Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretations

Two of Wands, Rods or Batons, Tarot card meaning and interpretation

The Suit of Wands, representing the Element of Fire, is about energy, passion and drive. It relates to the home, community and work place where this energy is focused. The positive traits of the number 2 in numerology are balance, diplomacy, cooperation, flexibility and patience. You are probably thinking that this is vague and isn't narrowing things down for helping in understanding the meaning of this card but this is actually the whole point of the card. Where do you focus your energy and passion? With the Ace of Wands this isn't a problem as it's singular and focused, there is no choice. With the 3 Of Wands the decision is made, a direction has been laid. The step between, which is the 2 of Wands, is the diplomacy, negotiation, balance and patience which creates the best plan for directing this passion and energy. These two wands are like the main components of a sailing ship. The Ace of Wands is the mast from which the ship derives its power. That power is useless though without a rudder to steer the ship with.

The numerology of the number 2, in combination with the element of Fire, symbolises balance, fairness and tactfulness applied to the home, community, projects and ambitions. This includes the art of negotiation and anyone skilled at it will understand the need for secrecy because knowledge of your opponents position can provide sufficient power to tip the negotiations in your favour. Like a game of cards you need to keep them covered and not give away any hint of what you really have to offer. Not only keeping your cards close to your chest but attempting to mislead your opponent and furnish them with inaccurate information. The art of negotiation is a morally ambiguous one and when the 2 of Wands appears care must be taken with what you reveal about yourself as well as believing all of what you are being told or shown. This links the 2 of Wands to The High Priestess who is the keeper of secrets and, by virtue of this, the master negotiator.

Three of Wands Tarot card meaning and interpretationIn the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck the artist, Pamela C. Smith, depicted the 2 of Wands as a man standing on the battlement of a fortress over looking a shore and sea. Moving in numerical order through cards in the Minor Arcana some cards have a continuation of a story like the scenes in a comic book. You can see this between the RWS deck's 2 of Wands and 3 of Wands. In the 2 of Wands he holds a globe in his right hand and appears to be studying the Eastern world. In his left hand he holds one of the two wands. Behind him the other is fixed to the battlement with a metal ring. In the RWS deck Smith used agriculture for her themes in the Suit of Pentacles and commerce in the Suit of Wands. We may therefore conclude that in both the two and three of wands what we see is a merchant. In the two he has the whole world to chose from, but where should he focus his energy and passion for trade? In the three he has made his decision and watches the ships on the sea following his plans and sailing away.

The 2 of Wands, 2 of Rods or 2 of Batons card represents the use of diplomatic and tactful guidance to control and focus passions and energy within the home, community or work place. The number 2 is not symbolic of a leader but of a trusted advisor who can coach and lobby those who wield the power of the 1, directing their energy and resources to everyones advantage.

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By Arthur Edward Waite (1911)

A tall man looks from a battlemented roof over sea and shore; he holds a globe in his right hand, while a staff in his left rests on the battlement; another is fixed in a ring. The Rose and Cross and Lily should be noticed on the left side. Divinatory Meanings: Between the alternative readings there is no marriage possible; on the one hand, riches, fortune, magnificence; on the other, physical suffering, disease, chagrin, sadness, mortification. The design gives one suggestion; here is a lord overlooking his dominion and alternately contemplating a globe; it looks like the malady, the mortification, the sadness of Alexander amidst the grandeur of this world's wealth. Reversed: Surprise, wonder, enchantment, emotion, trouble, fear.

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