The Rider Lenormand Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 1 Rider Meaning & Combinations

1 Rider

Quick hit: News, arrival, quickly, speedy

Quality: Positive

Timing: One day, the first day of the month, January or immediate, rapid or fast

Detail: The Rider shows something that moves quickly and is arriving. It may be fast-moving news. He can also represent something new that’s coming onto the scene. The card shows quick and fast. Professionally, the Rider can be a mailman or woman, a romantic interest or an athletic person.

If you are exploring a same-sex romantic reading, this card can represent a same-sex partner or interest.

Compare: Compare the Rider as news to 12.Birds as gossip or chatter.

Sample Rider Combinations:

Rider + 2. Clover

  • Winning $5 in the lottery
  • That nearly missed commuter bus waits for you
  • A trip to a casino
  • A new friendship is short-lived
  • Your parking ticket gets dismissed

Rider + 3. Ship

  • A friend from overseas is coming to visit
  • An upcoming cruise
  • Moving out of the country
  • Buying a sailboat
  • Ordering something made outside of your country, such as Italian leather goods

Rider + 4. House

  • Buying a house, the deal going through
  • New furniture
  • A relative will be moving in
  • A new roommate
  • Moving to a new residence

Rider + 5. Tree

  • The bonsai tree your friend promised to give you is on its way
  • You’ll get over that endless flu
  • The package ordered online will take a long time to arrive
  • An athletic, healthy person
  • A new, beneficial spiritual practice

Rider + 6. Clouds

  • A work reorganization leaves you confused
  • Your depression is returning
  • A new friend has a gloomy temperament
  • Weather news (more clouds!)
  • You can’t tell if that new job offer is a good thing or not

Rider + 7. Snake

  • Your lover may be acting unfaithful
  • A new necklace
  • Building your new website is going to be more complicated than anticipated
  • Your new coworker is out to get you
  • A news article about someone’s pet python getting loose

Rider + 8. Coffin

  • The new project at work will die on the vine
  • News about a politician’s misstep is buried
  • A romantic tryst ends
  • Cancelled horse races
  • You’ve ordered a new, fancy box to store your Lenormand deck in

Rider + 9. Bouquet

  • An admirer has ordered flowers for you
  • You’ll be invited to that party you’ve been hearing about
  • You will meet someone new who makes you happy
  • A new florist
  • You’ll be offered that job you want

Rider + 10. Scythe

  • Yes, you’ll need that surgical procedure
  • New cutlery you ordered is on the way
  • That new job offer is retracted as quickly as it’s offered
  • A new cat that scratches everything
  • A lover with a rapier wit

Rider + 11. Whip

  • You are athletic and work out constantly
  • That new romantic fling is really just physical
  • That article you published will attract criticism
  • Can’t stop thinking about your new horse
  • A new personal trainer

Rider + 12. Birds

  • Your casual romantic interest will blossom into a relationship (being a couple)
  • Someone’s gossiping about you
  • You’re going to get a lot of tweets in response to that comment you put on Twitter
  • A new friend who is a chatter box
  • Reading the news makes you nervous

Rider + 13. Child

  • She’s pregnant
  • You’ll finally get that start-up business going
  • Your friend will act naive when you ask her about dating your ex-boyfriend
  • Your lover is acting immature
  • Your car mechanic tells you the issue is no big deal, you just need new spark plugs

Rider + 14. Fox

  • That problem you’ve been stuck on?
  • You’ll cleverly figure it out
  • A manipulative lover
  • Your new friend is going behind your back
  • Propaganda
  • Going to a magic show

Rider + 15. Bear

  • A new boss
  • Your mother’s wedding announcement
  • You learn about a bully in your kid’s school
  • That new, helpful friend becomes overbearing
  • Gaining weight

Rider + 16. Stars

  • Buying a new internet router
  • A new networking opportunity
  • Going to seeing a therapist
  • New Hubble telescope photos
  • Getting a Lenormand reading for a puzzling issue

