Deck: Petit Jeu Lenormand
by Daveluy.
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Lenormand Card 5 Tree Meaning & Combinations

5 Tree

Quick hit: Health, heritage, slowly, enduring or literally, tree

Quality: Neutral

Timing: Five days, weeks, months, the fifth day of the month, May or a long time, generations

Detail: This is a card that represents health. It also can stand for ancestors (think family tree) or tradition. Considering how trees grow, it’s about a slow and enduring pace. The card can also represent an actual tree.

Compare: Compare Tree to 1.Rider, which moves very quickly.

Sample Tree Combinations:

Tree + 1. Rider

  • You’ll recover your health
  • a new tree for your yard
  • the rapid progress you made on your project will begin to move more slowly

Tree + 2. Clover

  • That cold you have will get better
  • risking your health by sitting next to that sick person on the bus
  • a long-standing gambling habit

Tree + 3. Ship

  • Ordering a bonsai from Japan
  • a wooden ship
  • sharing a family tradition while in visiting friends in Turkey

Tree + 4. House

  • A tree house
  • practicing naturopathy from your home

Tree + 6. Clouds

  • An elusive diagnosis for your health condition
  • you can’t get information about your family tree to make sense
  • a rainforest

Tree + 7. Snake

  • Health complications
  • a seasoned con artist

Tree + 8. Coffin

  • Impending bad health
  • a long time connection ends
  • the end of a long family lineage

Tree + 9. Bouquet

  • Your friend gives you a tree as a house warming
  • you’re drawn to the forest
  • you have the gift of good health

Tree + 10. Scythe

  • Sudden loss of health
  • you abruptly break a family tradition
  • your neighbor cuts down their tree

Tree + 11. Whip

  • The Whomping Willow tree from Harry Potter
  • excellent self-care

Tree + 12. Birds

  • Health tip tweets
  • talking about someone’s health
  • chatting about one’s ancestors

Tree + 13. Child

  • A bonsai
  • budding spirituality
  • starting to feel healthy again

Tree + 14. Fox

  • A health fraud (those pills really don’t grow hair)
  • the hare and the tortoise

Tree + 15. Bear

  • Very strong health
  • a mother’s patience

Tree + 16. Stars

  • A luddite
  • a Facebook group for the health conscious

Tree + 17. Stork

  • Your health will improve
  • your ancestors left their homeland in search of a better life

Tree + 18. Dog

  • You stay healthy no matter what
  • always being patient

Tree + 19. Tower

  • A hospital
  • a very tall redwood tree

Tree + 20. Garden

  • Health club
  • arboretum

Tree + 21. Mountain

  • Your health is an obstacle
  • being patient didn’t work for you

Tree + 22. Crossroads

  • Health decision (carrots or cake?)
  • intentional endurance with that endlessly annoying in-law

Tree + 23. Mice

  • Your health gradually erodes
  • your tree is infested
  • you finally lose it after being endlessly patient

Tree + 24. Heart

  • Emotional well-being
  • you feel badly that you’re not as quick-witted as the others

Tree + 25. Ring

  • Committing to get healthy
  • your health getting better then worse, better than worse, etc.

Tree + 26. Book

  • Hiding a health condition
  • quietly enduring

Tree + 27. Letter

  • Expressing boredom in your journal
  • tracking snail migrations for a Snail Science Today magazine

Tree + 28. Man

  • Dioecious tree (male)
  • a male ancestor
  • a tradition for men

Tree + 29. Lady

  • Dioecious tree (female)
  • a female ancestor
  • a tradition for women

Tree + 30. Lily

  • Being healthy and not giving it much thought
  • long-time patience
  • high-minded spirituality

Tree + 31. Sun

  • Energetic health
  • successful ancestors
  • optimistic endurance

Tree + 32. Moon

  • Mental health
  • public health
  • reputable ancestors

Tree + 33. Key

  • Your health is the key
  • your historic family name creates privilege for you
  • stay the course

Tree + 34. Fish

  • A forest
  • family money
  • an ancient fish (sturgeon)

Tree + 35. Anchor

  • Constant robust health
  • a deep-rooted tree
  • a tradition of hard work

Tree + 36. Cross

  • The massive oak tree in your back yard fell on your house and made a mess of everything
  • your health creates a hardship for your family

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Lenormand Card 20 Garden Meaning & Combinations

20 Garden

Depending on position, the card may take a noun (person, place or thing) or descriptive meaning (such as an adjective). Both examples are provided. The cards can also be very literal, so literal meanings, if applicable, are provided as well.

