Tarot's Death Card

Death TarotCardThere are two distinct types of change or endings, one is cyclic and the other non-cyclic or un-expected. Cyclic changes are the seasons of the year, phases of the moon etc. Death is unpredictable change. A sudden and unexpected ending.

Tarot's Death card can be frightening to the Tarot novice. Remember that Tarot speaks to our intuition using symbology therefore this card is not in the deck to predict a coming death.

Tarot tells a story and Death is much like a full stop at the end of a sentence.

Numerology: Death has the number 13 in the major arcana. A number considered unlucky in Western cultures this number, in numerology, reduces to the number 4 (1+3) which is considered unlucky in East Asian cultures. The word for 4 and the word for death are almost the same in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and parts of China. The fear of the number 4 is known as Tetraphobia.


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