Lenormand Coffin Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 8 Coffin Meaning & Combinations

8 Coffin

Quick hit: End, disease, final, sickly or literally, boxed up

Quality: Negative

Timing: Eight days, months, weeks, the eighth day of the month, August or finished, ended

Detail: This card, similar to the Death card in Tarot, rarely if ever points to death. It is more about an ending or completion. It can also represent disease or illness. It may imply shrouded or buried (hidden). More literally, it can mean boxed up.

Compare: Compare the ending of the Coffin to Mice, which represents something being eaten away.

Sample Coffin Combinations:

Coffin + 1. Rider

  • The relationship will begin its untimely demise
  • your new Lenormand cards are on their way
  • soon you’ll see that new job is a dead end

Coffin + 2. Clover

  • Your hidden potential will soon find a lucky catalyst
  • that buried money is at risk (did the dog dig it up?)
  • it’s a good thing you ended that relationship

Coffin + 3. Ship

  • A new tarot deck from Italy
  • returning a deceased loved one home from overseas
  • that international venture tragically failed

Coffin + 4. House

  • The family’s cohesion dissolves
  • your roommate gives you a headache
  • don’t buy that house!

Coffin + 5. Tree

  • A wooden coffin
  • a very slow ending (will she ever leave him?!)
  • his health fails him

Coffin + 6. Clouds

  • A confusing breakup
  • her declination of your offer leaves you glum
  • you cannot seem to get a diagnosis for that mysterious illness

Coffin + 7. Snake

  • A boxed gift. it’s a neckless
  • her jaded character wasn’t apparent to anyone
  • an insidious disease

Coffin + 9. Bouquet

  • That breakup was the best thing that happened to you
  • a surprise gift
  • you’re invited to get the heck out of his life

Coffin + 10. Scythe

  • He got back together with you as swiftly as he broke up
  • instead of whacking the piñata, she sliced it to gain immediate access to the sweets
  • having a tumor removed

Coffin + 11. Whip

  • Everyone criticizes your breakup with your finance
  • a conflicted ending
  • disputed bankruptcy

Coffin + 12. Birds

  • Their breakup hits all the gossip magazine
  • feeling trapped and anxious
  • a worrisome meeting (will there be layoffs?)

Coffin + 13. Child

  • The partnership was ended in a very immature way
  • becoming ill
  • the ending that is actually a new beginning

Coffin + 14. Fox

  • Being wheedled out of your ownership in company
  • he says he broke up because he’s unhappy but he’s actually leaving you for another
  • a disease that eludes treatment

Coffin + 15. Bear

  • You’re coerced to leave him
  • a government spy
  • your spouse pressures you to leave your job to protect you (it’s so stressful!)

Coffin + 16. Stars

  • A pack of divination cards (Lenormand, anyone?)
  • he’s successful at hiding his darker nature
  • a Facebook group for coffin makers

Coffin + 17. Stork

  • You keep putting off the breakup
  • feeling stuck, you switch jobs
  • a swift ending

Coffin + 18. Dog

  • You can’t shake feeling trapped - it follows you wherever you go
  • a dog-shaped box
  • no, you can’t get a dog

Coffin + 19. Tower

  • You gain perspective from the way it ended
  • a cubicle in an office
  • going through a breakup without any support

Coffin + 20. Garden

  • A cemetery
  • a group committed to stopping nude bicycling
  • low morale in a team

Coffin + 21. Mountain

  • You try to break up but get countered and give up
  • a sense of being insurmountably stuck
  • your bankruptcy is an obstacle to future financing

Coffin + 22. Crossroads

  • Being terribly indecisive about leaving that job
  • boundaries are a choice
  • stop two-timing

Coffin + 23. Mice

  • His “no” is gnawing away at you
  • the wooden coffin slowly decomposes and goes back into the earth
  • feeling trapped in an unethical situation leaves you feeling sullied

Coffin + 24. Heart

  • It’s like his heart just turned off and he ran cold
  • a box with a heart locket inside
  • love sick

Coffin + 25. Ring

  • A box with a ring in it
  • deciding to get a divorce and really meaning it this time
  • a degenerative condition

Coffin + 26. Book

  • The secret’s out
  • not being willing to share your knowledge
  • your tropical disease is a first for the books

Coffin + 27. Letter

  • A eulogy
  • obituaries
  • the test results show you have scarlet fever

Coffin + 28. Man

  • A male mortician
  • a non-emotive man
  • a mysterious or non-disclosing man

Coffin + 29. Lady

  • A female mortician
  • a non-emotive woman
  • a mysterious or non-disclosing woman

Coffin + 30. Lily

  • He passed away peacefully in the night
  • an old box
  • saying no to protect your virtue

Coffin + 31. Sun

  • Successfully completing a project
  • something hidden is exposed
  • solar panels

Coffin + 32. Moon

  • He has reputation for being difficult to read
  • a reputable mortician
  • he loves the chase more than the prize

Coffin + 33. Key

  • Saying no is important
  • stop doing what you’re doing
  • you need to accept it’s over

Coffin + 34. Fish

  • A safe
  • a lot of mystery surrounding the situation
  • the financial gravy train is over

Coffin + 35. Anchor

  • He broke up and there’s no changing his decision
  • a dead-end 9 to 5 job
  • don’t worry, that tombstone isn’t going anywhere

Coffin + 36. Cross

  • His death left her inconsolable for years
  • a gift box with a cross necklace inside
  • she has a difficult time saying no

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