Quick hit: Community, party, like-minded, gathering or literally, a garden 

Quality: Neutral

Timing: Twenty days or the second of the month 

Detail: The Garden reflects a social community and can indicate events, social networking or a conference. It may point to like-minded people, such as in an online group. It may also represent an outdoor gathering or more literally, a garden.

Compare: Compare the community of Garden to the solitude of Tower.

Sample Garden Combinations:

Garden + 1. Rider

  • An upcoming concert
  • A news group on social media

Garden + 2. Clover

  • A small group who likes to play low-stakes card games
  • A small garden

Garden + 3. Ship

  • And overseas conference
  • An international marketplace

Garden + 4. House

  • A home garden
  • Accessing like-minded people from home via the internet

Garden + 5. Tree

  • A historic society that’s been around forever
  • A group focused on health issues

Garden + 6. Clouds

  • A group of people who are unsure about the direction their group should take
  • A support group for people who struggle with depression

Garden + 7. Snake

  • A reptile zoo
  • A group of people who are rather venomous and cunning

Garden + 8. Coffin

  • The group you joined two years ago has decided to disband
  • A group of tarot card collectors

Garden + 9. Bouquet

  • That socially minded group is constantly welcoming new members
  • A florist society

Garden + 10. Scythe

  • A surgical association
  • A big expo showcasing knives

Garden + 11. Whip

  • Your workout group who meets every weekend
  • The people at your church are so persistent

Garden + 12. Birds

  • A birdwatching society
  • A group that gossips too much

Garden + 13. Child

  • Forming a new group
  • A private school for small children

Garden + 14. Fox

  • A investing club
  • A bunch of project managers

Garden + 15. Bear

  • A banking association
  • A support group for mother-in-laws

Garden + 16. Stars

  • An online Tarot community
  • An astronomer’s club

Garden + 17. Stork

  • A bunch of restless travelers
  • A group of migrants

Garden + 18. Dog

  • A group that is very loyal to its members
  • A club of hound breeders

Garden + 19. Tower

  • A corporate association
  • A bunch of high-minded people

Garden + 21. Mountain

  • A mountain climbing team
  • That environmental group keeps running into barriers

Garden + 22. Crossroads

  • The association can’t figure out if it wants to include new members or not
  • The group is full of a bunch of people telling everybody what to do

Garden + 23. Mice

  • A pack of thieves
  • That clique at school brings everybody down

Garden + 24. Heart

  • A book reading group focused on romance novels
  • A bunch of heart surgeons

Garden + 25. Ring

  • A dating service that’s focused on people who want to get married
  • A lawyers’ association

Garden + 26. Book

  • A bunch of academics
  • A secret society

Garden + 27. Letter

  • A group of authors
  • A bunch of people hanging out but only sending texts to each other

Garden + 28. Man

  • A male gardener
  • A male group member
  • A group of men

Garden + 29. Lady

  • A female gardener
  • A female group member
  • A group of females

Garden + 30. Lily

  • A senior center
  • A meditation group focused on peace

Garden + 31. Sun

  • A solar panel builder’s association
  • An energetic group

Garden + 32. Moon

  • A group that is really phoney and only puts on a good face
  • A career development group

Garden + 33. Key

  • Joining that group is the right thing to do
  • The scientific group had a breakthrough

Garden + 34. Fish

  • A hoarder’s association
  • A bunch of wealthy people

Garden + 35. Anchor

  • The association never makes any progress
  • Once you join the group, you can never leave it

Garden + 36. Cross

  • A crisis support group
  • A church

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Lenormand Card 3 Ship Meaning & Combinations

3 Ship

Quick hit: Commerce, foreign, traveling, longing or literally, a ship

Quality: Neutral

Timing: Three days, weeks, months, the third day of the month, March

Detail: In the days when this Lenormand system was created, ships were used for travel and commerce. So the card can mean a trip or journey overseas. It can represent a foreign, roaming or worldly person. It reflects commerce, even via the Internet. Since ships were used to take goods to and from other countries, it can represent importing and exporting as well. It can also represent a vehicle, such as a ship, car, plane, etc.

