Temperance TarotCard

Temperance is the card of moderation, discipline, patience, self control, frugality and economy. The appearance of this can foretell a time of peace and harmony. Any difficult situations or testing times will soon give way to a calmer outcome. Surrounding cards will explain the relevance of Temperance. The imagery is commonly that of an angel pouring water from one vessel to another. The theme of moderation is represented in getting the mixture right. Balancing all 4 elements of life to create harmony for not only the individual but everyone else in their life. The angel in the image has one foot on land (element earth) and the other in the lake or sea (element water). Here is a balance between the material world and the emotional.

Numerology: Temperance has the number 14 in the major arcana. This is reduced in numerology to 5 (1+4). The number 5 is the number of freedom, change, travel and experiences. The negative and destructive influences of this number are in the over indulgence of food, drink, drugs and sensuality(sex). To make constructive use of the number 5's influence Temperance must always be applied.


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