Rider + 17. Stork

  • An upcoming promotion
  • Needing to relocate for work
  • Birth announcement
  • An influx of refugees
  • Your lover leaves you for someone “better”

Rider + 18. Dog

  • A new best friend
  • Someone you meet who just won’t stop pestering you
  • Adopting a dog
  • A faithful lover
  • Your new coworker has got your back

Rider + 19. Tower

  • A period of isolation
  • Needing to get some perspective
  • A new company
  • Trying to get a building permit
  • Going to university/college

Rider + 20. Garden

  • A lover who is a “player”
  • Joining a new Facebook group
  • Finding like-minded friends
  • Going to a conference
  • Hearing about a Japanese garden to visit

Rider + 21. Mountain

  • An upcoming trip to climb Kilimanjaro
  • The anticipated offer on your house is delayed
  • A mountain bike
  • A new project that becomes an endurance test
  • Your friend’s visit is delayed

Rider + 22. Crossroads

  • You’re undecided about a job offer
  • A lover with two (concurrent) romantic interests
  • Going nowhere fast
  • Trying to figure out if your new friend is a good person or not
  • Learning they will put in a new traffic intersection where you live

Rider + 23. Mice

  • News about a robbery
  • Your new investments will lose money
  • Someone steals your good news and tells it first
  • Food that’s being shipped to you spoils before it arrives
  • Your new job worries you (will there be layoffs?)

Rider + 24. Heart

  • A new romance
  • You learn about a new heart condition
  • Your favorite relative is coming for a visit
  • A very sweet horse
  • You start a new hobby you really enjoy

Rider + 25. Ring

  • Engagement or wedding news
  • You learn you need to sign a contract for that new project
  • Your new friend seems to go in circles all the time
  • Getting a new ring or piece of jewelry
  • A new cycle in your life

Rider + 26. Book

  • Learning something new
  • An upcoming test
  • A new Lenormand deck
  • A mysterious lover
  • A book collector

Rider + 27. Letter

  • That emergency room visit bill is on the way
  • Medical test results
  • Someone sent you an email
  • A new prescription
  • A government document is leaked

Rider + 28. Man

  • A masculine lover
  • A new brother (by birth, adoption or marriage)
  • A male delivery man
  • News about a man
  • A male athlete

Rider + 29. Lady

  • A feminine lover
  • A new mother by marriage
  • A female courier
  • News about a woman
  • A female athlete

Rider + 30. Lily

  • A new elder care center
  • An older lover
  • You find your favorite lilies at the store
  • Outdated news (a man landed on the moon!)
  • An elder relative is coming to visit

Rider + 31. Sun

  • A news story exposing corruption
  • The Sun (a UK tabloid newspaper)
  • You’ll be very successful at your new job
  • An upcoming drought
  • Winning a race

Rider + 32. Moon

  • A new romance
  • News of a lunar landing
  • Upcoming recognition at work
  • An upcoming period of creativity
  • Deciding to manage your reputation (how you appear to others)

Rider + 33. Key

  • Finding lost keys
  • An incoming solution to your problem
  • A new sense of certainty
  • If you’ve been stuck, a new door will open
  • Getting a “hidden rooms” pass at the Vatican while on vacation

Rider + 34. Fish

  • The gnome collection your friend gives you is enormous
  • Inheriting money
  • A new lover is a cold fish
  • Financial news
  • You’ll take like a fish to water on that new project

Rider + 35. Anchor

  • You read a news story that changes you forever
  • A new lover that just can’t take the hint (won’t go away)
  • Your temp job will become permanent
  • A new period of stability
  • Ordering a new anchor for your sailboat

Rider + 36. Cross

  • The in-law you can’t stand is coming to live with you
  • Becoming a nun
  • You decide to sacrifice your career to raise your kids
  • You’re going to learn a painful lesson
  • The new job is going to make you miserable

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