Compare: Compare the Ship to 1.Rider, which brings news about something.

Sample Ship Combinations:

Ship + 1. Rider

  • An arriving ship
  • News about someone’s vacation
  • An upcoming business opportunity

Ship + 2. Clover

  • Everything lined up perfectly for your vacation
  • An airplane with dubious safety
  • A small trip

Ship + 4. House

  • Moving overseas to a new home
  • Armchair traveler
  • An exotic house

Ship + 5. Tree

  • A long vacation
  • Growing a successful importing business
  • A tall foreigner

Ship + 6. Clouds

  • Muddled vacation plans
  • Your flight is delayed
  • Moving toward a confusing time

Ship + 7. Snake

  • Aircraft mechanical issues
  • Complications with immigration
  • Terse international relations

Ship + 8. Coffin

  • Immigration that’s blocked
  • Your vacation gets cancelled
  • A tarot deck from Italy

Ship + 9. Bouquet

  • You win a cruise
  • A beautiful sailboat
  • A vacation that makes you happy

Ship + 10. Scythe

  • Your trip is cancelled at the last minute
  • Your package of dishes from overseas is crushed
  • A sharp-witted friend from abroad

Ship + 11. Whip

  • Can’t stop thinking about your vacation plans
  • A salsa dancing teacher
  • A ship’s captain
  • Constantly moving from one place to another

Ship + 12. Birds

  • A romantic vacation for two
  • A talked about vacation
  • Can’t stop talking about that fancy import car

Ship + 13. Child

  • Adopting a child from overseas
  • Learning how to sail
  • Starting to wonder about living abroad

Ship + 14. Fox

  • An untrustworthy used car salesman
  • A phishing email from a “Nigerian prince”
  • A car that’s a lemon

Ship + 15. Bear

  • Foreign investments
  • Your mother is coming to visit you
  • You’ll be served with legal papers

Ship + 16. Stars

  • Foreign technology
  • Longing to travel
  • An internet group
  • Navigating by stars

Ship + 17. Stork

  • Immigrating for a better life
  • You like living in Paris much better
  • A globe-trotter

Ship + 18. Dog

  • You find you really prefer all things French
  • Your cousin visiting you from England just won’t leave
  • You love your 1978 VW Bug so much, you’ll never part with it

Ship + 19. Tower

  • Export business
  • Moving overseas to work at a new company
  • The airport

Ship + 20. Garden

  • A company selling garden supplies
  • A group of friends go on a cruise
  • An ethnic market that services your community

Ship + 21. Mountain

  • Your flight has been delayed five times
  • You have no luck selling your car
  • You can’t get past customs because you’re missing some documents

Ship + 22. Crossroads

  • You can’t decide which trip to take
  • Tour guide
  • Deciding which Italian shoes to buy

Ship + 23. Mice

  • You regret buying that car
  • A pickpocket steals your wallet
  • A poor country

Ship + 24. Heart

  • Overseas romance
  • Being a little too fond of your car
  • A wandering heart

Ship + 25. Ring

  • Contract with an importer
  • Getting lost on vacation
  • Financing a car

Ship + 26. Book

  • A skilled sailor
  • Going abroad to study
  • A travel book

Ship + 27. Letter

  • Plane ticket
  • A telegram
  • Car title

Ship + 28. Man

  • A sailor, captain, foreign gentleman
  • Travel guide
  • International entrepreneur

Ship + 29. Lady

  • A sailor, captain, foreign lady
  • Travel guide
  • International entrepreneur

Ship + 30. Lily

  • A cruise for retirees
  • A relaxing vacation
  • A pilgrimage

Ship + 31. Sun

  • New boat electrics
  • Sailing into the sunset
  • A successful trip

Ship + 32. Moon

  • Space ship
  • A singles cruise
  • An international company with a reputation

Ship + 33. Key

  • Travel is certain
  • Expanding internationally is the key
  • That inheritance makes a huge difference

Ship + 34. Fish

  • Lots of foreign investments
  • A sales lot full of cars
  • A lot of longing (and what to do about it?!)

