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Judgement, Karma or The Angel is the card of cause and effect, reaping what you sow, conscience, justice on a spiritual level and being given another chance. The symbology in the Rider-Waite-Smith Judgement card is very much Christian with Resurrection and the Last Judgement as an angel blows the final trumpet. In natural philosophy (physics) there is a law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This law applies in the spiritual sense too and is more commonly known as Karma. What you do to others in life so shall this reflected back on you. The symbology of the resurrection, the bring the dead back to life, here is one of being given a second chance, if you deserve it! If you have been in a dead situation this card can indicate a re-awaking and a second chance. In relation to health it can indict healing or the return of a condition or disease you thought had been halted.

Numerology: Judgement has the number 20 in the major arcana. This is reduced in numerology to 2 (2+0). The number 2 is the number of balance, diplomacy, cooperation and consideration for others. Through numerology Judgement is directly related to Justice which also has a value of 2. However Judgement deals with spiritual justice where as Justice deals with material world justice.

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