Lenormand Stork Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 17 Stork Meaning & Combinations

17 Stork

Depending on position, the card may take a noun (person, place or thing) or descriptive meaning (such as an adjective). Both examples are provided. The cards can also be very literal, so literal meanings, if applicable, are provided as well.

Quick hit: Back and forth, improvement, changing, fertile

Quality: Neutral

Timing: Seventeen days, the 17th day of the month; seasonal, imminent, swift

Detail: The Stork is a bird that migrates back and forth. So, this card can show changes, moving and improvement. The Stork can also indicate fertility, pregnancy or delivery.

Compare: Compare the back and forth of the Stork to the choice of Crossroads.

Sample Stork Combinations:

Stork + 1. Rider

  • And upcoming change
  • You’ll get news that someone is pregnant
  • You’ll relocate for your job very soon

Stork + 2. Clover

  • A small improvement
  • Feeling a little restless
  • Success at the fertility clinic

Stork + 3. Ship

  • Wanderlust
  • Feeling indecisive about your upcoming vacation
  • Moving overseas for a great opportunity

Stork + 4. House

  • A home improvement project
  • Moving to a new home
  • Things get better at home

Stork + 5. Tree

  • Improvements and health
  • Long-term restlessness
  • Patiently waiting for a change

Stork + 6. Clouds

  • His depression comes and goes
  • Wondering if you’re pregnant
  • You’re unclear whether or not you’ll get promoted at work

Stork + 7. Snake

  • And upcoming change that’s not for the better
  • You’ll finally solve that plumbing issue
  • Your upcoming move will be rife with complications

Stork + 8. Coffin

  • That offer you made on the new house doesn’t go through
  • His indecisiveness comes to an end
  • The recent changes leave you feeling trapped

Stork + 9. Bouquet

  • Your new job will make you happy
  • Her pregnancy is a gift
  • You’ll finally start that business selling flowers

Stork + 10. Scythe

  • Plants for relocation stopped as quickly as they started
  • That surgical procedure will help
  • Having a surgical procedure so you don’t have children

Stork + 11. Whip

  • Constantly seeking improvement
  • A workout routine that leaves you feeling better
  • Regular visits to a fertility clinic

Stork + 12. Birds

  • Their relationship improves
  • An upcoming change that creates a lot of chatter
  • Your vacillating is leaving her frazzled

Stork + 13. Child

  • The beginning of something great
  • Definitely having a child
  • Playing the field, constantly looking for something better

Stork + 14. Fox

  • While he pretends your relationship is better, he still up to his old tricks
  • They pretend they’re interested in hiring you but they’re not
  • Be careful with your relocation, it may not be a great idea

Stork + 15. Bear

  • Your relationship with your mother-in-law improves
  • Your new boss is wonderful
  • The bullying will stop

Stork + 16. Stars

  • An network group of mothers to be
  • Your internet connection gets better in the office
  • Seeking guidance for making positive changes

Stork + 18. Dog

  • The positive changes she’s making will stick
  • While he seems to go back-and-forth, he’s really loyal
  • The pregnancy will take this time

Stork + 19. Tower

  • Your company is relocating
  • Take heart, things will get better at work
  • Choosing to deliver your child in a hospital

Stork + 20. Garden

  • A group of people who travel together
  • That group of friends who were antagonistic have a change of heart
  • Birds in the garden

Stork + 21. Mountain

  • When you try to move to another country, you’re blocked due to issues with your passport
  • A difficult birth
  • It seems like winter will never end

Stork + 22. Crossroads

  • Complete indecisiveness
  • You have a choice to do better
  • Trying to decide if you want to have children or not

Stork + 23. Mice

  • The attention to his recent weight loss gnaws at you
  • Living overseas isn’t as great as you thought it would be
  • That charismatic life coach is really a huckster

Stork + 24. Heart

  • Your new romantic interest changes your outlook for the better
  • Recovering from depression
  • That surgical procedure on your heart made all the difference

Stork + 25. Ring

  • Putting everything in a contract made all the difference in the world
  • Starting the new year with a resolution to do better
  • Going round and round on a decision he says will make things better

Stork + 26. Book

  • A self improvement book
  • Improving yourself through learning
  • A book on pregnancy

Stork + 27. Letter

  • She felt so much better after getting his letter
  • Test results on your pregnancy
  • Immigration documents

Stork + 28. Man

  • A tall, thin man
  • A male nurse
  • A male nomad

Stork + 29. Lady

  • A tall, thin woman
  • A female nurse
  • A female nomad

Stork + 30. Lily

  • You’re finding that life gets better with age
  • Moving to a new country gives you a wonderful sense of peace
  • Spring cleaning always makes you feel very settled

Stork + 31. Sun

  • While you’ve been keeping your pregnancy a secret, your friend outs you
  • The changes they’ve been making behind your back suddenly surface
  • Seeking greener pastures

Stork + 32. Moon

  • The effort you’ve made to improve things that work is going to be recognized
  • He has a great reputation as a life coach
  • She has a knack for managing how people see her

Stork + 33. Key

  • Yes, you’re pregnant
  • That change is a great idea
  • Things will definitely get better

Stork + 34. Fish

  • Making a lot of changes with the hopes that things will get better
  • Your financial situation will improve
  • A sperm donor

Stork + 35. Anchor

  • After trying to get pregnant for a couple of years, this one finally sticks
  • On a whim, you move overseas and decide that you’re never going home
  • While they said the reorganization at work was temporary, it’s definitely not

Stork + 36. Cross

  • His promotion made everything worse for you
  • Pregnant when you don’t want to be
  • A refugee

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