The Star

The Star TarotCard

The Star is the card of hope, renewal, direction, navigation, success and even fame. The Star can point to good things to come in the other cards surrounding it in a spread. The woman is commonly depicted with one foot in the water and the other on the land pouring water from 2 vessels onto the land and into the water. Notice the similarity between this card and Temperance (XIV)" />. The woman is naked in The Star and is pouring one container onto the land and the other into the lake/sea. This symbolises renewal. The land requires irrigation for it to grow plants and provide. The lake is being refilled. Change is being brought about by action which is balanced both emotionally and materially. The water represents the sub-conscious and emotions, the land the material world. Man has navigated using his knowledge of the stars for millennia. A clear nights sky gives clear direction for the knowledgable to follow. 

Numerology: The Star has the number 17 in the major arcana. This is reduced in numerology to 8 (1+7). The number 8 is the number of success, good fortune, wealth, power and control.

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