Lenormand Crossroads Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 22 Crossroads Meaning & Combinations

22 Crossroads

Depending on position, the card may take a noun (person, place or thing) or descriptive meaning (such as an adjective). Both examples are provided. The cards can also be very literal, so literal meanings, if applicable, are provided as well.

Quick hit:  Decision, evaluation, choosing, avoiding 

Quality: Neutral

Timing: Two weeks, months, the 22nd day of the month; temporary 

Detail: The Crossroads represents the many choices we face. It can represent a decision already made or indecision, whether by waffling back and forth or paralysis. This card may represent two of something as well.

Compare: Compare the indecision of Crossroads to the certainty of the Anchor.

Sample Crossroads Combinations:

Crossroads + 1. Rider

  • You’ll be faced with an upcoming choice
  • You need to make a decision about where you get your news
  • You really need to decide between your lovers

Crossroads + 2. Clover

  • A small decision
  • A decision that doesn’t have much risk

Crossroads + 3. Ship

  • You have to decide if you’re going to Italy or not
  • You can’t figure out which shipping company to use

Crossroads + 4. House

  • You and your husband keep fighting about which furniture to choose
  • You can’t decide if you want to live with your parents or not

Crossroads + 5. Tree

  • She keeps making healthy decisions
  • This decision is going to have deeper implications over the longer-term

Crossroads + 6. Clouds

  • She just couldn’t see clearly enough to make any kind of decision
  • Well it’s for the better, leaving her left him quite depressed

Crossroads + 7. Snake

  • This decision has long and winding implications
  • He’s trying to decide if he should buy her a bracelet or not

Crossroads + 8. Coffin

  • A break up in a relationship
  • Quitting a job

Crossroads + 9. Bouquet

  • She can’t decide whether or not to invite him to her party
  • He felt undecided about his gift

Crossroads + 10. Scythe

  • Dad isn’t sure it would be good to get that surgery
  • She’s trying to figure out if she should break up quickly or do it over time

Crossroads + 11. Whip

  • Well exercising all the time seems like a good idea, he never could decide if he should do it or not
  • She’s extremely indecisive and goes back and forth

Crossroads + 12. Birds

  • He couldn’t decide if he like them as a couple or not
  • While she really loved to gossip, she was trying to decide if it was the best thing to do

Crossroads + 13. Child

  • Their son just wouldn’t behave so they were trying to decide the best approach for discipline
  • Choosing to have another child
  • A small decision

Crossroads + 14. Fox

  • A clever choice
  • Being manipulated into making a decision
  • He made the choice because it was the only way to survive

Crossroads + 15. Bear

  • Voting for an elected official
  • A decisive boss

Crossroads + 16. Stars

  • Wanting to make choices that improve your life
  • Being inspired to make a decision about your friends

Crossroads + 17. Stork

  • Wanting to become pregnant
  • Choosing to relocate

Crossroads + 18. Dog

  • Make this choice carefully because there’s no going back
  • Picking out a dog at the shelter

Crossroads + 19. Tower

  • Making a decision to move your career forward
  • The company decides to acquire another company

Crossroads + 20. Garden

  • While you’ve been invited to that group, you’re not sure if they’re for you
  • Every time the two made a decision, they were like minded about it

Crossroads + 21. Mountain

  • Instead of making a decision that would be better for her, she made a decision to hold her friend back instead
  • By taking that job, it meant his career path was over

Crossroads + 23. Mice

  • Her decision had a bad effect on him and ruined him
  • Making that choice really worried her

Crossroads + 24. Heart

  • Making an emotional decision
  • Trying to figure out if he should make choices to be happy or practical

Crossroads + 25. Ring

  • Deciding to sign a contract
  • She declined his marriage proposal

Crossroads + 26. Book

  • Choosing to keep a secret
  • Picking the best school for your education

Crossroads + 27. Letter

  • She regrets deciding to send that text
  • Well she got the prescription she’s not sure if she should take it or not

Crossroads + 28. Man

  • An independently minded man
  • A flighty man
  • A male life coach

Crossroads + 29. Lady

  • An independently minded woman
  • A flight tea woman
  • A female life coach

Crossroads + 30. Lily

  • The decision gave you a great sense of peace
  • Deciding to be very discreet

Crossroads + 31. Sun

  • Being positive was a decision she made every day
  • Figuring out where to go on a holiday

Crossroads + 32. Moon

  • The choices you make now will affect your reputation over the longer term
  • A public decision

Crossroads + 33. Key

  • This decision is extremely important
  • Choosing to say yes

Crossroads + 34. Fish

  • The day was so bad, she decided to get drunk after work
  • Deciding to liquidate all of your assets

Crossroads + 35. Anchor

  • It really frustrated him that all of her decisions were about security
  • Deciding to stick together for the long-haul

Crossroads + 36. Cross

  • Deciding to be strong in the face of a challenge
  • Choosing to go into the seminary

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