with Tarot and the appearance of the Hermit can sometimes point to the season of winter.

Numerology: The Hermit is card number 9 of the major arcana. This is the final number of the numerological sequence. All Tarot card's that have the number 9 have a theme of isolation or loneliness. This theme of an end of a cycle is seen in the winter landscape through which the Hermit walks.

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