Lenormand Child Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 13 Child Meaning & Combinations

13 Child

Depending on position, the card may take a noun (person, place or thing) or descriptive meaning (such as an adjective). Both examples are provided. The cards can also be very literal, so literal meanings, if applicable, are provided as well.

Quick hit: New, immature, starting, youthful or literally, a child 

Quality: Neutral

Timing: Thirteen days, weeks, the 13th of the month, one year; short, start of 

Detail: The Child card is about new starts or beginnings. It can represent child-like qualities, such as goodness, immaturity, playfulness and innocence. More literally, this can mean a child.

Compare: Compare the beginning of the Child to the ending of the Coffin.

Sample Child Combinations:

Child + 1. Rider

  • An upcoming brief tryst
  • Small news
  • Your adoption of a child will go through

Child + 2. Clover

  • A wee bit of fun
  • Taking a small risk
  • She’s a little naive

Child + 3. Ship

  • A small trip
  • A trinket from abroad
  • Student exchange program

Child + 4. House

  • An orphanage
  • A child’s playhouse
  • A small residence

Child + 5. Tree

  • The vigor of youth
  • A small tree
  • A little romance blossoms into an enduring relationship

Child + 6. Clouds

  • A depressed child
  • A little fun with an unclear outcome
  • He’s not as innocent as he seems

Child + 7. Snake

  • A dainty bracelet
  • The start of something complicated
  • She seems naive but is far from it

Child + 8. Coffin

  • The loss of innocence
  • Unable to find fun in anything
  • They’re closing the local elementary school

Child + 9. Bouquet

  • New ideas are welcome here
  • A fresh bouquet of flowers
  • Beautiful innocence

Child + 10. Scythe

  • A surgical protege
  • A school budget cut
  • She lost her naiveté so quickly her head spun

Child + 11. Whip

  • Your kid won’t stop pestering you
  • A new exercise routine
  • Can’t stop thinking about having a child

Child + 12. Birds

  • A small Tweet
  • Small twins
  • A nervous child

Child + 14. Fox

  • What a clever child!
  • A little cunning
  • He looks innocent but he’s a crafty one

Child + 15. Bear

  • As a child, she always protected her mother
  • An immature boss
  • Young and plump

Child + 16. Stars

  • Naive guidance
  • Emerging technology
  • Her hope was based on not knowing the truth

Child + 17. Stork

  • A small change
  • A newborn
  • A little indecisive

Child + 18. Dog

  • He was loyal, but only to a point
  • A puppy
  • Her son is very dependent

Child + 19. Tower

  • A startup company
  • A small perspective
  • Feeling a little isolated

Child + 20. Garden

  • A daycare center
  • A group of unsuspecting folks
  • A bonsai garden

Child + 21. Mountain

  • The child adoption was called off
  • She kept the truth from him
  • Her son struggled in school

Child + 22. Crossroads

  • An indecisive child
  • A small choice
  • The affair causes you to rethink your marriage

Child + 23. Mice

  • A pickpocket
  • Baby mice
  • Raised in poverty

Child + 24. Heart

  • Blind love
  • A minor cardiac issue
  • An emotional child

Child + 25. Ring

  • A new hamster wheel
  • A minor contractual agreement
  • Newlywed

Child + 26. Book

  • A pocket-sized book
  • A children’s school
  • That book was so naive

Child + 27. Letter

  • An immature text message
  • A small note
  • A new prescription

Child + 28. Man

  • A male child
  • An immature man
  • A fun guy

Child + 29. Lady

  • A female child
  • An immature woman
  • A fun gal

Child + 30. Lily

  • A little peace of mind
  • Fresh lilies
  • Innocent and virtuous

Child + 31. Sun

  • A sun break
  • The small issue was finally brought to light
  • Her child has such a sunny nature

Child + 32. Moon

  • He has a reputation for being naive
  • Creative ideas
  • Finally gaining recognition for your work

Child + 33. Key

  • Fresh ideas are the way out of this situation
  • Adopting the child will happen
  • Assuming positive intent is the key to that relationship

Child + 34. Fish

  • Small change
  • The beginning of an addiction
  • A group of wealthy kids

Child + 35. Anchor

  • The start of something that lasts
  • Your kid’s friend never seems to leave your home
  • Her child-like quality was enduring

Child + 36. Cross

  • His son creates so many problems for the family
  • A small sacrifice
  • A little faith

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