30 - Lily

Lenormand - 30.Lily

30 Lily


Depending on position, the card may take a noun (person, place or thing) or descriptive meaning (such as an adjective). Both examples are provided. The cards can also be very literal, so literal meanings, if applicable, are provided as well.


Quick hit: Elder, peace, serene, virtuous


Quality: Neutral


Timing: Thirtieth day of the month; a long time, maturity


Detail: The Lily signifies a peaceful or serene state. It can also point to an honest, virtuous or moral person. It can mean a mature, elderly person or signify retirement. 


Compare: Compare the maturity of the Lily to the long time span of the Tree.


Sample combinations: 

30 Lily + 24 Heart = Peaceful heart

30 Lily + 20 Garden = Retirement community

30 Lily + 12 Birds = Honest discussion

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