Justice TarotCard

Justice is a card of balance, fairness, righting a wrong, harmony. This card needs no great explanation to its meaning as it is very clear what it stands for. The surrounding cards will indicate where Justice is being applied or required. The card can refer to a person like a Judge, Lawyer or Police Officer. 

In many Tarot decks Justice is the goddess Athena, from which Athens in Greece takes its name.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, the traditional numbering of Justice as card 8 was swapped for 11 (Strength). Many modern Tarot decks have continued with this altered numbering.

Numerology: For whichever card that is assigned the number 11 in the Major Arcana the numerological meaning is of balance and diplomacy as the number 11 reduces to the number 2. For this reason Justice is numerologically better suited to position 11 than Strength.

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