Lenormand Mice Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 23 Mice Meaning & Combinations

23 Mice

Depending on position, the card may take a noun (person, place or thing) or descriptive meaning (such as an adjective). Both examples are provided. The cards can also be very literal, so literal meanings, if applicable, are provided as well.

Quick hit: Reduction, loss, gnawing, soiling

Quality: Negative

Timing: Twenty-third day of the month; lost, wasted

Detail: The Mice card reminds us of the Lenormand’s history and points to dreaded and pervasive pests — mice. The Mice card stands for gnawing, damaging and soiling. This card represents something being taken away or diminished. It can also mean running around or bite-sized.

Compare: Compare the diminishing of Mice to the unfaltering of the Snake.

Sample Mice Combinations:

Mice + 1. Rider

  • That big burglary was covered in the news
  • His new lover created a lot of stress

Mice + 2. Clover

  • While the pipes cracked, the damage was minimal
  • For some reason he was only a little worried about his stolen car

Mice + 3. Ship

  • She really wondered if she could trust her employees in her overseas business
  • The ship’s hull is completely rotten and is a bad buy

Mice + 4. House

  • He has domestic problems again that he can’t seem to shake
  • While the siblings seemed to get along, she constantly stole things from him

Mice + 5. Tree

  • Being very stressed out about one’s health
  • Losses that just seem to get worse over time

Mice + 6. Clouds

  • The erosion of her mental health left her in a state of confusion
  • Her sabotaging the situation left him completely perplexed

Mice + 7. Snake

  • She’s out to steal your boyfriend and will do anything to get him
  • Your worries are well-founded

Mice + 8. Coffin

  • An end to their poverty
  • Finally the stress has stopped

Mice + 9. Bouquet

  • He is a gifted thief
  • She has a talent for spoiling things

Mice + 10. Scythe

  • The thieves were caught about two seconds after the crime
  • The harm he caused cut her to the bone

Mice + 11. Whip

  • He cannot stop worrying about the losses
  • The damage seemed insurmountable

Mice + 12. Birds

  • They are a toxic couple who bring everybody down
  • That gossip erodes everyone’s peace of mind

Mice + 13. Child

  • That child is so destructive
  • The way he sabotages things is so immature

Mice + 14. Fox

  • The way they defrauded people was very clever
  • The pests in their house were very clever and it was impossible to eradicate them

Mice + 15. Bear

  • Not only does she stress you out, she walks all over you
  • He causes all that damage because he’s jealous

Mice + 16. Stars

  • The guidance she gave you was misguided
  • He damaged her with quite the precision

Mice + 17. Stork

  • Her worries came and went
  • Having to relocate for work felt like such a loss

Mice + 18. Dog

  • Bad things seemed to follow him around wherever he went
  • She was in a constant state of fear

Mice + 19. Tower

  • He kept diminishing her in the hopes that it would get him what he wanted at work
  • The corporate culture there is very destructive

Mice + 20. Garden

  • A support group for people damaged by relationships
  • A garden left to decay

Mice + 21. Mountain

  • Take more antioxidants to prevent breakdown of your cells
  • By installing a security alarm, you’ll prevent theft

Mice + 22. Crossroads

  • He always told her that being stressed out was a choice
  • She didn’t feel sorry for him that someone stole his phone because he always left it out in the open

Mice + 24. Heart

  • She felt emotionally damaged after that relationship
  • Cardiac stress

Mice + 25. Ring

  • A dubious contract that puts the signer in a bad position
  • The parents knew that their children’s marriage was a bad idea

Mice + 26. Book

  • She was constantly worried but never let anyone know
  • Sometimes knowing more information about a situation creates more problems

Mice + 27. Letter

  • He sent her a hurtful text that broke her heart
  • She had gotten a beautiful card in the mail but unfortunately the rain practically destroyed it before it arrived in her mailbox

Mice + 28. Man

  • A professional thief who is a man
  • A guy who causes a lot of damage
  • A male depreciation inspector

Mice + 29. Lady

  • A professional thief is a woman
  • A female who causes a lot of damage
  • A female depreciation inspector

Mice + 30. Lily

  • Even though she wasn’t very resourceful, she felt peaceful about it
  • Even though his actions harmed her, his intention was positive

Mice + 31. Sun

  • They finally caught those thieves
  • They were finally able to expose the damage to their plumbing in the basement so now it can be fixed

Mice + 32. Moon

  • Sometimes we can’t see losses, they are psychological
  • The damage to her reputation was irrepairable

Mice + 33. Key

  • Stresses the key to your health issues
  • Stop running around and focus, it’ll be key to figuring this out

Mice + 34. Fish

  • She conned him out of all of his money
  • There was a tremendous amount of stress

Mice + 35. Anchor

  • After losing her home to fire, she never recovered from the loss, even several years later
  • No matter how hard he tried, he could not raise himself financially and was always hovering around the poverty line

Mice + 36. Cross

  • Her worries were so overwhelming it began to erode her life
  • The situation destroyed his faith

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