Lenormand Whip Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 11 Whip Meaning & Combinations

11 Whip

Quick hit: Chronic, sex, critical, argumentative 

Quality: Negative

Timing: Eleven days, weeks, months, the 11th of the month, November; repetitive 

Detail: The Whip card is also called the Birch Rod or Broom. It speaks to repetitive acts, such as ongoing criticism, conflicts or disputes. More lightly, it may indicate a passionate discussion. It can also refer to sex or repetitive athletic activities. Note that some schools rely on the Lily card to mean sex instead.

Compare: Compare the repetitive nature of Whip to the fleeting nature of Clover.

Sample Whip Combinations:

Whip + 1. Rider

  • An upcoming conflict
  • A new lover
  • Joining a new gym

Whip + 2. Clover

  • Promiscuity (perhaps being unsafe)
  • Getting constructive criticism that helps you
  • Your new exercise routine is helpful

Whip + 3. Ship

  • Being obsessed with all things Italian
  • Your friend’s criticism is all over the map
  • Constantly taking cruises

Whip + 4. House

  • Discord at home
  • A home gym
  • Newlyweds who spend more time in the bedroom than not

Whip + 5. Tree

  • A healthy debate
  • Endless criticism from your in-law
  • A persistent fever

Whip + 6. Clouds

  • Confused rants and ramblings
  • Persistent negative self-talk
  • Depression that doesn’t lift

Whip + 7. Snake

  • A person in your life who is nothing but trouble
  • Your partner’s habitually cheating on you
  • A series of complications in your life

Whip + 8. Coffin

  • Getting your OCD under control
  • Neglecting your workout routine
  • Your relationship is abusive but you don’t say a word

Whip + 9. Bouquet

  • A talented critic
  • A new dominatrix
  • A gift for tenacity

Whip + 10. Scythe

  • A dispute leading to the severing of a relationship
  • You receive sharp criticism
  • You cut off your mother-in-law for being so argumentative

Whip + 12. Birds

  • Feeling habitually anxious
  • A gossip who has nothing nice to say
  • A couple who works out together

Whip + 13. Child

  • You have a small disagreement
  • Your little niece is a pest
  • You figure out that competing against your friend for a lover is an immature thing to do

Whip + 14. Fox

  • Being persistently clever
  • Cunning competition
  • A sneaky affair

Whip + 15. Bear

  • Your mom never stops telling you what to do
  • A micromanaging boss
  • Having a passion for maternal types

Whip + 16. Stars

  • Constantly looking for guidance
  • Being on social media too much
  • A debate team

Whip + 17. Stork

  • You constantly look to improve your situation (and may be restless)
  • Really wanting to get pregnant
  • Worrying about your upcoming move

Whip + 18. Dog

  • A trainer who helps correct dog behaviours
  • Being conflict-oriented
  • You and your partner constantly argue about getting a new dog

Whip + 19. Tower

  • A corporate job you hate
  • Fretting in isolation
  • A corporate watchdog firm

Whip + 20. Garden

  • A running team
  • A bunch of critics
  • A dominatrix convention

Whip + 21. Mountain

  • You keep running into the same obstacles over and over
  • Ruminating about why you can’t get promoted
  • Your tenacity gradually overcomes the issue

Whip + 22. Crossroads

  • Debating a decision
  • An inability to choose between lovers
  • Plotting your escape

Whip + 23. Mice

  • That criticism gnawed you to the bone
  • Time to call the exterminator - the mice are out of control
  • Chronic stress

Whip + 24. Heart

  • That one night stand meant more than you thought
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Criticism out of love

Whip + 25. Ring

  • Constantly going in circles with your partner
  • Debating a contract
  • You can’t believe he proposed to her

Whip + 26. Book

  • Being habitually secretive
  • A book about yoga
  • A book critic

Whip + 27. Letter

  • Obsessively journaling
  • Argumentative texts
  • Debating your test results

Whip + 28. Man

  • Lawyer
  • Trainer
  • Domme/Dom

Whip + 29. Lady

  • Lawyer
  • Trainer
  • Dominatrix

Whip + 30. Lily

  • Being preoccupied with your age
  • Gracefully accepting criticism
  • A senior who is athletic

Whip + 31. Sun

  • She’s annoyingly optimistic
  • He spends all his energy criticising others
  • That workout routine is doing its magic

Whip + 32. Moon

  • Always getting the accolades
  • An extrovert who thrives in the public domain
  • Being an incurable romantic

Whip + 33. Key

  • Persistence is the key
  • Your tenacity will pay off
  • Be a person of action

Whip + 34. Fish

  • His critical nature was an asset
  • A whip collection from the wild west
  • Working out too much

Whip + 35. Anchor

  • She never goes anywhere
  • Inaction
  • An obsessive attachment

Whip + 36. Cross

  • The troubles never cease
  • Being fanatically religious
  • Creating a lot of problems

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