Lenormand Snake Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 7 Snake Meaning & Combinations

7 Snake

Quick hit: Trouble, the other woman, deceptive, false or literally, wires, plumbing or jewelry (bracelet, necklace)

Quality: Negative

Timing: Seven days, weeks, months, the seventh day of the month, July

Detail: The Snake is a card of trouble. It represents betrayal, rivalry or a hypocrite, which is usually in the form of a person. To that end, this card may represent “the other woman.” This person is false, vicious or manipulative (or all of the above!) and has a hidden agenda. More literally, the Snake’s shape can point to plumbing (pipes), wires or even jewelry, such as a bracelet or necklace.

Compare: Compare the direct and visible viciousness of the Snake to the sneaky cleverness of the Fox.

Sample Snake Combinations:

Snake + 1. Rider

  • Watch out
  • someone nasty is coming your way
  • an upcoming complication
  • a new bracelet

Snake + 2. Clover

  • That bad guy has all the luck
  • a lucky charm bracelet
  • that rival at work creates risk for your career

Snake + 3. Ship

  • No matter where you go, you take your troubles with you
  • plumbing/pipes export business
  • international problems

Snake + 4. House

  • Your new roommate is untrustworthy
  • new plumbing/pipes for your house
  • domestic problems

Snake + 5. Tree

  • His deception isn’t going to stop any time soon
  • your pet snake is healthy
  • a long-term affair with another woman

Snake + 6. Clouds

  • Your problems depress you
  • that complicated situation leaves you very confused
  • you can’t find your way out of a bad sitaution

Snake + 8. Coffin

  • The problem you’re having will end
  • the affair with the other woman is a dead end
  • your plumbing is backed up

Snake + 9. Bouquet

  • Sometimes troubles are great teachers
  • a psychopath
  • your friend gifts you a pet python

Snake + 10. Scythe

  • The infidelity stops as quickly as it started
  • that horrible friend cuts you to the bone
  • a snake bite

Snake + 11. Whip

  • That “other woman” won’t go away
  • a hypocritical, judgmental person
  • a viscous cycle of over exercising

Snake + 12. Birds

  • Nasty tweets
  • feeling nervous about doing the wrong thing
  • they deserve each other — they’re both horrible

Snake + 13. Child

  • Petulant child
  • the beginning of some serious problems
  • an immature, hurtful person

Snake + 14. Fox

  • That person’s really crafty — watch out!
  • a clever scam
  • a clever rival

Snake + 15. Bear

  • A mean mother-in-law
  • an overbearing narcissist
  • a hurtful bully

Snake + 16. Stars

  • Navigating by stars when sailing that night was a complete disaster
  • she hopes you’ll buy into her lies
  • the dark web

Snake + 17. Stork

  • He’s looking for trouble
  • a two-faced person
  • she’s trying to change for the better

Snake + 18. Dog

  • Your friend, who is horrible to everyone else, is quite devoted to you
  • the pipes in your new house have one problem after the other
  • a bodyguard

Snake + 19. Tower

  • Your company is being audited
  • an endless bureaucracy
  • telling tall tales

Snake + 20. Garden

  • A reptile display in the zoo
  • herd poisoning
  • compulsive liars’ anonymous group

Snake + 21. Mountain

  • Finally, someone stopped that manipulative coworker
  • nearly insurmountable troubles

Snake + 22. Crossroads

  • Damned if you do and damned if you don’t
  • a false choice
  • a horrible decision (stay with your abusive mate or leave him/her and lose everything)

Snake + 23. Mice

  • Your bad behavior is eating away at you
  • the other woman is destroying the relationship
  • your plumbing leak is ruining your basement

Snake + 24. Heart

  • A complicated affair
  • heart (cardio) problems
  • heart worms (dog)

Snake + 25. Ring

  • A vicious cycle
  • an cursed ring (the One Ring)
  • a fraudulent agreement

Snake + 26. Book

  • A dark grimoire
  • knowing about a complicated situation
  • a vain biography

Snake + 27. Letter

  • Every time you read that hateful text, you get upset all over again
  • phishing emails
  • hate mail

Snake + 28. Man

  • A false, complex, lying or untrustworthy male

Snake + 29. Lady

  • A false, complex, lying or untrustworthy female
  • the other woman

Snake + 30. Lily

  • Finding peace with difficultly
  • ancient plumbing
  • old con tricks

Snake + 31. Sun

  • Her deception comes to light
  • you find that leak in your pipes
  • a successful narcissist (apparently, self-promotion paid off for him)

Snake + 32. Moon

  • His manipulation is hidden from everyone
  • falling for the wrong person
  • he’s definitely cheating on you

Snake + 33. Key

  • Her trickery is the pivotal point
  • betrayal is essential in this case
  • your path is winding, that’s key

Snake + 34. Fish

  • It’s so complicated you might want to run the other way
  • unanticipated turns at every corner
  • she took to lying like a fish in water

Snake + 35. Anchor

  • He won’t end his affair with her
  • the situation never gets simpler
  • you love your new bracelet so much, you’ll never take it off

Snake + 36. Cross

  • The other woman ruined your family’s happiness
  • your brother’s drug habit takes a terrible toll
  • your old house’s pipes are a constant problem

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