Ship + 35. Anchor

  • You move overseas for a job
  • A job selling imports
  • You go on vacation and decide not to come home

Ship + 36. Cross

  • A horrible vacation
  • A car that drains you financially
  • The Titanic

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Lenormand Card 6 Clouds Meaning & Combinations

6 Clouds

Quick hit: Depression, confusion, unclear, undecided or literally, cloudy weather

Quality: Negative

Timing: Six days, weeks or months, the sixth day of the year, June or delays, unsure

Detail: Think of a cloudy day when the sun is hidden and it’s difficult to see any blue sky, and you’ll get a sense of this card. The Clouds are about confusion or lack of clarity. With the clouds, things are unclear. The clouds can also point to depression, negativity or even self-deception. The clouds muddle decisions and make things murky and troubling. Literally, this card can show cloudy weather.

Compare: Compare the unclear Clouds to the exposure and clarity of 31.Sun.

Sample Clouds Combinations:

Clouds + 1. Rider

  • The onset of depression
  • while you feel certain today, tomorrow you won’t

Clouds + 2. Clover

  • Feeling glum was actually a good thing since you met a new love in group therapy
  • your confusion doesn’t work in your favor when making business decisions

Clouds + 3. Ship

  • The international financial markets don’t make any sense this year

Clouds + 4. House

  • Your entire household has the blues
  • this time, depression hits close to home

Clouds + 5. Tree

  • Sometimes it’s healthy to lose your ground (growth opportunity)
  • it never stops raining
  • his self-deception is endless

Clouds + 7. Snake

  • No one understands your depression. it’s just not that simple
  • rain runes your trip
  • you can’t seem to gain clarity and it’s ruining your life

Clouds + 8. Coffin

  • Your confusion suddenly passes
  • her depression ends
  • the rain stops

Clouds + 9. Bouquet

  • Feeling depressed taught you a lot about life
  • singing in the rain

Clouds + 10. Scythe

  • It suddenly stops raining
  • your depression leaves as quickly as it started

Clouds + 11. Whip

  • Endlessly confused
  • horrible self-criticism
  • an ex judges you

Clouds + 12. Birds

  • Weather report
  • that pair is made for each other. they’re so chaotic
  • anxious depression

Clouds + 13. Child

  • The beginning of a battle with depression
  • your ex acts like a child
  • a little rain

Clouds + 14. Fox

  • A deceitful ex
  • he’s so slimy, you can’t tell what he wants from you
  • pretending to be okay when you’re not

Clouds + 15. Bear

  • Overbearing depression
  • a pushy ex

Clouds + 16. Stars

  • Feeling blue inspires your poetry
  • navigating through the chaos

Clouds + 17. Stork

  • Your head is starting to clear
  • the weather is improving
  • your ex stops acting like a jerk

Clouds + 18. Dog

  • It’s cloudy here all the time
  • your ex will never go away
  • an ongoing battle with depression

Clouds + 19. Tower

  • Bureaucracy doing what it does best — creating confusion
  • feeling really alone and down
  • it’s official, you’ve been diagnosed with depression

Clouds + 20. Garden

  • Group therapy for depression
  • the whole team is confused
  • that church’s fund raising efforts don’t seem to benefit the intended recipients

Clouds + 21. Mountain

  • Your depression prevents you from forming relationships
  • your ex keeps you from moving forward
  • yes, the rain was so bad it filled our boots to the brim, but we’re not stopping the hiking trip

Clouds + 22. Crossroads

  • Choosing not to see clearly
  • rain then sun then rain then sun — all day long
  • choosing to indulge your glum mood

Clouds + 23. Mice

  • Your depression is really getting to you
  • the rain ruined my weekend
  • you’re unsure if you should buy pet mice for your kids or not

Clouds + 24. Heart

  • Feeling emotional about your lack of clarity — what to do with your life?
  • you love the rain
  • your ex is so passionate

Clouds + 25. Ring

  • Going in circles at work and never making progress
  • cyclical depression
  • depression that never leaves

Clouds + 26. Book

  • Hiding your mental health issue
  • he doesn’t seem to make much sense, but he actually knows a lot
  • not recognizing that you’re depressed

Clouds + 27. Letter

  • Letting your friend know you’re not doing well
  • journaling about your confusion to see if that helps
  • emailing a weather report

