Lenormand Clouds Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 6 Clouds Meaning & Combinations

6 Clouds

Quick hit: Depression, confusion, unclear, undecided or literally, cloudy weather

Quality: Negative

Timing: Six days, weeks or months, the sixth day of the year, June or delays, unsure

Detail: Think of a cloudy day when the sun is hidden and it’s difficult to see any blue sky, and you’ll get a sense of this card. The Clouds are about confusion or lack of clarity. With the clouds, things are unclear. The clouds can also point to depression, negativity or even self-deception. The clouds muddle decisions and make things murky and troubling. Literally, this card can show cloudy weather.

Compare: Compare the unclear Clouds to the exposure and clarity of 31.Sun.

Sample Clouds Combinations:

Clouds + 1. Rider

  • The onset of depression
  • while you feel certain today, tomorrow you won’t

Clouds + 2. Clover

  • Feeling glum was actually a good thing since you met a new love in group therapy
  • your confusion doesn’t work in your favor when making business decisions

Clouds + 3. Ship

  • The international financial markets don’t make any sense this year

Clouds + 4. House

  • Your entire household has the blues
  • this time, depression hits close to home

Clouds + 5. Tree

  • Sometimes it’s healthy to lose your ground (growth opportunity)
  • it never stops raining
  • his self-deception is endless

Clouds + 7. Snake

  • No one understands your depression. it’s just not that simple
  • rain runes your trip
  • you can’t seem to gain clarity and it’s ruining your life

Clouds + 8. Coffin

  • Your confusion suddenly passes
  • her depression ends
  • the rain stops

Clouds + 9. Bouquet

  • Feeling depressed taught you a lot about life
  • singing in the rain

Clouds + 10. Scythe

  • It suddenly stops raining
  • your depression leaves as quickly as it started

Clouds + 11. Whip

  • Endlessly confused
  • horrible self-criticism
  • an ex judges you

Clouds + 12. Birds

  • Weather report
  • that pair is made for each other. they’re so chaotic
  • anxious depression

Clouds + 13. Child

  • The beginning of a battle with depression
  • your ex acts like a child
  • a little rain

Clouds + 14. Fox

  • A deceitful ex
  • he’s so slimy, you can’t tell what he wants from you
  • pretending to be okay when you’re not

Clouds + 15. Bear

  • Overbearing depression
  • a pushy ex

Clouds + 16. Stars

  • Feeling blue inspires your poetry
  • navigating through the chaos

Clouds + 17. Stork

  • Your head is starting to clear
  • the weather is improving
  • your ex stops acting like a jerk

Clouds + 18. Dog

  • It’s cloudy here all the time
  • your ex will never go away
  • an ongoing battle with depression

Clouds + 19. Tower

  • Bureaucracy doing what it does best — creating confusion
  • feeling really alone and down
  • it’s official, you’ve been diagnosed with depression

Clouds + 20. Garden

  • Group therapy for depression
  • the whole team is confused
  • that church’s fund raising efforts don’t seem to benefit the intended recipients

Clouds + 21. Mountain

  • Your depression prevents you from forming relationships
  • your ex keeps you from moving forward
  • yes, the rain was so bad it filled our boots to the brim, but we’re not stopping the hiking trip

Clouds + 22. Crossroads

  • Choosing not to see clearly
  • rain then sun then rain then sun — all day long
  • choosing to indulge your glum mood

Clouds + 23. Mice

  • Your depression is really getting to you
  • the rain ruined my weekend
  • you’re unsure if you should buy pet mice for your kids or not

Clouds + 24. Heart

  • Feeling emotional about your lack of clarity — what to do with your life?
  • you love the rain
  • your ex is so passionate

Clouds + 25. Ring

  • Going in circles at work and never making progress
  • cyclical depression
  • depression that never leaves

Clouds + 26. Book

  • Hiding your mental health issue
  • he doesn’t seem to make much sense, but he actually knows a lot
  • not recognizing that you’re depressed

Clouds + 27. Letter

  • Letting your friend know you’re not doing well
  • journaling about your confusion to see if that helps
  • emailing a weather report

Clouds + 28. Man

  • A broody man
  • a confused man
  • an ex

Clouds + 29. Lady

  • A broody woman
  • a confused woman
  • an ex

Clouds + 30. Lily

  • Rain makes you feel peaceful
  • you’re generally confused, but it doesn’t bother you a bit

Clouds + 31. Sun

  • Chaos energizes you
  • your ex is successful
  • finally, you understand what’s been bugging you

Clouds + 32. Moon

  • Everyone can see how down you are
  • people admire him even though he’s totally confused (nutty professor type)

Clouds + 33. Key

  • Facing your confusion about her is they key to the situation

Clouds + 34. Fish

  • A downpour
  • large-scale confusion (was it the presidential election?)
  • it’s raining money!

Clouds + 35. Anchor

  • Rainy season
  • you can’t seem to get over being depressed
  • her broody ex never goes away

Clouds + 36. Cross

  • Your inability to think clearly is really taking a toll on your life
  • the rain soaked your expensive new coat and ruined it
  • having a conflict of interest didn’t serve her the way she thought it would (in fact, quite the opposite happened)

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