Lenormand Clover Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 2 Clover Meaning & Combinations

2 Clover

Quick hit: A little luck, gamble, lucky, fleeing

Quality: Positive

Timing: Two days, the second day of the month, February or quick, brief

Detail: The Clover is a card of luck, though only a little. The plant is also a little one, so Clover can be a little of something. The card can also mean a risk or a gamble. Depending on the context of the cards, it can also mean a gambler.

Compare: Compare this card to that of 34.Fish, which refers to a lot of something.

Sample Clover Combinations:

Clover + 1. Rider

  • Incoming good luck
  • You’ll learn your partner has been gambling again
  • Planning a casino trip
  • A horse ride through the clover

Clover + 3. Ship

  • Luck buying the plane tickets you wanted
  • Traveling to a place that might not be as safe as you think
  • A risky foreign venture
  • Catching that ferryboat in the nick of time
  • An entrepreneur

Clover + 4. House

  • You buy a house with some structural damage thinking it’s not as bad as it seems — better call the inspector
  • Things go well when you’re with your family
  • Finding a good roommate

Clover + 5. Tree

  • A really long-lasting lucky streak
  • Unhealthy risks
  • Gradually getting better
  • Finally some luck with that endless project

Clover + 6. Clouds

  • Oddly, your depression is lucky (you met your new girlfriend in group therapy)
  • A little gloom, but nothing serious
  • Cloudy weather for your picnic in the park

Clover + 7. Snake

  • Luck that is complicated (you found a new cat you adore, but it’s destroying your couch)
  • Your rival is taking a risk
  • A clover charm bracelet

Clover + 8. Coffin

  • A box of clover seeds
  • Your luck stops
  • You stop gambling
  • Finding the right coffin for your deceased loved one
  • A lucky pack of cards
  • Small gift box

Clover + 9. Bouquet

  • Inviting chance
  • A gifted gambler
  • A green thumb
  • Looking to get lucky
  • A well-attended event
  • A successful florist

Clover + 10. Scythe

  • Your winning streak suddenly ends
  • A dangerous risk
  • Someone stops you from taking a risk

Clover + 11. Whip

  • Your debating whether or not that breakup was a good thing
  • Your negative self-talk eases up
  • Your New Year’s resolution to exercise daily sticks
  • You finally find a good dominatrix
  • Your published article only draws mild criticism
  • A compulsive gambler

Clover + 12. Birds

  • A risky tweet
  • A lucky couple
  • Gossip about his infidelity

Clover + 13. Child

  • A risky pregnancy
  • A little, tiny bit of luck
  • Luck getting custody
  • The beginning of something good
  • Having fun taking chances

Clover + 14. Fox

  • Your crafty idea works
  • Investment scam
  • A talented magician

Clover + 15. Bear

  • You somehow get through customs with that undeclared object
  • Risky investments
  • A security officer

Clover + 16. Stars

  • A navigator
  • A nack with technology
  • The network isn’t safe for uploading information
  • You do well at a networking event

Clover + 17. Stork

  • Fertility treatments are a success
  • Your luck finally improves
  • You get that job relocation you wanted
  • A prospector

Clover + 18. Dog

  • Your dog brings you good luck
  • Your lucky streak seems to stick with you
  • Things keep coming and going
  • Not being able to shake that uncertainty

Clover + 19. Tower

  • The company does well
  • Somehow, the bureaucracy worked in your favor
  • Your perspective is helpful
  • Insurance underwriting firm

Clover + 20. Garden

  • A clover patch
  • Let the buyer beware (risky marketplace)
  • A smashing outdoor party
  • A gambler’s anonymous meeting
  • A successful conference

Clover + 21. Mountain

  • That obstacle actually works in your favor
  • A small mountain
  • Enduring luck

Clover + 22. Crossroads

  • Deciding to take a risk
  • Two-timing
  • Having little choice
  • Your luck evades you
  • A risky dilemma
  • An advisor

Clover + 23. Mice

  • Little bothers you
  • A small sense of foreboding
  • Luck that leaves you feeling guilty
  • Damage, but only a little bit
  • Diminished luck
  • Baby mice

Clover + 24. Heart

  • A small heart (miserly)
  • Emotional risk
  • Lucky in love
  • First signs of heart disease
  • A small heart locket

Clover + 25. Ring

  • Sticking with a risky choice
  • A ring that brings you luck
  • Standing behind someone with a bad reputation
  • A handshake versus a formal contract

Clover + 26. Book

  • A book on how to gamble
  • a hidden risk
  • A small book
  • An informed decision
  • Secret luck

Clover + 27. Letter

  • Lottery ticket
  • A document that would create problems if leaked
  • A letter of recommendation
  • A short note

Clover + 28. Man

  • A man who brings luck
  • A man who brings risk

Clover + 29. Lady

  • A woman who brings luck
  • A woman who brings risk

Clover + 30. Lily

  • Taking a chance on a person and feeling good about it
  • Not getting too excited about your luck
  • Taking a risk with virtuous motivation

Clover + 31. Sun

  • Your optimism rubs off on someone, making their day
  • Only a little sun today
  • Fixing that electric light socket may be risky

Clover + 32. Moon

  • The fact that he’s a risk taker attracts you
  • You have a reputation for being unreliable
  • A small token honoring you

Clover + 33. Key

  • A key you find opens a box of goodies
  • A small key
  • Taking that risk is essential

Clover + 34. Fish

  • Sardines
  • He’ll get you pregnant
  • Having something small of great value

Clover + 35. Anchor

  • Always getting your favorite seat on the bus
  • Making a bad decision with enduring consequences
  • A small boat anchor
  • Being consistently unreliable

Clover + 36. Cross

  • Taking a chance kissing your best friend’s girl and feeling shameful afterwards
  • Recognizing a small behavior as part of a huge problem
  • A tiny cross pendant
  • Taking a risk based on faith

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