Clouds + 28. Man

  • A broody man
  • a confused man
  • an ex

Clouds + 29. Lady

  • A broody woman
  • a confused woman
  • an ex

Clouds + 30. Lily

  • Rain makes you feel peaceful
  • you’re generally confused, but it doesn’t bother you a bit

Clouds + 31. Sun

  • Chaos energizes you
  • your ex is successful
  • finally, you understand what’s been bugging you

Clouds + 32. Moon

  • Everyone can see how down you are
  • people admire him even though he’s totally confused (nutty professor type)

Clouds + 33. Key

  • Facing your confusion about her is they key to the situation

Clouds + 34. Fish

  • A downpour
  • large-scale confusion (was it the presidential election?)
  • it’s raining money!

Clouds + 35. Anchor

  • Rainy season
  • you can’t seem to get over being depressed
  • her broody ex never goes away

Clouds + 36. Cross

  • Your inability to think clearly is really taking a toll on your life
  • the rain soaked your expensive new coat and ruined it
  • having a conflict of interest didn’t serve her the way she thought it would (in fact, quite the opposite happened)

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Lenormand Card 9 Bouquet of Flowers Meaning & Combinations

9 Bouquet of Flowers

Quick hit: Invitation, gift, happy, given or literally, flowers 

Quality: Positive

Timing: Nine days, weeks, months, the ninth of the month, September; spring

Detail: The Bouquet is a delightful card that expresses happiness or a joyful surprise. It can mean an invitation or a gift and indicate thoughtfulness. It could also represent flowers (and even allergies to them).

Compare: Compare the Bouquet’s happiness to the Sun’s optimism.

Sample Bouquet Combinations:

Bouquet + 1. Rider

  • Special delivery — flowers!
  • All that piano practice will pay off
  • Someone is going to invite you to a party

Bouquet + 2. Clover

  • You have a knack for poker
  • It’s risky accepting the invitation to that secret society
  • Your pollen allergies will fade into history

Bouquet + 3. Ship

  • You send flowers abroad to grandma
  • Your body might now reside in New York but your happiness remains in Italy with your ex
  • You’re invited to study overseas

Bouquet + 4. House

  • You get that nanny job
  • You have a knack with domesticity
  • A florist

Bouquet + 5. Tree

  • Enduring happiness
  • You always have an open invitation at your mom’s for dinner
  • A beautiful arboretum

Bouquet + 6. Clouds

  • Ignorance is bliss
  • Sometimes our low points offer us unexpected gifts
  • Your flower delivery got lost

Bouquet + 7. Snake

  • The gift of a sliver tongue
  • Being invited to something by someone with ulterior motives
  • A rought start to a florist business

Bouquet + 8. Coffin

  • The invitation to a party is cancelled
  • Your talent for novel writing seems to be missing in action
  • A starving artist

Bouquet + Bouquet

  • N/A

Bouquet + 10. Scythe

  • A gifted surgeon
  • A sharp tongued wit
  • You have a tendency to abruptly leave friendships

Bouquet + 11. Whip

  • A fitness fiend
  • A critic
  • An ability to persist

Bouquet + 12. Birds

  • The gift of gab
  • You get asked out on a date
  • You can’t live without Twitter

Bouquet + 13. Child

  • After trying for so many years, you’re finally going to adopt a child
  • Your are just starting to tap into your abilities
  • You get the job as a nanny

Bouquet + 14. Fox

  • You’ve been recruited by MI5
  • You’re naturally cunning
  • You don’t think twice about deceiving others

Bouquet + 15. Bear

  • You don’t know what you’d do without your best friend’s mom
  • You’ve been promoted to a manager at work
  • You’re a natural leader

Bouquet + 16. Stars

  • Practicing Lenormand has paid off — your guidance is spot on
  • You get invited to a Facebook group
  • While an older skill, navigating by stars is something in which you excel

Bouquet + 17. Stork

  • You always see the positive side of things
  • Your situation will get better
  • You’re invited to watch migratory birds

Bouquet + 18. Dog

  • Your best friend has your back
  • You get a puppy for Christmas
  • You’re invited to a dog show

Bouquet + 19. Tower

  • You get a new job at BigCorp
  • You have a valued perspective
  • Your happiest when alone

