The Empress

The Empress TarotCard

The Empress embodies femininity, fertility, beauty and romance. This is a woman of power. Although the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck's Empress shows no child or pregnancy, other decks often depict her either pregnant or nursing a baby or both. She is first and foremost a mother. This card can point to a pregnancy or the desire to be fertile and pregnant. She sits in fertile lands abundant with crops, fruits and, in some decks, farm animals. This card can represent the desires of man. The symbology often contains references to Venus, the greek and roman godess of love, beauty and fertility. Venus in Latin translates as love or sexual desire. The appearance of The Empress can indicate plans, events or endeavours that have not yet come to fruition but are gestating, growing and receiving, or needing, nurture. As a person she points to a mother, or mother figure.

Numerology: The Empress is card number 3 of the major arcana. This is the number of creativity, joy, social gatherings.


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