Lenormand Ship Card Meaning & Combinations

Lenormand Card 3 Ship Meaning & Combinations

3 Ship

Quick hit: Commerce, foreign, traveling, longing or literally, a ship

Quality: Neutral

Timing: Three days, weeks, months, the third day of the month, March

Detail: In the days when this Lenormand system was created, ships were used for travel and commerce. So the card can mean a trip or journey overseas. It can represent a foreign, roaming or worldly person. It reflects commerce, even via the Internet. Since ships were used to take goods to and from other countries, it can represent importing and exporting as well. It can also represent a vehicle, such as a ship, car, plane, etc.

Compare: Compare the Ship to 1.Rider, which brings news about something.

Sample Ship Combinations:

Ship + 1. Rider

  • An arriving ship
  • News about someone’s vacation
  • An upcoming business opportunity

Ship + 2. Clover

  • Everything lined up perfectly for your vacation
  • An airplane with dubious safety
  • A small trip

Ship + 4. House

  • Moving overseas to a new home
  • Armchair traveler
  • An exotic house

Ship + 5. Tree

  • A long vacation
  • Growing a successful importing business
  • A tall foreigner

Ship + 6. Clouds

  • Muddled vacation plans
  • Your flight is delayed
  • Moving toward a confusing time

Ship + 7. Snake

  • Aircraft mechanical issues
  • Complications with immigration
  • Terse international relations

Ship + 8. Coffin

  • Immigration that’s blocked
  • Your vacation gets cancelled
  • A tarot deck from Italy

Ship + 9. Bouquet

  • You win a cruise
  • A beautiful sailboat
  • A vacation that makes you happy

Ship + 10. Scythe

  • Your trip is cancelled at the last minute
  • Your package of dishes from overseas is crushed
  • A sharp-witted friend from abroad

Ship + 11. Whip

  • Can’t stop thinking about your vacation plans
  • A salsa dancing teacher
  • A ship’s captain
  • Constantly moving from one place to another

Ship + 12. Birds

  • A romantic vacation for two
  • A talked about vacation
  • Can’t stop talking about that fancy import car

Ship + 13. Child

  • Adopting a child from overseas
  • Learning how to sail
  • Starting to wonder about living abroad

Ship + 14. Fox

  • An untrustworthy used car salesman
  • A phishing email from a “Nigerian prince”
  • A car that’s a lemon

Ship + 15. Bear

  • Foreign investments
  • Your mother is coming to visit you
  • You’ll be served with legal papers

Ship + 16. Stars

  • Foreign technology
  • Longing to travel
  • An internet group
  • Navigating by stars

Ship + 17. Stork

  • Immigrating for a better life
  • You like living in Paris much better
  • A globe-trotter

Ship + 18. Dog

  • You find you really prefer all things French
  • Your cousin visiting you from England just won’t leave
  • You love your 1978 VW Bug so much, you’ll never part with it

Ship + 19. Tower

  • Export business
  • Moving overseas to work at a new company
  • The airport

Ship + 20. Garden

  • A company selling garden supplies
  • A group of friends go on a cruise
  • An ethnic market that services your community

Ship + 21. Mountain

  • Your flight has been delayed five times
  • You have no luck selling your car
  • You can’t get past customs because you’re missing some documents

Ship + 22. Crossroads

  • You can’t decide which trip to take
  • Tour guide
  • Deciding which Italian shoes to buy

Ship + 23. Mice

  • You regret buying that car
  • A pickpocket steals your wallet
  • A poor country

Ship + 24. Heart

  • Overseas romance
  • Being a little too fond of your car
  • A wandering heart

Ship + 25. Ring

  • Contract with an importer
  • Getting lost on vacation
  • Financing a car

Ship + 26. Book

  • A skilled sailor
  • Going abroad to study
  • A travel book

Ship + 27. Letter

  • Plane ticket
  • A telegram
  • Car title

Ship + 28. Man

  • A sailor, captain, foreign gentleman
  • Travel guide
  • International entrepreneur

Ship + 29. Lady

  • A sailor, captain, foreign lady
  • Travel guide
  • International entrepreneur

Ship + 30. Lily

  • A cruise for retirees
  • A relaxing vacation
  • A pilgrimage

Ship + 31. Sun

  • New boat electrics
  • Sailing into the sunset
  • A successful trip

Ship + 32. Moon

  • Space ship
  • A singles cruise
  • An international company with a reputation

Ship + 33. Key

  • Travel is certain
  • Expanding internationally is the key
  • That inheritance makes a huge difference

Ship + 34. Fish

  • Lots of foreign investments
  • A sales lot full of cars
  • A lot of longing (and what to do about it?!)

Ship + 35. Anchor

  • You move overseas for a job
  • A job selling imports
  • You go on vacation and decide not to come home

Ship + 36. Cross

  • A horrible vacation
  • A car that drains you financially
  • The Titanic

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