Lenormand Bouquet of Flowers Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 9 Bouquet of Flowers Meaning & Combinations

9 Bouquet of Flowers

Quick hit: Invitation, gift, happy, given or literally, flowers 

Quality: Positive

Timing: Nine days, weeks, months, the ninth of the month, September; spring

Detail: The Bouquet is a delightful card that expresses happiness or a joyful surprise. It can mean an invitation or a gift and indicate thoughtfulness. It could also represent flowers (and even allergies to them).

Compare: Compare the Bouquet’s happiness to the Sun’s optimism.

Sample Bouquet Combinations:

Bouquet + 1. Rider

  • Special delivery — flowers!
  • All that piano practice will pay off
  • Someone is going to invite you to a party

Bouquet + 2. Clover

  • You have a knack for poker
  • It’s risky accepting the invitation to that secret society
  • Your pollen allergies will fade into history

Bouquet + 3. Ship

  • You send flowers abroad to grandma
  • Your body might now reside in New York but your happiness remains in Italy with your ex
  • You’re invited to study overseas

Bouquet + 4. House

  • You get that nanny job
  • You have a knack with domesticity
  • A florist

Bouquet + 5. Tree

  • Enduring happiness
  • You always have an open invitation at your mom’s for dinner
  • A beautiful arboretum

Bouquet + 6. Clouds

  • Ignorance is bliss
  • Sometimes our low points offer us unexpected gifts
  • Your flower delivery got lost

Bouquet + 7. Snake

  • The gift of a sliver tongue
  • Being invited to something by someone with ulterior motives
  • A rought start to a florist business

Bouquet + 8. Coffin

  • The invitation to a party is cancelled
  • Your talent for novel writing seems to be missing in action
  • A starving artist

Bouquet + Bouquet

  • N/A

Bouquet + 10. Scythe

  • A gifted surgeon
  • A sharp tongued wit
  • You have a tendency to abruptly leave friendships

Bouquet + 11. Whip

  • A fitness fiend
  • A critic
  • An ability to persist

Bouquet + 12. Birds

  • The gift of gab
  • You get asked out on a date
  • You can’t live without Twitter

Bouquet + 13. Child

  • After trying for so many years, you’re finally going to adopt a child
  • Your are just starting to tap into your abilities
  • You get the job as a nanny

Bouquet + 14. Fox

  • You’ve been recruited by MI5
  • You’re naturally cunning
  • You don’t think twice about deceiving others

Bouquet + 15. Bear

  • You don’t know what you’d do without your best friend’s mom
  • You’ve been promoted to a manager at work
  • You’re a natural leader

Bouquet + 16. Stars

  • Practicing Lenormand has paid off — your guidance is spot on
  • You get invited to a Facebook group
  • While an older skill, navigating by stars is something in which you excel

Bouquet + 17. Stork

  • You always see the positive side of things
  • Your situation will get better
  • You’re invited to watch migratory birds

Bouquet + 18. Dog

  • Your best friend has your back
  • You get a puppy for Christmas
  • You’re invited to a dog show

Bouquet + 19. Tower

  • You get a new job at BigCorp
  • You have a valued perspective
  • Your happiest when alone

Bouquet + 20. Garden

  • Being social is your thing
  • You’re an event planner
  • You love gardening

Bouquet + 21. Mountain

  • A person good at creating obstacles to progress
  • A skilled mountaineer
  • You can overcome any challenge

Bouquet + 22. Crossroads

  • A gifted decision-maker
  • A job offer for counseling
  • Having a knack for waffling back and forth (indecisive)

Bouquet + 23. Mice

  • Over the years, you’ve lost your touch for singing those operatic high notes
  • He enjoys instilling angst in others
  • Bugs have consumed your prized orchid collection

Bouquet + 24. Heart

  • She’s a loving, big-hearted person
  • A green thumb
  • An invitation of the heart

Bouquet + 25. Ring

  • A wedding invitation
  • Your lawyer is excellent at creating contracts
  • He naturally runs around in circles

Bouquet + 26. Book

  • A scholar
  • She’s secretive (a spy?!)
  • A talented professor

Bouquet + 27. Letter

  • You’ll get an invitation soon
  • A talent for writing
  • You prefer texting to talking

Bouquet + 28. Man

  • A gifted man
  • A male florist
  • A male gardner
  • A player

Bouquet + 29. Lady

  • A gifted woman
  • A female florist
  • A female gardner
  • A player

Bouquet + 30. Lily

  • A passion for flowers
  • An older man makes his moves
  • Being asked to go to a meditation retreat

Bouquet + 31. Sun

  • Your party’s a hit. everyone who was invited attended
  • A gifted and successful person
  • A talent agency sees your work and is impressed

Bouquet + 32. Moon

  • She finally asks you on a date
  • It’s your nature to be mysterious
  • He has a gift for putting on a good face even when things are difficult

Bouquet + 33. Key

  • Focusing on your talents is key
  • An important invitation
  • Getting that bouquet of roses was a tipping point for you

Bouquet + 34. Fish

  • A multitalented person
  • You can’t stop collecting porcelain flowers
  • The Midas touch

Bouquet + 35. Anchor

  • A gift for constancy
  • You’ll never leave your job
  • A first date leading to an enduring relationship

Bouquet + 36. Cross

  • You get invited to church
  • You’re sick of people calling in favors
  • She asks you out and you don’t want to go but you feel you must

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