Bouquet + 20. Garden

  • Being social is your thing
  • You’re an event planner
  • You love gardening

Bouquet + 21. Mountain

  • A person good at creating obstacles to progress
  • A skilled mountaineer
  • You can overcome any challenge

Bouquet + 22. Crossroads

  • A gifted decision-maker
  • A job offer for counseling
  • Having a knack for waffling back and forth (indecisive)

Bouquet + 23. Mice

  • Over the years, you’ve lost your touch for singing those operatic high notes
  • He enjoys instilling angst in others
  • Bugs have consumed your prized orchid collection

Bouquet + 24. Heart

  • She’s a loving, big-hearted person
  • A green thumb
  • An invitation of the heart

Bouquet + 25. Ring

  • A wedding invitation
  • Your lawyer is excellent at creating contracts
  • He naturally runs around in circles

Bouquet + 26. Book

  • A scholar
  • She’s secretive (a spy?!)
  • A talented professor

Bouquet + 27. Letter

  • You’ll get an invitation soon
  • A talent for writing
  • You prefer texting to talking

Bouquet + 28. Man

  • A gifted man
  • A male florist
  • A male gardner
  • A player

Bouquet + 29. Lady

  • A gifted woman
  • A female florist
  • A female gardner
  • A player

Bouquet + 30. Lily

  • A passion for flowers
  • An older man makes his moves
  • Being asked to go to a meditation retreat

Bouquet + 31. Sun

  • Your party’s a hit. everyone who was invited attended
  • A gifted and successful person
  • A talent agency sees your work and is impressed

Bouquet + 32. Moon

  • She finally asks you on a date
  • It’s your nature to be mysterious
  • He has a gift for putting on a good face even when things are difficult

Bouquet + 33. Key

  • Focusing on your talents is key
  • An important invitation
  • Getting that bouquet of roses was a tipping point for you

Bouquet + 34. Fish

  • A multitalented person
  • You can’t stop collecting porcelain flowers
  • The Midas touch

Bouquet + 35. Anchor

  • A gift for constancy
  • You’ll never leave your job
  • A first date leading to an enduring relationship

Bouquet + 36. Cross

  • You get invited to church
  • You’re sick of people calling in favors
  • She asks you out and you don’t want to go but you feel you must

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Lenormand Card 8 Coffin Meaning & Combinations

8 Coffin

Quick hit: End, disease, final, sickly or literally, boxed up

Quality: Negative

Timing: Eight days, months, weeks, the eighth day of the month, August or finished, ended

Detail: This card, similar to the Death card in Tarot, rarely if ever points to death. It is more about an ending or completion. It can also represent disease or illness. It may imply shrouded or buried (hidden). More literally, it can mean boxed up.

Compare: Compare the ending of the Coffin to Mice, which represents something being eaten away.

Sample Coffin Combinations:

Coffin + 1. Rider

  • The relationship will begin its untimely demise
  • your new Lenormand cards are on their way
  • soon you’ll see that new job is a dead end

Coffin + 2. Clover

  • Your hidden potential will soon find a lucky catalyst
  • that buried money is at risk (did the dog dig it up?)
  • it’s a good thing you ended that relationship

Coffin + 3. Ship

  • A new tarot deck from Italy
  • returning a deceased loved one home from overseas
  • that international venture tragically failed

Coffin + 4. House

  • The family’s cohesion dissolves
  • your roommate gives you a headache
  • don’t buy that house!

Coffin + 5. Tree

  • A wooden coffin
  • a very slow ending (will she ever leave him?!)
  • his health fails him

Coffin + 6. Clouds

  • A confusing breakup
  • her declination of your offer leaves you glum
  • you cannot seem to get a diagnosis for that mysterious illness

Coffin + 7. Snake

  • A boxed gift. it’s a neckless
  • her jaded character wasn’t apparent to anyone
  • an insidious disease

Coffin + 9. Bouquet

  • That breakup was the best thing that happened to you
  • a surprise gift
  • you’re invited to get the heck out of his life

Coffin + 10. Scythe

  • He got back together with you as swiftly as he broke up
  • instead of whacking the piñata, she sliced it to gain immediate access to the sweets
  • having a tumor removed

Coffin + 11. Whip

  • Everyone criticizes your breakup with your finance
  • a conflicted ending
  • disputed bankruptcy

Coffin + 12. Birds

  • Their breakup hits all the gossip magazine
  • feeling trapped and anxious
  • a worrisome meeting (will there be layoffs?)

