Deck: BlueDogRose Tarot
by Nakisha E. VanderHoeven.
 Created on Phuture Me
Present Situation
Cause / Obstacles
Best outcome
Recent Past
Future influences
Possible answer
Your resources
Feelings / Hopes / Fears

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Queen of Rodents (Pentacles)

Queen - A white mouse.
A prosperous and handsome woman. She is secure in both ideas and wealth. She can be a fair judge and observant person with much practical knowledge. Logical individual and often misunderstood or underestimated.

King of Birds (Cups)

King - Blue macaw.
A learned and industrious man. He is lustful and fond of the finer things in life, having an abundant appetite and monetary wealth.

The World

21 - The World - Cat and Dog
Completion and fulfillment. Taking control and the ability to make accurate decisions, clarity. Wholeness and contentment.
Shift in power, imbalance, a pivotal point.

5 of Cats (Swords)

5 - Two cats, one up a tree.
A misunderstanding. An overreaction or a negative response that brings delays or altercations. Being stubborn or unreasonable.


10 - Wheel - Hamster on Wheel
Fate, destiny, kismet and luck. A turning point, with larger forces at work. Reversed:
Stagnation, unexpected change, lack of result, inability to move forward.

8 of Dogs (Clubs)

8 - Sleeping dog.
Sadness, a suddenly abandoned idea, or unforeseen separation. A one sided relationship, or reacting to emotional upset.

4 of Rodents (Pentacles)

4 - A gerbil with a wheel of cheese.
A bonus, or unexpected gain often of material goods and the love for material things.

1 of Birds (Cups)

1 - Quaker Parakeet
Joy, love at first sight, passion, or life long friendships. Fulfillment, contentment, the family or home.


0 - Fool - Border Collie Chasing a Ball
Reckless and oblivious actions, unclear and mindless pursuits. Irrational people or actions that are not thought out. A new and risky venture, a flight of fancy, or an act of carelessness.
Reversed: Reckless, frenzied or unthinking actions or events. A need to take things more seriously or with more gravitas.


8 - Strength - Dog and Cat
Physical strength, reserve, conquering adversity. Taking charge, responsibility, mastery, control.
Being overwhelmed, lack of control, or direction.

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