The Hierophant

The Pope TarotCard

The Hierophant, also called The Pope or The High Priest, represents  conservatism, conformity, doctrine and dogma. He embodies the written word that is accepted as truth without question. This is an important point to remember in distinguishing The High Priest from the The High Priestess. She represents spirituality through ones own perception, feelings and intuition. He represents knowledge and truth as written down by academics, media, politicians, government or the church. This card can alude to hierarchy and bureaucracy or a leader of an institution. It can also sometimes refer to a marriage ceremony.


Numerology: The Hierophant is card number 5 of Tarot's major arcana. The traditional numerological meanings for 5 of freedom, changes, travel, seeking the sensual do not fit well with this card. However one theme of the numerology 5 does follow this card. A 5 personal year or month is a good time to write a paper, article or book, to put knowledge acquired into print and have it published for the greater good.


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