Coffin + 13. Child

  • The partnership was ended in a very immature way
  • becoming ill
  • the ending that is actually a new beginning

Coffin + 14. Fox

  • Being wheedled out of your ownership in company
  • he says he broke up because he’s unhappy but he’s actually leaving you for another
  • a disease that eludes treatment

Coffin + 15. Bear

  • You’re coerced to leave him
  • a government spy
  • your spouse pressures you to leave your job to protect you (it’s so stressful!)

Coffin + 16. Stars

  • A pack of divination cards (Lenormand, anyone?)
  • he’s successful at hiding his darker nature
  • a Facebook group for coffin makers

Coffin + 17. Stork

  • You keep putting off the breakup
  • feeling stuck, you switch jobs
  • a swift ending

Coffin + 18. Dog

  • You can’t shake feeling trapped - it follows you wherever you go
  • a dog-shaped box
  • no, you can’t get a dog

Coffin + 19. Tower

  • You gain perspective from the way it ended
  • a cubicle in an office
  • going through a breakup without any support

Coffin + 20. Garden

  • A cemetery
  • a group committed to stopping nude bicycling
  • low morale in a team

Coffin + 21. Mountain

  • You try to break up but get countered and give up
  • a sense of being insurmountably stuck
  • your bankruptcy is an obstacle to future financing

Coffin + 22. Crossroads

  • Being terribly indecisive about leaving that job
  • boundaries are a choice
  • stop two-timing

Coffin + 23. Mice

  • His “no” is gnawing away at you
  • the wooden coffin slowly decomposes and goes back into the earth
  • feeling trapped in an unethical situation leaves you feeling sullied

Coffin + 24. Heart

  • It’s like his heart just turned off and he ran cold
  • a box with a heart locket inside
  • love sick

Coffin + 25. Ring

  • A box with a ring in it
  • deciding to get a divorce and really meaning it this time
  • a degenerative condition

Coffin + 26. Book

  • The secret’s out
  • not being willing to share your knowledge
  • your tropical disease is a first for the books

Coffin + 27. Letter

  • A eulogy
  • obituaries
  • the test results show you have scarlet fever

Coffin + 28. Man

  • A male mortician
  • a non-emotive man
  • a mysterious or non-disclosing man

Coffin + 29. Lady

  • A female mortician
  • a non-emotive woman
  • a mysterious or non-disclosing woman

Coffin + 30. Lily

  • He passed away peacefully in the night
  • an old box
  • saying no to protect your virtue

Coffin + 31. Sun

  • Successfully completing a project
  • something hidden is exposed
  • solar panels

Coffin + 32. Moon

  • He has reputation for being difficult to read
  • a reputable mortician
  • he loves the chase more than the prize

Coffin + 33. Key

  • Saying no is important
  • stop doing what you’re doing
  • you need to accept it’s over

Coffin + 34. Fish

  • A safe
  • a lot of mystery surrounding the situation
  • the financial gravy train is over

Coffin + 35. Anchor

  • He broke up and there’s no changing his decision
  • a dead-end 9 to 5 job
  • don’t worry, that tombstone isn’t going anywhere

Coffin + 36. Cross

  • His death left her inconsolable for years
  • a gift box with a cross necklace inside
  • she has a difficult time saying no

© Petra Gilbert & Phuture Me Ltd 2016-2019.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


Lenormand Card 12 Birds Meaning & Combinations

12 Birds

Depending on position, the card may take a noun (person, place or thing) or descriptive meaning (such as an adjective). Both examples are provided. The cards can also be very literal, so literal meanings, if applicable, are provided as well.

Quick hit: Chatter, gossip, anxious, worrisome

Quality: Neutral

Timing: Twelve days, weeks, the 12th of the month, one year, December; short

Detail: The Birds card is also know as Owls. It is all about chatter, buzz, discussion or gossip. It can be through verbal conversion or sending Tweets. The card can express worry or anxiety. Usually there are two birds or owls on the card, and so the card can also mean two.

Compare: Compare the brief gossip of the Birds to the ongoing criticism of the Whip.

Sample Birds Combinations:

Birds + 1. Rider

  • A new fling is just around the corner
  • A sense of doom is just around the corner
  • That short trip will happen

Birds + 2. Clover

  • You risk your job by gossiping about your boss
  • A little stress motivates you
  • That couple is lucky in love

Birds + 3. Ship

  • International speculation in the news
  • Feeling anxious about your upcoming vacation
  • Sailing is for the birds

Birds + 4. House

  • A family full of angst
  • That couple never leaves their home
  • Buzz on the real estate market

Birds + 5. Tree

  • A hypochondriac
  • She never stops gossiping
  • Those two have been together forever

Birds + 6. Clouds

  • Anxiety that leads to full blown depression
  • Incoherent babble
  • Confused about the relationship

Birds + 7. Snake

  • You can’t trust either one of them
  • Your anxiety is complicated. you can’t attribute it to just one thing
  • Discussing your plumbing issue

Birds + 8. Coffin

  • Caged birds
  • The gossip about you stopped as quickly as it started
  • A dead-end relationship

Birds + 9. Bouquet

  • A gift for gab
  • You’re both invited
  • Your worried about your roses. the aphids have been out of control lately

Birds + 10. Scythe

  • You nipped that rumor in the bud
  • Worried about a surgical procedure
  • The friendship ended quickly with no loose ends

Birds + 11. Whip

  • Festering endlessly
  • Talking about exercising (but not doing it)
  • A pair of critics

Birds + 13. Child

  • Immature chatter
  • Slightly anxious
  • Twins

Birds + 14. Fox

  • Lying makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Gossiping to stir things up
  • An untrustworthy pair

Birds + 15. Bear

  • Unsure investment choices
  • Two overbearing parents
  • Gossip about your new boss

Birds + 16. Stars

  • That first date was fated
  • A successful gossip columnist
  • Worried about being hopeful

Birds + 17. Stork

  • Talking about change
  • Both of you going back and forth on breaking up
  • Worried about your ability to have a baby

Birds + 18. Dog

  • They’ve been together for over 40 years
  • Persistent anxiety
  • Gossiping about her fidelity

Birds + 19. Tower

  • Corporate rumor mill
  • Nervous about a hospital visit
  • College dorm chatter

Birds + 20. Garden

  • An introvert
  • Tweeting to a circle of friends
  • Feeling odd in a group

Birds + 21. Mountain

  • Your gossip is nipped in the bud
  • Nervous about a upcoming challenge
  • Your relationship is stuck

Birds + 22. Crossroads

  • Two-timing
  • Worried about making the right choice
  • Talking out of two sides of your mouth

Birds + 23. Mice

  • Gossip that crushes someone
  • Being worried that someone is going to steal from you
  • Anxious about your loss

Birds + 24. Heart

  • Lovebirds
  • Two hearts that beat as one
  • Romantic rumors

Birds + 25. Ring

  • He’s afraid of commitment
  • They’re going in circles
  • Worried about signing that contract

Birds + 26. Book

  • Sharing secrets at the water cooler
  • You’re nervous about what he knows
  • Telling everyone you’re getting a Ph.D.

Birds + 27. Letter

  • A wedding invitation
  • Being worried about that big, incoming bill
  • A chatty text

Birds + 28. Man

  • A male ornithologist
  • A male worrywart
  • Two men

Birds + 29. Lady

  • A female ornithologist
  • A female worrywart
  • Two women

Birds + 30. Lily

  • An older couple
  • Peaceful self-talk
  • Chatter about someone’s virtue

Birds + 31. Sun

  • Worried about one’s success
  • Exposed gossip
  • Nervous happiness (such as before getting married)

Birds + 32. Moon

  • Gossiping about someone’s reputation
  • A romantic couple
  • Tweeting about your amazing career

Birds + 33. Key

  • Anxiety is the key to your problem
  • Both of them are pivotal to the issue
  • Double the success

Birds + 34. Fish

  • You’re worried about money
  • Talking about his assets
  • A lot of chit chat

Birds + 35. Anchor

  • A very stable pair
  • She never stops gossiping
  • Endlessly anxious

Birds + 36. Cross

  • Those two are a pain in the backside
  • Gossip with a disastrous outcome
  • Overwhelming anxiety

© Petra Gilbert & Phuture Me Ltd 2016-2020.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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